Project Culture Reflects Management Culture

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I have a post, What’s the Culture on Your Project? If you read the comments in The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job , there is an insightful comment from someone named redcal: who you hire to do the job DEFINES how well you do your job as a manager, especially in an organization as large/complex as a campaign. Now, Romney himself may not have hired the project manager. And that reinforces a management culture of second or third best.

How a Positive Workplace Culture Benefits Your Physical and Mental Health

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In fact, a positive workplace culture is good business sense. But the benefits of a positive workplace culture run far deeper than a mere matter of comfort and ease. Little things like that can say a whole lot about the culture — and how the employees are faring.

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Decoding Culture

Hiring Technical People

After I posted my culture series for job hunters, I saw What Your Culture Really Says. This is critical: Culture is not about the furniture in your office. Culture is about power dynamics, unspoken priorities and beliefs, mythologies, conflicts, enforcement of social norms, creation of in/out groups and distribution of wealth and control inside companies. This is why I ask you to think about your culture in Hiring Geeks That Fit. Your culture is what it is.

Why Cultural Fluency Is Important to Your Career Success

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In recent years, it has become a requirement for managers working in multinational companies to have international work experience to be able to advance their career further into senior leadership positions. Indeed, short-term and medium-term overseas relocation are more ideal for promotion than long-term relocation as managers can focus on growing their career in their home country. In any case, cultural fluency and foreign language skills are critical to your success.

5 Types of Corporate Culture

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The post 5 Types of Corporate Culture appeared first on Ms. What’s more, 60 percent of newly graduated millennials value corporate culture above pay , and that number rises to 69 percent when those already in the workforce are included, according to Accenture. For an employer interested in attracting new talent, corporate culture has become the newest, biggest selling point. Most importantly, corporate culture has an important impact on employee satisfaction and motivation.

When is “Hiring for Culture” Discrimination?

Hiring Technical People

There’s a great post, Please: Stop “Hiring to Cultural Fit” Laura Bergells explains the problems of what she sees when people supposedly hire for cultural fit: They consider for personality first. That’s not hiring for cultural fit. It’s easy if you don’t evaluate how your teams are doing or how you as a manager are doing. When you hire for cultural fit, you make sure that the person has the technical chops to do the job.

Ways to Overcome Cultural Barriers in the Workplace

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Language barriers may make it difficult to communicate effectively, or cultural differences may inhibit employees from being comfortable enough to open up, socialize, bond or even work comfortably and closely with one another. Boggenpoel provides these ways companies can deal with cultural and racial conflicts internally and overcome cultural barriers. Overcoming Cultural Barriers. Promote appreciation of cultural differences .

Adapt or Fail: Why Employers Need to Redesign their Workplace Culture

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But, while many of these continue to manage, how many will truly thrive in the months – and perhaps years – to come? Today, as many companies pass the… Adapt or Fail: Why Employers Need to Redesign their Workplace Culture Undercover Recruiter -.

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How Companies With Great Cultures Manage the Expectations of New Hires.

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As a recruiter and HR leader, it's your job to help manage those expectations. I had the chance on the latest and greatest episode of Talent Sniper Radio (my company podcast over at my recruiting firm, Kinetix ) to talk to Dawn Burke, VP of People at Daxko, to discuss how companies with great cultures (and lesser cultures) should manage the expectations of new employees. Branding in HR Change Communications Culture OD Talent Workplace"What should I expect?".

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How to Shift Your Organization’s Culture to Become More #Equal

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But this doesn’t mean we are helpless, it means we urgently need to participate in shaping our own work culture. As a female executive and long-time feminist, and in my work in designing corporate cultures, I’ve spotted a few trends that will help you to create a more gender-equal work culture, by demand. Change your rhetoric and context to change your culture. Mis-define cultural norms whenever possible. Reset culturally normative expectations.

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BUILDING CULTURE THROUGH RECRUITING #3: Assessment Platforms in Selection.

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Capitalist Note : This post is part of a series on Building/Reinforcing Company Culture Through Great Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Practices. . Let's face it people, "company culture" is a loaded phrase. Some of it is real, some of it is aspirational, but one thing on my mind recently is that as we try to build the culture we want at our companies, we forget about the messages we send in our recruiting process. So you're proud of your culture - cool!

Three Interview Questions That Don’t Gauge Cultural Fit

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Oh, maybe we do have questions that address cultural fit. Let’s review what corporate culture is: how people treat each other, what’s rewarded, and what’s okay to discuss. ” You want to know what the cultural norms are here. ” Review your cultural fit questions that you developed in What Culture Do You Want in a Job? These questions don’t tell you if the candidate can do the job or fits your culture.

Culture Is a Four-Letter Word

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The post Culture Is a Four-Letter Word appeared first on Ms. When I started to write this article I originally titled it “Culture Is Not a Four Letter Word.” It was intended to address the CEO’s who think culture is a squishy, beer for lunch, feel good concept that doesn’t deserve a place at the grown-ups table. I wanted to demonstrate how wrong-thinking that can be and make the case for the power of culture and why it should be at the top of every CEO’s list.

CULTURAL GRAVITY: If You REALLY Want To Do Culture, You Should Dive Into Performance.

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Some people love to talk about culture. Some people think culture is a vapor-based marketing gimmick. . I think culture is real, but I'm not sure how much control we have on it. I'm a marketer as well as an HR pro, so I respect the marketing aspect of culture and believe that companies should try to directionally guide the culture they're trying to build. That being said, a bad manager can override whatever it is you're trying to build/sell culturally.

Do Your Ads Reflect Your Job and Culture?

Hiring Technical People

If you are like many hiring managers I know, you don’t like to write job ads. Do you see how Pradeep incorporates his culture into his ad and his video? This is what hiring for cultural fit is all about. I improved the cultural fit part and updated the how-to-write-an-ad chapter in Hiring Geeks That Fit. If you are a hiring manager, you might want to change that. Make your job ads reflect the opportunity you are offering and your culture.

Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Other People, Pt 2

Hiring Technical People

In Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Women, Pt 1 , I wrote about the need to add women to your team, and what you could do. Back when I was a hiring manager inside organizations in the ’80s and ’90s, I hired developers and testers. Since I was a young manager, I was pretty sure many interesting candidates would be older than I was. One hiring manager, years ago, told me that no one over 40 could do agile. Does that culture scale?

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As a Middle Manager, How Can I Improve the Toxic Culture at My Company?

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I took a new job in middle management. The company culture isn’t great, and my staff is unhappy. To read my answer, click here: As a Middle Manager, How Can I Improve the Toxic Culture at My Company? The post As a Middle Manager, How Can I Improve the Toxic Culture at My Company? I can’t change policy, and I can’t fix the CEO. How can I make it a better place to work when I don’t have any real power?

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How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler

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The post How To Deal With Foreign Cultures As A Female Traveler appeared first on Ms. Or that Iranian hotel managers are within their rights to ask to see a marriage certificate before allowing a couple to share a double hotel room? Use Cultural Sensitivity. It (almost) goes without saying: you’ll get the best out of your trip if you display some cultural sensitivity and respect local customs and beliefs, whether you agree with them or not.

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Top Five: Workforce, Work Culture, Work Relationships


This week we’re talking team building, corporate culture, and leadership. Take Culture Off Your To-Do List. Melissa Fairman says that HR cannot change a company’s culture without the support of senior leadership — so don’t try! Worried about managing millennials? Leadership Birth Rate measures the percentage of employees on any team, department or division who grow up to become managers of people in your company.

5 Characteristics of High Performance Culture

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The post 5 Characteristics of High Performance Culture appeared first on Ms. Company culture” has become a popular term among corporate leaders; more and more companies are focusing on creating a culture that fosters motivation in their workforce. Characteristics of High Performance Culture. Emotional pressure often comes from not knowing what to expect from your company, managers and fellow employees. Great Performance Management Process.

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4 Tips to Help You Research a Company’s Culture Fit

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter While the ‘culture fit’ topic in job search is important, many job seekers avoid it because of angst to simply find a job – ANY job! The post 4 Tips to Help You Research a Company’s Culture Fit appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. Company Culture Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter career advice career management career strategy company culture job search advice research company

Developing a Coaching Culture Within Your Organisation

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There are considerable business benefits to developing a coaching culture within an organization as well as providing career progression opportunities for employees. To develop a coaching culture this approach becomes the basis of an on-going management style. Developing a Coaching Culture Within Your Organisation. Employer Recruiting Coaching coaching culture Inclusion managers organization reward

Hire for Cultural Fit: It’s Time to Add Women, Pt 1

Hiring Technical People

In the blogosphere and in the press, there is an increasing notice about the lack of women in technical fields and management positions. We know—and if you have been on a multi-gender, multi-cultural team, people-with-diverse-backgrounds you have this experience—creating products is more fun, faster, and easier. You have people who, while they fit the corporate culture enough, have diverse experience creating products. Have managers reach out to candidates.

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Terrific Question for Assessing Culture in a Job Search

Hiring Technical People

There are four categories of stories: The human-ness of senior management (or not). A terrific question for cultural fit. See Ask Questions of the Hiring Manager and the Interview Team for this and other questions.). If you have not articulated your values—what culture means for you—consider drawing a timeline of your career. (I I have more guidance in Manage Your Job Search , but the blog post is a good start.).

Tesla: Now the Most Interesting Workplace Culture in The World.

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Tesla is now the most interesting workplace culture in the world. It's good): 4--Embedded in the founder driven culture is. The maker of the Model S this week dismissed between 400 and 700 employees, including engineers, managers and factory workers, the San Jose Mercury News reported on Oct. Tesla is the most interesting workplace culture in America right now. Communications Culture Economics Employee Relations Innovation Performance Management Workplace

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Tech Managers: Time to Grow Up and Manage Like Humans

Hiring Technical People

The technical managers I know, know how to write ads that are gender neutral. They know how to interview for cultural fit. They understand that culture is what you can discuss, what you reward, and how you treat each other. Technical managers, you can be savvy. If you are an unseasoned manager, learn how to manage and how hire. You can stop creating a culture that doesn’t allow women to thrive.

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Chick-fil-A: Observations from the Road About Talent and Culture.

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I thought about asking the employees but paused due to the jeepers/creepers factor, and have thought about asking to speak with a managers and then I saw this in a social post (email subscribers, click through if you don't see the photo below): Makes sense - free food every shift. It's staggering and meaningful from a cultural perspective. Benefits Culture Employee Relations Wellness WorkplaceI travel a lot for work.

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Secrets for Driving Culture in Business Today

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Driving  culture  involves reinforcing beliefs and behaviors that determine how that organization's leaders and employees interact internally and externally. Driving culture starts with your people. This involves understanding and promoting the activities employees undertake at each stage that can help immerse them in the culture while also reaching maximum productivity and potential. Culture HR Issues Life in the 21st Century Management Recruiting

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Identifying Company Culture Killers


Crimes against company culture. When organisations act in such a way that they undermine their own culture, I call the charge involuntary manslaughter. There is no malice aforethought when it comes to company culture; I simply don’t believe that many people get up in the morning and go to work with the express intention to harm their organisation. We say things, do things, permit things, all of which damage your company culture, sometimes irrevocably.

The Importance of a Great Company Culture

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View Article The Importance of a Great Company Culture Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Career Management Employer Hiring Company Culture employment Graduate job search Recruitment startup

Choosing Members of your Leadership Team as an Executive To Drive Culture (Best Boss Ever Podcast).

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Here's one you don't think about a lot - how you build your leadership team of direct reports (all who manage others) related to the type of manager of people they are. The choices you make in this area direct impacts the culture you're building! Congrats my friend - you made it.

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HR and Culture: 4 Fantastic Females Share Their Wisdom

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The post HR and Culture: 4 Fantastic Females Share Their Wisdom appeared first on Ms. Leadership guru Meg Wheatley encourages leaders to move from heroes to hosts, ditch chaotic command-and-control culture and open up decision-making to untapped talent at all organisational levels. But how can you embed emotionally intelligent culture while ensuring HR is effective and legally compliant? If you want to share your own tips on HR and culture, get in touch in the comments below.

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What Culture Do You Want in a New Job? Part 1

Hiring Technical People

One of the things I suggest in Manage Your Job Search is to think about your culture when or before you start interviewing. An organization’s culture is made of these three things: What’s okay to talk about? Did you have one-on-ones with your manager? Now, list three things that are anti-patterns for you, things that will drive you away from a culture. Is it a manager canceling a one-on-one? Sum Up the Culture For You.

From Los Angeles to Atlanta: a Culture Shock Indeed!

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The post From Los Angeles to Atlanta: a Culture Shock Indeed! Culture shock set in immediately, and for the first year I got so lost and turned around so easily that the only places I dared to venture to were the offices of Turner Broadcasting where I worked, Publix where grocery shopping is a pleasure, and Macy’s once, because I didn’t even own a winter coat. It’s the land of “the come up” and I’ve managed to do quite well here.

The Top 5 Cultural Fit Scenes from Hollywood.

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Cultural fit. You know it’s real, but you hate it when a hiring manager who is an absolute dufus goes with the most general feedback possible: “I just didn’t think she was a fit.”. That's why I'm up over at Fistful of Talent breaking down the Top 5 Cultural Fit scenes from Hollywood. Here's one of the 5: Cultural Fit Scene #4 – Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting Cultural Fit Component – The best talent thinks deeper about the mission of your company.

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Creating a Culture of Excellence (Like Disney)


Hot to Create a Company Culture and Workplace Like Disney. Doing a Google search, you’ll see more than 10 million hits on creating a culture of excellence and of employee engagement. One of the best examples of a company with an incredible culture is Disney; they continue to get it right. Organizational culture is by design, well defined and clear to all. But if the culture is not by design, it’s culture by default.”.

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What Culture Do You Want in a New Job? Part 2

Hiring Technical People

You have your lists from What Culture Do You Want in a New Job, Part 1. ” Three things that you enjoyed about how the organization/managers treated you. Now, remember when I said you should Ask Questions of the Hiring Manager and the Interview Team ? I don’t like Halloween parties where the managers have to dress up. Is it a make-or-break thing in the culture? Agile Job Search cultural fit culture job hunt Manage Your Job Search

5 Things You Should Do To Revive a Toxic Work Culture

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If the answer is yes, you may have a toxic culture at work. Work Culture exists on multiple levels. To create real and lasting change, your business must tackle cultural issues on both levels. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you turn-around a toxic work culture. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for repairing a damaged work culture. The first step is always to examine your business’s culture to identify your specific challenges.

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Company Culture is Important to Hiring Managers

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Company culture – the term is bandied about so often that it has achieved near-buzz word status. But there are reasons why “culture” has earned such a high place in our career vernacular: It is real and it is important. While it can seem intangible, company culture manifests itself in ways small and big, from how people dress while on the job to the way decisions are made and employees are rewarded. Specific skills, he said, can be taught while cultural fit cannot.

"I Am Not Uncertain" - Why Some Hidden Phrases Illustrate Your Culture To Perfection.

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The phrase is a workplace culture feature from the Showtime series Billions. "I In the South, there's a cultural catchphrase inside companies and outside in the general community: " Bless his heart ", defined as the following by Urban Dictionary : "This is a term used by the people of the southern United States particularly near the Gulf of Mexico to express to someone that they are an idiot without saying such harsh words.". Communications Culture Managing Workplace

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Do Your Ads Reflect Your Job and Culture?

Hiring Technical People

If you are like many hiring managers I know, you don’t like to write job ads. Do you see how Pradeep incorporates his culture into his ad and his video? This is what hiring for cultural fit is all about. I improved the cultural fit part and updated the how-to-write-an-ad chapter in Hiring Geeks That Fit. If you are a hiring manager, you might want to change that. Make your job ads reflect the opportunity you are offering and your culture.

Episode 7 – Culture That Rocks with Jim Knight


Welcome to Episode 6 of the Workology Podcast powered by Blogging4Jobs where we talk company culture and engagement with Jim Knight. EPISODE 7: CULTURE THAT ROCKS WITH JIM KNIGHT (@KNIGHTSPEAKER). He is workplace culture personified. Jim’s new book, Culture That Rocks helps bring light to how best in class companies are creating amazing communities and teams. He’s a wealth of knowledge on what it takes to have a great culture at your company.

Culture Breeds Commitment: The Truth about Talent Loyalty


Company culture seems to be reserved for small start-ups with everything to gain or large Fortune 500 companies with nothing to lose. Blame is easy when no one takes responsibility for lack of culture, an unengaged or uncommitted workforce, and a revolving door for employees to come, then quickly leave. Perhaps cultivating a diverse and friendly company culture will spark the fire of employee trust and commitment. Talent Management Series. Talent Management.

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