How Long is a Technology Career?

Hiring Technical People

If you are an older job searcher, and you are looking for a job, one thing you might do is look for a technical job. That’s what I suggest in Manage Your Job Search. Now, you might have to do this as a contractor. And a temp-to-perm situation is fine. If you’ve been employed for long enough, a temp situation is fine, too. It is your job to do career development, whether you are employed by someone else or not.


Ms. Career Girl

Everyone knows that overwhelming feeling of going to a job interview. Address the following topics in your job interview to get a holistic picture of your potential job and work environment. If you work best in a 9 to 5 job, five days a week environment, way to go.

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short answer Saturday: another job search edition — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager short answer Saturday: another job search edition January 29, 2011 We did a job search edition of short answer Saturday last week , but the questions keep piling up so here’s another one. which job should I take?

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How to Find a Public Sector Job

The Undercover Recruiter

In the good old days if you wanted a job in the public sector you did one of three things; for admin jobs you looked in the local paper, for professional jobs you looked in a professional journal and for everything else you looked at The Wednesday Guardian.

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did this recruiter lie to me? and why can’t I get hired by this company?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: For the past six months, I have been searching for a job after a long-term contract job ended. Two years ago, I also had a short-term temporary job there, from which I was asked to leave because I could not control my sleep apnea and was suffering from daytime sleepiness there. I did, and applied for three jobs there this summer. After my customer service interview, I saw the editor job had been reposted. job searching

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short answer Saturday: 6 short answers to 6 short questions

Ask A Manager

Here we go… Figuring out pay as a contractor I have never worked as a contractor but was contacted about a potential contract job and asked to provide my pay requirements plus gas cost. I need advice about a difficulty with my job: gossip. which job should I take?

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Alternative Career Opportunities

Career Brander

Career Brander Blog About Career Brander « Creating Job Opportunities Branch Out your Job Search » Alternative Career Opportunities Published September 17, 2010 Uncategorized Leave a Comment Tags: hidden job market , linkedin , career alternatives , contract consulting , IT consulting , resume advice , hidden job opportunities , contract employment Traditional job openings are still scarce relative to the number of candidates seeking positions.

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I hate my promotion and want my old job back, horrid interviewers, and more

Ask A Manager

I hate my promotion — can I ask to have my old job back? After telling and getting the blessing from my boss, I applied for and got the job. The job is considered a promotion, and it came with a rather large pay increase. Flash forward six months into the new job, and I hate it! I did not evaluate the job offer well enough at all, I just saw the money and the promotion and went for it. 2011. Contractor – Jan.

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I got chastised for taking initiative, coworker secretly plans to quit after maternity leave, and more

Ask A Manager

We have a temp coming in to transition her work during her leave from June to October. I know the temp coming in (former employee who saw grass isn’t always greener) and strongly assume that she will want the full-time gig if presented to her after the current employee’s departure. It would be legally shaky if they’d actually been paying you for that side work as a contractor — meaning that weren’t taking out payroll taxes for that part of your pay.

dating company clients, who makes the final hiring decision, and more

Ask A Manager

I have a panel job interview tomorrow morning that will consist of Human Resource Specialists and my supervisor (if I get the job). I have a lady-friend who currently works at the plasma center that I frequent, who I’ve known for about a year (which is longer than she’s had the job!). How should I point that this prospective job doesn’t seem like it should be a contract position? I’m a contractor hoping to be made perm.

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EEOC is reconsidering their policy regarding Criminal Background.


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employee can’t afford our team lunches, a frequently pregnant senior leadership team, and more

Ask A Manager

And while it’s easy to think that at his salary level, he should see it as a cost of having a job similar to having to buy, say, a business suit, ultimately you just can’t know what someone else’s financial situation is. We’ve tried hiring contractors / consultants, but they can only help with lower-level stuff. And I’d rather have a root canal than have a come-to-Jesus conversation with the cofounders about how having kids has reduced their job capacity.

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should I do mediation with my incompetent boss, recruiter said she felt used when I turned down an offer, and more

Ask A Manager

I think the answer is to simply look for another job, but my question is: Does mediation usually work in situations like this? I recently relocated (a temporary long relocation actually, but I’m open to staying here), and part of that was a job search because I didn’t think my company would let me transfer. but the limited nature of the job. I am currently a contractor. Definitely don’t apply if you don’t want the job.

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short answer Saturday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

It was my first job out of college and I was feeling really tied down and restless and wanted to try a new environment, so I switched from a consulting firm to working in an internal corporate role. I’m basically miserable at my new job. I liked my old job better and feel like I had a little quarter-life crisis and case of the grass is greener. I left a temp job about 6 months ago. I recently applied for an admin job at a college.

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short answer Saturday: seven short answers to seven short questions

Ask A Manager

Do your job to the best of your ability, and let him be accountable for his own performance. I interviewed for the job, but did not get it. I applied and got an interview, but did not get the job once again. How I convey that I’m smart in job applications?

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terse answer Tuesday

Ask A Manager

Now a brand new board, two full years later, has hired someone new for my old job. I can’t figure out what you’d get out of contacting this person, who’s starting in a job two full years after you left on less-than-perfect terms. do I have to be perfect to get a job?

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short answer Sunday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

The job is an entry level job. I’ve already asked for a job so why did they offer me an informational interview? I’m angry about a pay disparity; can I walk off the job? I am currently working for a single company and paid as a contractor, not an employee.

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3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession

Ask A Manager

About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager 3 things I learned by quitting my job in a recession April 4, 2011 Last spring, I quit my job to go to work for myself. But as a result, when I wanted to quit my job and work for myself, people actually wanted to hire me.