5 Benefits of Working for the Federal Government

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Now is a good time to work for the United States federal government as more than a quarter million people have been hired by the government over the last three years. By way of an answer, here are five benefits employees get for working in the federal government.

4 Popular Federal Student Loan Programs

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The federal student loan programs were created to help a particular group of students meet their needs while in college. Therefore, understanding the differences between the loan programs is important in helping you plan your college costs effectively.

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Lower Recruitment Costs and Time to Hire with Broadbean


Quality of Hire and Cost Per Hire Metrics. It’s time saving tools like Broadbean’s offering that lower recruitment costs and cost per hire. Saving Money and Less Recruiting Time to Hire. In my last role as a Corporate HR Director I juggled more than a few balls.

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Federal Employees: How To Handle A Furlough

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Because of these cuts, thousands of federal employees may be facing furloughs that could last for up to a year. In some cases, federal employees have already received notification that sequestration will result in a four-day work week.

can we ask our roommate not to take a job, my boss says I can’t quit if she gets a federal loan, and more

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What is true is that loan forgiveness will be based on the company’s costs paid out in the eight weeks following the loan. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Do I have a right to ask a roommate to NOT take a job right now?

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What Will Wage Growth Look Like in 2016?


The real value of a raise can only be measured when adjusted for inflation and cost of living, and considered in conjunction with benefits, vacation time and other work perks. Federal student loans reprice in the summer, for instance, and by next July undoubtedly will be pricier.

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“How can I get some needed relief from FMLA-retaliation?”

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I am presently out on an approved federal Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) leave of absence for the permitted 12 weeks. Send your FMLA Complaint to both of these two places, by Federal Express, UPS Overnight Service, or U.S.

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EEOC is reconsidering their policy regarding Criminal Background.


Removing Arbitrary Bars to Hiring People with Arrest and Conviction Records Improves Job Availability, Lowers Crime and Social Costs, Experts Tell EEOC. WASHINGTON -- Employers often refuse to hire people with arrest and conviction records even years after they have completed their sentences, leading to recidivism and higher social services costs, experts told the U.S. Solomon is the co-chair of the federal interagency Reentry Council’s staff working group. Be our Friend.

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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This result is often required by federal tax law, and at other times by IRS regulations. It is an effective tool to save yourself perhaps thousands of dollars at a rather modest cost. *To Request for “Tax Gross Up” for Reimbursed Relocation, Education, Travel or other Workplace Expense.

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Best Resume Books on Amazon

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This costs nothing to you but is a valuable source of revenue for our team. Federal Resume Guidebook: Federal Resume Writing. The Federal Resume Guidebook , written by Kathryn Troutman, focuses resume writing on the federal level. Best Resume Books on Amazon.

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Telework Week & Telework Exchange Changes

Telecommuting Journal

Visit www.MobileWorkExchange/TeleworkWeek to pledge to telework during the week or to calculate the potential cost savings and environmental impact for doing so. million in commuting costs savings and 3,453 ton reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Steak ‘N Shake Makes a $7.7 Million Error. (You’re Probably Making the Same Error.)

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Oh, and attorney fees and costs. Some states have additional rules, but these are the federal minimums.). Managers are always salary exempt and are not eligible for overtime pay. This is a common belief but it simply isn’t true. In fact, your job title has nothing to do with how you have to be paid–it’s all about your job responsibilities. Steak ‘N Shake found out the hard way that they had misclassified 286 store managers in the St.

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Hiring Your First Employees: Making the Move from Small Business to Employer

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Businesses need to withhold federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes from employees’ paychecks. Additionally, your business will need to pay Federal Unemployment Tax out of its own funds.

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The Forecast for Public Health Careers in 2012

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One reason for the explosive growth in the field is a renewed focus on reducing healthcare costs. Public health professionals are often associated with federal agencies or research institutes, work to educate healthcare professionals and the public on early detection techniques.

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Using Your Career Experience to Save Money

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Even attending a public university can cost more than $10,000 per year. If your spouse or children want to go to school, there are a number of programs in place that can reduce their costs. No matter how you cut it, college is expensive.

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Love Halloween? Business Opportunities and Self-Employed Side-Career Ideas

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Cost: zero. If you love Halloween – I mean, really LOVE it – you mightconsider a self-employed side business centered around the holiday. According to Value Village (a popularHalloween destination retailer), the average family of four will spend $300 tocelebrate the holiday.

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What Sheryl Sandberg Doesn’t Understand about Minimum Wage and Childcare

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She writes: To start, it’s long past time to raise the federal minimum wage. It sounds good but raising the federal minimum wage means you raise the cost of everything. Sheryl Sandberg wrote a heartfelt mother’s day post on Facebook , detailing the things she would like to see to help mothers in the workforce. As a single mother, Sandberg certainly understands some the challenges working mothers face. But, what she doesn’t understand is basic economics.

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How Poor Credit History Can Damage Your Career

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Click here to gain more information from the Federal Trade Commission. Follow this link for suggestions from the Federal Trade Commission on correcting issues. There are counselors available at no cost to you. Also, investigate the firm with the Federal Trade Commission.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Government Jobs

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Job Stability- Being a federal or a local government employee has generous benefits; job security being one of the most important among all. Health care Benefits- The Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) in the US offers employees a range of plans related to health care.

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Is Your Small Business Breaking Labor Laws? 5 Mistakes to Avoid


But it’s still your responsibility to know which federal, state and local labor laws apply to you and to stay in compliance with them. Federal law doesn’t require you to give your employees meal or 15-minute breaks. You’re a small business owner, not an employment attorney.

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Student Loans: What Are Your Rights As a Borrower?

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And now, five years later, I’m still dealing with the massive mountain of federal student loans I took out to cover the costs of these degrees. By consolidating multiple federal loans into one monthly payment, you can also lower your monthly payments and have more time to repay.

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4 Hot Career Paths In The Field Of Accounting

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As the title implies, government accountants or auditors work with one of the branches of government either at the federal, state or local level. What type of career can you expect when you decide to go into accounting?

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Good Career Choices in the World of Finance

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They can be “internal” examiners or work for a regulatory agency (like the SEC or Federal Reserve). What They Do – Actuaries analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty using statistics and financial analysis.

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Five End-Of-Year Hacks for Small Business HR


Have you hit the ceiling to switch to Federal COBRA? Is your Federal COBRA properly administered? Prepare for 2014 costs. Health insurance is the second-largest recurring cost of a small company’s budget. And we are in an age of volatile health care costs.

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The Top 5 Small Business Health Insurance Options in 2019


Thanks to the rising costs of health care, individuals and businesses alike are looking for ways to get affordable coverage that works for them. Costs are going up, regulation is changing, and small businesses across the country are left scrambling.

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5 Tips for Buying a Home When You've Got Big Student Loan Debt

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During the deferment period, the government will help you pay off the interest on subsidized loans, like the Federal Perkins Loan. Either way, make sure you read the Federal Student Aid website before you sign up.

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Telework Week Pledges Filled Their Tanks with $2.7 Million in Commuting Savings; Demonstrated a Nationwide Impact

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million in commuting costs, and gained back more than 148,000 hours by not commuting. based, full-time wage and salary workers teleworked two days per week for a year, they would collectively save $215 billion in commuting costs. Federal agencies led the Telework Week effort — some 86 percent represented the Federal government. Collectively, Federal pledges avoided driving 3.1 billion in commuting costs.

Telework Week Shows the Changing Workforce

Telecommuting Journal

million in commuting costs. Dan Kent, the Director of Solutions and Federal Chief Technology Officer for Cisco, emphasized that teleworking is not simply about working remotely, but about changing the workforce and lowering the cost of business. Telework helps businesses in cost-cutting ways such as eliminating the need for real estate and office costs like technology, furniture, and utilities.

Trucking On With a Great Career

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He cites two major reasons for the title of the article: • Certification: The total cost can be about $6,000 for eight weeks of certification. He writes about technology, Federal Auto Loan topics, and much more. Making a career out of truck driving is becoming quite complicated.

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Why It Matters: The Minimum Wage Debate

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Nationally, there's ongoing debate about raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025, while at the state level many local governments are wrestling with their own minimum wage increase proposals as they keep an eye on things on the federal level.

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Top Careers for Social Science PhDs

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Federal or State Government. Federal and state governments look for highly qualified, skilled, and educated applicants to help them with a myriad of issues and process implementations. If interested, be sure to check out our guide on federal resumes.

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Key Benefits To Keep In Mind When Looking For Work Out Of State

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While the federal minimum wage remains $7.25, many states have successfully drafted and passed their own legislation on acceptable minimum wages. Of these 21 states, seven of them, including Alaska, Florida and Vermont, did so automatically in line with the rise in the cost of living.

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Psst.Want the Inside Track on College Aid?

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For example, when applying for federal aid through fafsa.gov, you will receive a PIN. As the cost of college increases, these scams will also become more prevalent. Report scams to the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney General. “Hey, do you need money for college?

7 Tips for Landing Your First Job as a College Grad

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Leverage your college career office or use one of the many internship sites (check out 5 Great College Career Sites for Summer Interns ) Work-study – A work-study program provides funds for part-time employment to help needy students to finance the costs of their college education.

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Solar-Paneled Highways You Can Drive On?

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has received a second grant from the Federal Highway Administration to research the company’s “intelligent pavement” concept, or the idea that solar panels can be incorporated into our parking lots, streets and highways. Solar Roadways Inc.

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Achieving Work Life Balance with Mobile Technology


It’s warm, convenient, comfortable, and costs less. Providing work and life balance for employees offers not only increased employee satisfaction but the opportunity for operational cost savings for companies and entities like the Federal Government.

Smokers Need Not Apply

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The New York Times reports: [E]mployees who smoke cost, on average, $3,391 more a year each for health care and lost productivity, according to federal estimates. “We More and more companies–especially hospitals–are not just smoke free campuses, but want smoke free em ployees. We felt it was unfair for employees who maintained healthy lifestyles to have to subsidize those who do not,” Steven C. Bjelich , chief executive of St. Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau, Mo.,

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Obtaining a loan to pay for grad school?

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Consider federal programs such as Stafford loans. Borrower benefit programs help to reduce the cost of repaying your loan. Dear Deb: I was accepted to grad school and I am convinced the MPA will be essential for my career. Unfortunately, I do not qualify for grants or scholarships.

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How to staff your start up!


It’s a question every entrepreneur asks him or herself when considering how to achieve their new-business goals.The natural cost-efficient method many new business owners opt for is to try to go it alone during the start-up phase. part-time employees incur taxation costs.

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How to Become a Life Coach

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Not only that, but getting certified as a life coach can be quite expensive, as most certification programs will cost $5000 or more. The International Coach Federation (ICF) holds the gold standard for helping aspiring coaches choose schools and training programs that truly prepare them well.

“Subsidized COBRA in Severance – What’s that?”

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That is far less than I thought it would cost. The Federal “COBRA” law gives almost all laid off employees a right to remain on their employer’s health plan for up to 18 months. is entitled to remain on their employer’s healthcare insurance plan under a federal law nicknamed “COBRA.” COBRA does not pay any of your healthcare costs for you, but instead merely allows you to pay those costs – but to continue on your employer’s healthcare plan.


Back to School: Employment Law Blog Carnival


Mike Haberman, in Not Completing Forms Cost One Company 600,000 , reminds us of the importance of process and compliance — not doing things the right way can cost you. Ari Rosenstein can help you out Federal and California Employment Laws: A Review.

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting The Job

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Larger businesses face fines for not providing health insurance, but federal law doesn’t require health insurance for small business employees. If that’s the case, will you provide your own health insurance, and how much will it cost you?

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