3 Paths That Lead You To A Work From Home Career

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The freedom to work from home under your own terms has enormous value and many of us crave the freedom this type of work brings. Perhaps at a minimum, we’d like to talk our boss into allowing us to work from our home desk at least part-time. Watch your expenses for child care, gas, car maintenance, clothing, and lunches go down drastically – or even disappear. Just like that, you’ve got a remote job you enjoy.

6 Common Work at Home Challenges

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal 6 Common Work at Home Challenges January 15, 2010 · 0 comments My work schedule often changes with the seasons. While the ability to adapt my work life to what’s going on around me is one of the main benefits of working at home, it can also be one of the most challenging things to actually DO. So, what is it really like to work from home?

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to get an interview, I have to spend a week at a writing retreat at my own expense

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A reader writes: I recently saw an ad for a job that sounded great: reviewing creative writing manuscripts and giving the authors feedback. This is my field, I have the required degree and publications the posting asked for, and I’ve done work like this before. This wasn’t hard to believe, given that the writing field is difficult to break into and they were offering good money for a work-from-home position. job searching

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5 Reasons Having A Baby Won’t Ruin Your Career

Career Realism

Women have more career options than ever before and advancement in the workplace is guaranteed for those who work hard and are dedicated to their companies. It is essential to plan; this will allow you to save as much time as necessary depending on how long you want to stay away from the office. Child Care Options. However, if you need to search out other options then there are plenty of institutions that offer daycare as well as in-home options.

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questioning an employee about how sick they really are, a sugar-stealing coworker, and more

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Her work is project-based with no in-person client contact and all of her meetings are virtual. Our company has a very generous work-from-home policy. As long as the work gets done, we can work from home as needed. Sansa was feeling ill but came in anyway, because she knows that while Cersei takes advantage of the work-from-home flexibility, she isn’t a fan of her staff doing the same.

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I gave relationship advice to my employee, company won’t hire me because of where I live, and more

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The company we work for is notoriously not family-friendly (which I have experienced firsthand after my children were born), but she is a very talented and hard-working staff member and as her supervisor I was able to give her more flexibility than the company would offer. However, I tried to keep things focused on how I could help her manage her time and schedule at work, and we were basically at the point where she was back to a more normal work situation.

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tiny answer Tuesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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Sending work emails during a tragedy. I’m in Boston, but many of my colleagues work out of our Boston office. Can you think of a good way to handle work emails today? Our office was far away from the explosions, but that doesn’t mean that some people weren’t out there today, or that they don’t know someone there today. I work for a large (1,000-2,000 employees) nonprofit in Texas. This will be her first child.

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