CV Tips For Project Managers

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It is important to make sure that your CV stands out for all of the right reasons. The last thing you want is for it to be an example of what not to put on your CV. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter CV Resume

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8 Most Common CV Mistakes

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The post 8 Most Common CV Mistakes appeared first on Ms. When it comes to applying for a new job, your CV could be just the ticket to get you that initial foot in the door and secure an interview. CV Mistakes. Just not in a CV. CV mistakes?

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Resume or CV

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Career advice Resumes CV ResumeA resume is usually a one page document customizing your job experience and education to stand out above all applicants for a certain job. Keep it concise and customized to the job being sought. Since a resume is a brief document, information does not need to be chronologically arranged and does not have to cover your entire career.

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How to Write a Great Freelancer CV

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If you’re going back to full-time work or looking for a full-time position for the first time, how do you go about crafting the perfect freelancer CV? Here are our top tips for crafting the perfect CV when transitioning from freelancing to a full-time job. Tailor Your CV.

How to Spot Lies in a CV

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With new research from Robert Half’s Office Team suggesting that nearly half of candidate’s lie within their CV (a 25% increase from their 2011 survey) as a recruiter you need to enhance your ability to spot those white lies.

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How to Bulk Up Your CV to Impress Future Employers

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Your CV is the first thing that recruitment agents and employers will see when you are applying for a vacancy that you’re really interested in. This is why it can be a good idea to take part in things that can help you bulk out your CV with interesting and impressive experiences.

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Is It OK to Edit a Candidate’s CV?

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But as a recruiter should you be amending information on behalf of a candidate, or is it better to submit the CV a candidate created with no rewrites? Reflecting on a balance between minor tweaks and CV. Is It OK to Edit a Candidate’s CV? Recruiting Andrew Fennell candidate CV Screening CV Tips hiring process StandoutCVWhen reviewing CVs, adapting applications prior to submitting them to employers, has become common practise for most recruiters.

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Do I Need A CV?

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If you are applying for a job, should you use a resume or a curriculum vitae (CV)? First, what is a CV? A curriculum vitae, or a CV, is a longer synopsis of your background, education, skills, and publishing credits. Many European employers actually prefer a CV to a resume.

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How You Could Be Sabotaging Your Job Search With CV Mistakes

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So, your CV is ready to send out to recruiters or hiring managers, and you’re poised to take those all-important interview invites. You may have a packed CV, but if it’s littered with spelling mistakes and bad formatting, it won’t perform well overall.

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How Extra Curricular Activities Will Boost Your CV

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The perfect CV should do one thing: make a potential employer sit up and take notice. You can get this across in all sorts of ways, with your personal statement being a vital section of your CV. Think about it; would it be wise to add ‘watching TV and eating takeaways’ to your CV?

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200 Action Words to Make Your CV Pop!

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As a job seeker, how do you make your CV pop so that it’s noticed and picked up by recruiters? Well, start as many sentences as possible with any of these 200 action words to make your CV pop. The post 200 Action Words to Make Your CV Pop!

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20 CV Tips That Lands Job Interviews

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So, look at your core resume or CV. Related posts: Trim the Fat Off Your CV: 25 Things to Take Out. All about Jobs Career Career help Career Management CV CV/Resume Infographic Interview Job Interview Job Search Job Seekers Jobs Jobs and Careers Linkedin Skills Skills Portfolio Social Media Tips Web 2.0 Written by Catherine Adenle OK, usually you have about 15 seconds to make an immense first impression on any hiring manager.

6 Skills That You Should Look for in Every CV

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As a recruiter it’s vital to be able to pinpoint relevant skills from an applicant’s CV, looking not only for industry-specific requirements but those strengths that can transition into any position. Employer Recruiting candidate cv CV skills CV Tips Standout CV

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10 Ways to Explain a Gap in Your CV

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It can be tempting to lie on your CV and pretend that you have no long gaps between jobs. Here are ten tips on explaining gaps in your CV honestly while still selling yourself as the right candidate for the job. CV & Applications Gaps in CVs are anxiety-inducing.

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Oops! Ridiculous CV Errors to Avoid #Awkward

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Okay, so putting together your CV is a hard task, we know this much. Ridiculous CV Errors to Avoid #Awkward. CV Tips CV mistakes

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3 Popular CV Formats: Know the Right One for You

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Your CV format must belong to one of these 3 popular CV formats. It’s easy to get confused about the format of your CV especially as there are so many different formats to choose from. Explore these 3 popular CV formats to know the right one for you. By Catherine Adenle Putting together an effective CV is [.] The post 3 Popular CV Formats: Know the Right One for You appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Free CV Templates From Monster.

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10 Reasons Why a Hiring Manager Will Bin Your CV

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What exactly are the reasons why a hiring manager will bin your CV? Well, there are various reasons amongst which we’ll explore these 10 reasons why a hiring manager will bin your CV at first glance and not call you for an interview. By Catherine Adenle With your CV, first impression counts. Although your CV will never [.] The post 10 Reasons Why a Hiring Manager Will Bin Your CV appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Jazz Your CV up!

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How to Convert Your Executive Resume to a Board CV

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Yes, there is a difference between you corporate executive resume and your Board CV. The post How to Convert Your Executive Resume to a Board CV appeared first on Premium Executive Resume Writing Services. Executive Resume Writing board CV board resumecareersteering.

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5 Ways to WOW Companies With Your Entry-Level CV

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If you’ve just left school or university, writing your first CV can be a big challenge. With little or no work experience and no prior exposure to the job market, it’s difficult to know how you should format your CV and what information you should include.

The 8 Deadliest CV Mistakes

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When it comes to writing your CV, the things you omit can be just as important as the things you include. Even if you are the greatest candidate in the word; sloppy mistakes in your CV can get you instantly rejected. The 8 Deadliest CV Mistakes.

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Top CV Writing Tips For Graduates

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For newly graduated candidates, writing your first professional CV can be challenging. It’s tough to know how exactly you should structure your CV, what to include and how to compete with all the experienced job seekers on the market. Top CV Writing Tips For Graduates. CV Tips

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15 CV Mistakes Costing You Interviews

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Your CV is an important part of your armoury when looking for a job. As one of the first documents that someone will ask for to represent your capabilities, your CV should. 15 CV Mistakes Costing You Interviews. Career Management Job Search Resume & CV Writing

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What NOT to include on your CV…

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‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’, so the saying goes, the same applies to your CV. Fusion People are global recruitment specialist, and therefore see thousands of CV’s every month. Top Tips to include on your LinkedIn profile, but not your CV.

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4 CV Tips You Should Always Give to Your Candidates

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The job market is extremely competitive and so, CV’s have to be an enjoyable read, whereby recruiters and employers can extract the information they need quickly. 4 CV Tips You Should Always Give to Your Candidates. Employer Recruiting CV Tips Standout CV

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How to Create a Lasting Impression With Your CV

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If you are looking to land that dream job then your CV needs to make a big impression on everyone who sees it. You need a CV that quickly demonstrates your value to employers and creates a sense of urgency that will have recruiters queuing up to interview you.

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Top Tips for quickly improving your CV

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Your CV is one document you’re going to need to pay special attention to throughout your working life and there’s always something new to learn about improving it. In this sponsored guest post, recruitment agent, Simon Cruz, offers his top tips for quickly improving your CV.

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7 Ways to Prove Impact in Your CV

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So, when writing your CV, it’s important to show how your actions have benefited your previous employers. Rather than simply listing your responsibilities throughout your CV, you should always endeavour to link. 7 Ways to Prove Impact in Your CV.

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Why LinkedIn Profiles are the New CV

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Whenever we are on the move job or career-wise, we blow the dust off our CV and attempt to rewrite it, bring it up-to-date and put the best spin on it that we can. CV & Applications Networking Why do we do that? Because we believe that it is the passport to transitioning to a new job and we are going to be asked for it constantly throughout the recruitment process. And we’re not wrong, are we? It’s still the prevailing view that we have of job transition.

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5 Essential CV Writing Rules You Can’t Ignore

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An attractive CV can be your gateway to your next big career move, but many job seekers CV’s fall short and fail to get responses from their applications. Writing an interview-winning CV can be difficult if you don’t fully understand what recruiters and hiring managers expect to see. So CV writing service StandOut CV has. 5 Essential CV Writing Rules You Can’t Ignore. CV Tips CV Writing CV writing skills Resume Tips Standout CV

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15 Solid CV Tips That Land Interviews

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Look at your core resume or CV, can it survive the quick 15 seconds scan? To make your CV stand out and land you a job interview, explore these 15 solid CV tips that land interviews. The post 15 Solid CV Tips That Land Interviews appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

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How To Write A CV That Will Grab Attention

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Writing a great CV (curriculum vitae) isn’t always easy, especially in today’s tough economic climate. That means you are going to have to step up your game and really create a CV that will grab the attention of the employers. Approach your CV with a minimalist attitude.

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Is the Traditional CV Dead?

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The limiting and lifeless paper CV is being left behind as the world becomes fully immersed in everything that is digital. Yet employers and job seekers are now placing less importance on the standard CV, and are instead choosing to embrace all that […].

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How to Write a Killer Contractor CV

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As a professional you have probably written and re-written a CV (curriculum vitae) more times than you can count, but re-writing your CV for contracting purposes is a little different. A basic CV usually includes an. How to Write a Killer Contractor CV.

5 Tips for a Great CV

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If you’re a job seeker looking for IT support jobs, computer jobs, IT sales jobs or web developer jobs, remember that you only get one chance to impress … and that means your CV has to be compelling. Here are 5 useful tips to help make your CV do just that.

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How to Write a Crap CV!


Having a quality CV can seriously affect your chances of getting the job you applying for. To prevent yourself from getting the job you want, here are the 8 best ways to ensure your CV ends up in the trash. Use one CV for all job applications.

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7 Skills Every Project Manager CV Should Include

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Writing your CV as a project manager can be a complex task. A good project manager’s CV should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to lead staff, mitigate. 7 Skills Every Project Manager CV Should Include.

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10 CV Mistakes That Put Employers Off Your Candidate

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This starts with their CV. Their CV is generally the first opportunity they get to make a great impression and to sell their skills and experience. 10 CV Mistakes That Put Employers Off Your Candidate. Recruiting 10 Tips candidate client cv-library CVs Recruiter Social Media

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5 Things a CV Won’t Tell You About a Candidate

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However, you could be missing out on some great candidates if you’re focusing solely on a candidate’s CV and not delving deeper. 5 Things a CV Won’t Tell You About a Candidate Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting Andrew Fennell appearance candidate CV Tips StandoutCV work ethic

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4 Steps to Creating a Successful Video CV #TechTuesday

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The job market is incredibly competitive and making your CV stand out from other applicants’ isn’t an easy task. Although it is unlikely that video CVs are going to replace the traditional written CV any time soon, they might just be what it takes to catch an employers eye.

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5 Steps to a Winning Tech CV

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If you’re looking to land a top tech role, competition can be high, so it pays to have a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd and clearly. 5 Steps to a Winning Tech CV. Candidate Andrew Fennell candidates Recruiters Standout CV Tech CVTechnology plays an important in role in the workplace, and it doesn’t look like the demand for tech professionals will be reducing any time soon.

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Free Job Based CV Templates

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Your CV is your most important document when it comes to looking for a job and career progression. Explore free job based CV templates from Monsters. The ‘Classic’ Work Based CV. The post Free Job Based CV Templates appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Related posts: Templates for Skill Based CV.

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5 Top Tips for Writing a CV

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Be clear about who you are creating this CV for. Know what the role is, who the employer is, exactly what they are looking for and if you can who the person reading your CV will be. The more you can learn about your target, the better you can tailor your CV specifically for them. Keep your CV short and sharp. Think about your online profile as well as your paper CV. CV and Interviews Job SearchKnow who it’s for.

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Shaping Up Your CV: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

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You’ve spent months perfecting your CV and sending it off to an array of employers—only to get rejection after rejection, or no replies at all. It could be your CV is out of shape. CV and Interviews Executive Career Advice

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