5 Tips to Curate Social Media Content That Gets Shared

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Over the past few years when I have discussed social media on radio shows or on panels at conferences, the topic of content curating has come up. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… profile, you are regularly engaging social media. So, make sure that you are updating your Facebook fan page with photos, video, blog posts and podcasts. The Smart Start-Up Coach for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs. facebook job search strategy job seekers linkedin resumebear twitter

Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference

Career Key

Monday, February 1, 2010 Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference After a fantastic CANNEXUS conference last week in Ottawa, Canada (photo left), I am finally getting back online.

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Four Reasons Why Focusing on Goals Leads to Failure

The Job Quest

In addition to all the insightful presentations that are part of the TED Conferences, they are now including talks from other conferences. I hope the entrepreneur continues to use her authentic self!

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9 Tips to Transition into the Technical Sales Arena

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How to Get Motivated After a Setback How to Fight Boredom and Become More Motivated at Work 6 Causes of Stress at Work Going From Employee to Entrepreneur: 5 Proven Tips to Turn Your Plans Into Reality 9 Tips to Transition into the Technical Sales Arena Meet Tai Welcome!

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Refocus Your Career Development: The Power of Connecting In Person

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Update your Facebook/LinkedIn/(fill in the blank here) status. That all being said, I appreciate Facebook for keeping up with friends and enjoy writing this blog. Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference ► January (9) Practical Advice for Setting up an Information Int.

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Ask Ms. Career Girl: How do I Transition to a Career I Have no Experience in?

Ms. Career Girl

I’m reading great books about entrepreneurs and feel inspired but I’m also starting to feel hopeless. Read books about, by and for entrepreneurs. Attend marketing conferences and tweetups. Share this on Facebook.

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Why You Should Support Industry Soloprenuers


I thought about how wonderful it would be speaking on a major conference stage and the credibility I’d have. I travel a lot especially to conferences and events. People spend ridiculous amounts of time making inferences from a Facebook post or even a post like this.

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Meerkat vs. Periscope: How Video Streaming Changes Recruiting


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting iJustine and have taken an interest in the increase of entrepreneurs also like myself who make their living blogging, consulting, YouTubing and sharing all online. Company announcements, press conferences and live broadcasted video responses.

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Sleepy HR Pros Won't Spend More than 30 Seconds On This Post. (The Mary Meeker Slides)

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Kleiner Perkins general partner Mary Meeker launched the 22nd edition of the Internet Trends Report at the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, on May 31, 2017. Entrepreneurs are often fans of gaming, Meeker said, quoting Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman and Mark Zuckerberg. Those companies include tech titans Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook. Only the true players will spend 5 minutes or more with this post and it's referred content.It's s deep, but pure gold.

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6 Things That Happened When I Quit HR


If someone is talking about being a Democrat in my Facebook timeline, my immediate reaction is no longer to rant about how President Obama is ruining this country with healthcare reform. I can’t believe I have any liberal Facebook friends left. Entrepreneurs, does this ever stop?


The BrandTwist: Are You Google, McDonalds, Or Rachel Ray?

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Julie Cottineau left her position as VP of Branding at Virgin in 2011 not only to become an entrepreneur, but also to help other entrepreneurs. When we think about networking, we often think about mixers, events, conferences, and coffee meetings.

One Surefire Way to Stand Out in Your Job Search

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Twitter Facebook LinkedIn RSS One Surefire Way to Stand Out in Your Job Search 02 / 24 / 10 Written by Louise Fletcher Comments 0 Tweet it! Think how it would feel to point recruiters to the speech you gave at a prestigious conference or your Masters thesis on your industry.

Social Media Spins Too Fast

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Some either didn’t know about or had been ignoring tools like blogging, Google Profiles, ZoomInfo Profiles, Twitter, Facebook, and others that are rapidly mainstreaming.

Become a “Frugalista” with Me

Ms. Career Girl

I’m off to a speaking engagement today (Social Media for Business) for a professional association’s conference. Share this on Facebook. Nicole's "Life as an Entrepreneur "JournalHappy Monday!

Focus on What Career Interventions Work at CANNEXUS 2010

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Thursday, October 15, 2009 Focus on What Career Interventions Work at CANNEXUS 2010 One of our scientifically valid assessments, The Career Decision Profile , will be in the spotlight at Januarys CANNEXUS 2010 , the premier national career development conference in Canada.

US Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level since 1987: Our 8.

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Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level since 1987: Our 8 Recommendations for Maximizing Your Job Satisfaction According to a Conference Board survey released today, job satisfaction in America is at its lowest level since 1987 when the survey was first done.

The Psychology of Slacking


Filling our days with meeting requests, coffee breaks, and conference calls about conference calls. He regularly encouraged me as a business owner and entrepreneur. Facebook or no Facebook.

Practice makes perfect: I hate it when Mom is right

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Im preparing for my Career Key Canada presentation and exhibitor table at Cannexus 2009 , Canadas national career development conference, which starts on Monday. Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference ► January (9) Practical Advice for Setting up an Information Int.

Choosing a Career in Canada?

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Last week I spent 4 days in Toronto at Cannexus 2009 , the national career development conference for Canada. I gave a presentation in addition to manning the exhibitor table and I have to say this has been one of the best conferences I have been to.

How To Overcome Perfectionism: Your Complete Guide

Personal Excellence Blog

No entrepreneur succeeds without having failed in some form or manner first. Silicon Valley, home to thousands of tech companies including top corporations like Facebook, Apple, and Google, is known to strongly encourage failure.

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Investors fund mostly men, which is fine for women

Penelope Trunk

She says the world needs women entrepreneurs now more than ever. Whoever started the TED Women’s conference is pathetic. Sandberg runs Facebook. This post is cross-posted at TechCrunch.

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Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg: Marketing and Targeting Secrets for Job Seekers


Magazine’s prestigious “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. Using Facebook for extreme company targeting. The Secrets of Successful Internet Conference Marketing – Part 1.

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Live from Detroit.

Job Stalker

at 1:30 PM | no comments | Share OK, so Im writing this (live) in Detroit (at the 140 Character Conference ), but by the time youre reading this, it will have been edited, linked, and uploaded, so its not so much "live blogging" as, well, something else.

The Corporate Revolution Meets the Social Revolution


While heading to the Direct Employers Conference in Indianapolis today, I picked up a copy of this week’s Forbe’s magazine. Four days in the corporate environment is minutes to the entrepreneur and social power world.

Job Hunting After Age 50: Help For A Stalled Job Search! | Boomers.

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Contact Podcast Release Submit Article Resources Site Map Home Careers Cover Letters Interviewing Resume Help Age Bias Lifestyle Networking Entrepreneurs Franchising Retirement Start Ups Videos Related Posts Similar Posts No Related Post Finding Work Today Boomer Fitness Walk, Then Run Beginning Triathlete – Important Triathlon Training Tips Why Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor? Self-study, seminars, workshops, conferences and in-house training are all fair game for your list.

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Coped Up Indoors Every Day? Get a Life with These 7 Tips!

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Learning Forums (Workshops, Seminars, Talks, Conferences). Why not pick it up now through learning forums like workshops, seminars, talks, and conferences? Conferences are also worth checking out, though they are usually held once a year and are less common than workshops and seminars.

The 8 Habits of Highly Productive People

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I ran/spoke at a total of 8 workshops/speeches/conferences, including one in Hong Kong last month. They can be the music you listen to when you work, your slow computer, unwanted phone calls, alerts from your inbox on incoming mail, the internet, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Business Proposals (or Any Pitch for That Matter) [Examples Included]

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And please share this article via Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr, etc. Pitch for a speaking engagement by a conference organizer. Related Posts: Interview: Millionaire Entrepreneur Derek Sivers of CD Baby Fame. I often receive business/collaboration proposals and pitches for PE.

8 Strategies for Parents to Help Their Children's Career Development

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Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference ► January (9) Practical Advice for Setting up an Information Int.

Career Clusters Interest Survey Validity Questioned in Recent Study

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Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference ► January (9) Practical Advice for Setting up an Information Int.

15 Amazing Commercials That Will Inspire the Greatness in You

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This ad features a clip of the 1996 press conference where Lance Armstrong announced he was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer – at the tender of age of 25. As you can see from the press conference, held 6 days after his diagnosis, he swore that he would beat the disease.

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Top 10 Most Inspiring Graduation Speeches of All Time

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When an airplane crashes, officials immediately call a press conference. Share With Others If you found this post useful, share with others via Twitter and Facebook buttons below!

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Passion + Perseverance: Sashee Chandra, founder of Tea Drops, Shares Her Career Journey

Ms. Career Girl

I then tried premium tea bags, but I was never satisfied with the taste and would usually end up in a conference room without a means of disposing the tea bag easily. For updates, you could also follow Tea Drops on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram.

30DLBL Day 20 – Make a New Friend

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I’ve also made new friends from my workshops, with participants who befriended me on Facebook afterward and then start frequenting TPEB/connecting on FB. I miss my close friends in my home state, but I try to keep in contact with them via email/facebook.

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How To Say No To Others – The Only Guide You'll Ever Need in 4318.

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On an average day I’ll have requests coming in from many different places, from Facebook, Twitter, Email, during/after workshops, as well as calls/smses from friends/coachees seeking advice. On Facebook, I don’t check my inbox.

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How To Finish What You Start: 10 Important Tips

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Last month I was overseas in Hong Kong for a conference and a business meeting. If you found this guide helpful, do share it via Twitter and like it on Facebook.

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Guest Post: 3 Secrets of Career Superstars

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Approach each project as if the audience is the company president or will be shown on television or used at a conference of your peers. 2) Volunteer to represent your function or organization at conferences. WordPress Admin Facebook Profile Facebook Twitter LinkedIn grab this

Top Ten On-Line Tools for Time Management

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Timebridge: An awesome on-line scheduling application with an upgrade option for a built in conference line. For more information on how I can help you with your transition from employee to entrepreneur, visit the Coaching Options page.

Career Makeover Strategies: How to Guarantee a Successful Career

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I was recently at a conference where the speaker shared that he was so excited about his work each day that he couldn’t wait to go to bed so he could wake up refreshed for the next day. WordPress Admin Facebook Profile Facebook Twitter LinkedIn grab this

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10 Ways To Penetrate Your Target Companies | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Facebook – If they have a page on Facebook (formerly a fan page), become a regular contributor there. Industry Conferences – Find out where your target companies go to show off their new products and services.