Remote Multimedia Journalism Internship

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We're seeking 10 multimedia journalism interns for a 4 ½ week virtual internship (May 27 2020 - June 26 2020). Work It Daily offers professionals and executives an affordable way to get the mentoring and support needed to solve their career problems. This internship is entirely remote!

5 Internship Myths Shattered

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“ One goes through school, college, medical school and one’s internship learning little or nothing about goodness but a good deal about success. ” – Ashley Montagu. I love internships. I’ve been an intern 5 times and now mentor a wonderful intern staff at my company, Come Recommended. Internships are extremely helpful for students and inexperienced professionals hoping to get that extra edge in a competitive job market. Only college seniors intern.


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7 Internship Search Tips for College Athletes


Athletes often have a challenging time fitting in an internship along with college classes and daily sports practices. Here are seven tips just for you: 7 Internship Search Tips for College Athletes. In addition to helping you with resume writing and interviewing, the career counselor will likely have suggestions for specific internships. Find Mentor or Advisor. Is there a mentor like Aziz at your university? Virtual Internship.

Finding Internships that Lead to Permanent Placement

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Every year, fresh-faced college students venture out into the world of work, completing assignments as interns at major firms. The first place to start looking for companies that hire interns is with the internship search. Find out if your department head will allow you to complete your internship during your last semester. more – Prepare for your job while in college. One of the best ways to get hired from your internship is to become valuable in your company.

5 Keys to Building a Rockstar College Internship Program


Learn more best practices on creating a rockstar intern and college recruiting program by joining our webinar on 3/14/13 at 11 AM CST. The reality, however, is that colleges and universities need to meet the needs of not only employers but for the workforce they are training. A key step in making this dream a reality is to build a successful college internship program that allows students to have real world training. College Internship Program Benefits.

3 Ways to Turn your Internship into a Meaningful Experience

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Internships in college and a year or so after college are a dime a dozen. As you probably know, some internships are great, while other opportunities are really just glorified slave labor. Notwithstanding, you can still turn any internship into an opportunity that works in your favor and enables you to get a good job in the future. Many former interns complain that they never did any meaningful work during their internship.

Looking for an Internship?


. Monster College. MonsterCollege helps recent grads and college students find their first career [link]. Internship Programs: Career advice for undergraduate students seeking top internships, internship opportunities with top companies, and how to get hired from an internship [link] . Rising Star Internships. A database of national internship openings for students. Find Paid Internships and Summer Internships.

5 Job Search Tips for College Grads and Entry Level Job Seekers

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I often get asked by recent college grads what they can do to improve their chances of getting a job once they graduate. They answer, of course, depends on when you start the college grad job search process. Ideally, you would have had several internships during your college years and, while you think it might be too late to do that, think again (more on this later). Talk to the adviser at your College Career Center and ask for some help with creating your resume.

How to Start Your Career While Still in College

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When they do finally graduate, many college students will face the pressures of a depleted job market. Here are a few of the many ways to begin pursuing your career while still in college. College is an excellent time to build a core network that will help propel you into the future. Seek out mentors who can teach you and walk you through the process of starting out. Take advantage of the alumni and professors that you come into contact with during your college years.

“Internships are a Great Way to gain Experience”

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Anyone who has ever been to college, spoken to a career counselor, or searched “how to get a job” on Google will have surely heard about the importance of internships. “Internships are a great way to gain experience.” “Oh, but getting an internship can help you get a full-time job,” they say. But internships can also be very time-consuming, which may put a strain on college students who are taking a full slate of classes.

Intern or Die: 3 Reasons Why College Students NEED Internships

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Resunate recently acquired the Regional Internship Center , an internship job board connecting internship seekers and employers in Southwestern Pennsylvania. In this competitive job market, internships have become more of a requirement than just an added bonus on a job candidate’s resume. While internships in your field of study may be hard to find, you need to find a relevant internship experience to get an edge on your competition.

He Clawed His Way to an Internship Job

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So when I looked for internships in the Fall of my last year of college, I really didn’t know what to expect. I went to a few mostly unpromising internship interviews in anything remotely close to my field of education, but I had no luck. I took the “internship” just to see what would come of it. No one wanted to manually search the web for leads without learning anything, nor being mentored, nor being paid well.

Finding Your First Job After College

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The post Finding Your First Job After College appeared first on Ms. Back when I was in college, I wish someone had taken me aside and advised me to look into my future career options. I was so focused on exams and deadlines, I forgot that the entire point of college is to get you prepared for the working world. I certainly did my share of networking in college, understanding that it would boost my job prospects to have contacts in the industries I cared about.

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How To Choose The Right Internship For YOU

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You’re a few years away from graduation, but you know you need to have internships under your belt before then. How do you choose the right internship? Those with internships on their resume tend to land jobs faster after graduation and tend to receive higher salaries upon graduation. This is because an internship can be a gateway to gaining skills, marketing those skills, and leveraging those skills to obtain better income potential with full-time commitment.

General Guidelines About Getting a Job After College


This essay is about getting work after college. In general, the theory is straightforward enough; you graduate from college, you begin applying for work, you get a call or an email from a prospective employer, you go to an interview and you get it or not. Internship. It’s never too late or early to get an internship. A survey indicated that 85% of students believed an internship was important or extremely important for their career.

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If You’re Living Without A Mentor, You’re Not Living

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These people are my mentors. I can’t tell you how many college lectures I sat through talking about the importance of “networking” and developing mentor-level relationships with internship supervisors or professors. As young professionals just starting out, we have the habit of associating the word “mentor” with people who get us jobs or write us letters of recommendations. So what DO mentors do? Do you have a mentor?

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How to Land Your Dream Internship

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Landing a good internship is a big challenge for many college students. Finding future employment rests in your ability to prove that you have the proper skills and sufficient background to take on the job, that’s why an internship is a great advantage for any industry. As such, applying for an internship is an intense competition, that gives these graduates-to-be a taste of the bigger challenge ahead of finding employment later on.

How To Create A Fall Internship Program At Your Company


Creating Your Corporate 2012 Fall Internship Program. Controversy surrounding the ethical standards of internships and their legality is extremely prevalent. An unethical internship program holds severe consequences for both the individuals taking part in the program and the reputation of your organization as a whole. For that reason, I have spent much time differentiating between a “good” internship and a “bad” internship.

Build Your College to Career Confidence


College sophomore and freelance filmmaker Bunee Tomlinson advises: “Age doesn’t matter. Neil Rader, Chief Operating Officer of NYU Stern School of Business and mentor advises: “Oftentimes I feel that students can be timid. Gen Y Job Search college confidence internship sandra sandra long The first step in securing job offers from future employers is your own personal confidence. How can an employer be confident in you if don’t feel the same?

Top Career To-Dos for College Juniors and Seniors

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The post Top Career To-Dos for College Juniors and Seniors appeared first on Ms. Career Advice for College Juniors It’s never too early to start preparing for the professional world. A college degree and up-to-date technical skills aren’t all you need to land your first job. Visit your college career center. If you can’t get a job that’s career related, consider applying for an internship. Career Advice for College Seniors Congratulations, senior!

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“Nine Paths to Locating Internships”

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Question: I have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in India, and am currently looking for an internship in management consulting. However, I am clueless regarding how to start getting internships. Answer: Dear Loden: Your quest for “a toe in the door,” which is what I call internships, is perhaps the most common quest among soon-to-be or recent college graduates. Some, too, enjoy being mentors.

Getting the Most Out of an Unpaid Internship

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An internship allows college and university students to receive real-world training in a career related to their study discipline. With today's economy, people who historically had enough experience to find a stable job are instead looking for internships, online school programs, or part-time jobs. Although internships provide the best on-the-job training for many, some internships are unpaid because of this experience students receive.

10 Top Resume Tips for College Students


We all know how important a resume is as an essential marketing tool for your job or internship search. Here we share a list of top 10 tips specifically for college students. 10 Top Resume Tips for College Students. College Help. Look for resume workshops at your college or university. Dia Harris, Senior University Relations Specialist from Johnson & Johnson advises: “Never use a 2 page resume as a college student.

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12 Reasons to Take Unpaid Internships

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Do you want to know who was heavily against unpaid internships in 2008? While I still believe that companies should pay interns for work performed that benefits the company, I see infinite value for students performing internships. 12 Reasons to Take Unpaid Internships: 1. Learn What You Like: Take a few internships to discover your career interests. Remember, an internship is an investment! School Credit: Most schools will offer credits for internships.

Volunteer Your Way to an Internship or First Job


My nephew Daniel was able to parlay a love of film during college into a wonderful career in video production. He accomplished this after several volunteer positions and internships at non-profits. Daniel is the first one to say that his volunteer internships at non-profits were a key factor to his success. Many non-profits are establishing internship programs to find the best and brightest students. Mentoring. Do you love to volunteer?

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Top Resume Writing Tips for College Students

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Creating a captivating resume can be a daunting task for college students – the reason for that is obvious: at this early stage of their lives, students haven’t reached many significant achievements. You can list any achievements from the fields of academics, internships, jobs, athletics, community service , and school activities. While you’re at college, you have the ability to arrange a meeting with the staff of Career Services.

Didn’t Land The Internship? 4 Steps To Take NOW

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It’s a bleak reality, but the fact of the matter is that not every young professional is going to nab the internship of their choice. Related: How I Got An Internship With A Millionaire. If you didn’t land the internship of your dreams, don’t freak out just yet. If you didn’t land the internship, take these steps immediately: 1. Not landing your ideal internship may seem like the end of the world, but it may actually be a blessing in disguise.

Why “2 Years of Experience” Applies to Entry-Level Jobs

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At times, I have heard this lament from college students who are applying for jobs: “Two years’ experience required? ” Companies can and do expect experienced candidates right out of college because of internships. While there may be a collective bemoaning of yet another demand set forth to be deemed employable, there are various benefits to be gain from internships. candidates without internships talking about what they theoretically would do).

How I Got An Internship With A Millionaire

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Related: How To Turn Your Internship Into Full-Time Employment. She had just returned from a life-changing internship in Costa Rica, where she spent a month living in a paradise jungle estate working with 20 other young people. Later that night, there was a party for the event at a local bar, and I wound up introducing myself and getting mentored by this rockstar of a guy for 45 minutes. It doesn’t have to be a three month unpaid internship, or even working for free.

How College Grads Can Get A Jump On The Job Search

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A recent report from Yahoo Finance indicates that the underemployment rate for college graduates is higher today than it was a decade ago, meaning more grads are taking minimum wage jobs or jobs that they're overqualified for in order to make ends meet. Getting a job out of college is not easy. The job market is competitive but there are some things that college grads, and current students, can do to put themselves in a better position.

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College Grad Job Search – Are We There Yet? – Vol 2

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « 7 Motivational Keys for job seekers Who’s Hiring from the Best Companies to Work for – Vol 18 » College Grad Job Search – Are We There Yet? – In addition to providing a newsletter, a blog and career advice, this site matches employers with college students and graduates.

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5 Holiday Networking Tips for College Students & Young Careerists


HR Pros, take our state of the internship survey and help us uncover internship program trends by HR and Recruiters. Holiday Party & Networking Tips for College Students. Now is the best time for college students to be super focused on that perfect summer internship! After you ace your December exams, you will want to be thinking “internship!” It is never too late or to early to be in the job market. Internship Networking Tips.

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my mentor gives me terrible advice and berates me when I don’t follow it

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I just graduated from college and am now in a full-time position in my field. I was assigned a mentor, John, who I worked with while I interned at this same company last summer. Now I’m a full-time employee on the same team and John is my mentor again.

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College Seniors: How to Enter The Job Market [10 Tips]

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It’s never too soon for college seniors to start thinking about the 2013 job market. Most college seniors are extremely fluent in social media, but probably mainly on Facebook. LinkedIn should be considered the place where a college senior can truly differentiate himself or herself. In addition to looking for a paying job, the goal should be to also consider internships (paid or unpaid) in the college student’s field of choice. By: US Department of Education.

#1 Thing College Students Must Do To Become Employable

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#1 Thing College Students Must Do To Become Employable. I just finished reading an article in Crane’s New York Business titled Recent College Grads Face a Tough Job Market. Related: 7 Tips For Finding A Job After College. Even more so is a challenge that comes from new graduates’ own peers; those with current internships. So, what should college students be doing now to increase their future employability? Get An Internship For Every Year In College.

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These 4 Strategies Will Strengthen Your College Degree’s ROI

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These 4 Strategies Will Strengthen Your College Degree’s ROI. You are about to invest a lot of money for a college education with the expectation that a degree will land you employment after graduation. This means leveraging a whole new set of strategies not taught in the traditional college classroom. Fewer companies will utilize placement offices at colleges and universities in order to find candidates. Complete Your First Year’s Core Courses At A Community College.

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What Recruiters Need to Know About College Hiring in 2016


That’s the number of college students who have an online profile specifically for career purposes. According to Looksharp , the largest internship and entry-level jobs marketplace, students are increasingly more tech-savvy, yet they enjoy having “a division between personal and professional when it comes to social media,” advises Andrew Maguire , CEO and founder of Looksharp. “It’s Access to executives and mentoring. HR college hiring hiring grads recruiting

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are my mentors taking advantage of me?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have two people from undergrad that I would consider sponsor/mentors and, today, friends. Fast forward five years: I have been working at a very large (>10,000 employees worldwide) company that hires graduates from my program, as well as similar programs at other colleges. When I missed one of these email requests, the mentor wrote on my Facebook wall “are you getting my emails?”

7 Must Read Job Interview Answers for College Grads


The job market can be especially difficult for recent college grads. How can you make your college experience seem relevant? In addition to the knowledge gained in the classroom, it would be helpful to have some on-the-job and internship experience in the field. I helped to organize fundraisers, schedule trips to visit the elderly and mentor teenagers. CONTEST: Win 1 of 3 Copies of They Don’t Teach Corporate in College.

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sending an anonymous note to my wife’s employer, internships and equity, and more

Ask a Manager

Internships and equity. She was wondering if she could put me in touch with her daughter who is looking for an unpaid internship. The daughter would get college credit through her school.). It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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6 Steps To Kickstart Your Career As A College Freshman

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So, you and your parents have just invested a significant amount of money for your college education. Related: 6 Reasons Internships Are A Must In College. Well, here is a very important fact about college and ROI. 6 Steps To Kickstart Your Career As A College Freshman. Developing a strong, structured time management routine is crucial to being successful in college. Every college has a career development office. Step 6: Get A Mentor.

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6 Strategies To Kickstart Your Career As A College Sophomore

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The second year of college is the time when many students feel disillusioned. Related: 6 Steps To Kickstart Your Career As A College Freshman. Make no mistake about it, sophomore year is a very significant transition year for college students. Instead, they require “going to work skills” that students will develop from out of classroom experiences such as clubs, activities, research projects, internships, and leadership roles. Find a Professional Mentor.

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ResumeBear Tips For “2012? New Grads on Linkedin

Resume Bear

Our New Networking series has taken a look at how social media sites can be used as powerful networking tools for new college graduates, sharing our best picks for tips, tools, and more for Facebook, Twitter, and now, LinkedIn. Find a mentor: Use LinkedIn to find alumni, professors, or industry greats that can help you out as you navigate in your new career. Your alumni network: Take advantage of your college connection and get active in your alumni group on LinkedIn.

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