Work/Family Balance Is For Everybody

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Sometimes the subject of work/family balance seems to be all about parents and kids, but that would be erroneous. Navigating uncertain times in your job as a single person has a different set of challenges because single adults are often living away from the network of family.

What To Do When Your Friends and Family are Unsupportive (of Your Goals)

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Often times on my Facebook , I hear of readers who have problems with their family and friends because they are not supportive of them, usually of their goals. In today’s article, I’ll be writing specifically about what to do when you have unsupportive friends and family.

we can be fired if our friends and family don’t follow the company’s religious values

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A reader writes: The company that I work for is fairly conservative and has warned us that they are implementing a new policy where everyone will have to sign a legal document stating we uphold our company’s values. We all had to sign something similar when we were hired, but there is a catch now — we can be fired if our friends and family don’t follow the company’s values.

my boss’s family comes to work with her, will employers care that I drop my G’s, and more

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My boss’s family members are volunteering in our department. The office environment is definitely casual, and I have socialized with Boss on occasion outside of work, (we are close in age) but having her mom in meetings with outside consultants cheerfully introducing herself as “[Boss]’s mom and secretary” is a little embarrassing. It’s true that dropping g’s is generally considered a less polished way of speaking (in most areas of the U.S.),

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working with an over-complimenter, former employee is angry we didn’t acknowledge a death in his family, and more

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Former employee is angry we didn’t acknowledge a death in his family. He took us to task as a group, saying he would have expected at least a card and basically implying that we were horrible human beings for failing to acknowledge the loss, which occurred about two weeks ago. If we had, I think we would have sent some sort of acknowledgement as a group … even though when this worker left, he said horrible things and was clear that he wanted nothing further to do with us.

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my office doesn’t give us computers, my coworker gets paranoid when I talk to his staff, and more

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My office doesn’t give us computers — we have to use our own. It definitely wasn’t just an “oops, forgot to tell you thing,” as another new hire just started and they did the same thing to her. Sometimes I’m talking about work with these people, but sometimes I’m just asking how they are or asking about their family. Definitely don’t call it a kick-back! It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Stop Shaming, Start Praising (Growing Up in a Shaming Culture)

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This never happened to me (not that I recalled), but it definitely make me scared about doing anything wrong because I would be called to stand outside class. So what does it mean for us?

FMLA – “Parent” Definition is Flexible – “Parents” include People Who Cared for You

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ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : Just recently, in the course of representing a client, I carefully reviewed the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) law and its regulations. When I did, I learned something that I did not know, but wish I had known: Under the federal FMLA regulations, the definition of “parent” includes any person who acted in the place of your parent when you were a minor, even if they were not related to you in any way. LESSON TO LEARN : The U.S.

Work-Life Balance: Your Guide to Achieving that Elusive Balance Between Work and Life

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Each of us understands something different by work-life balance. This may mean time spent with your family, time dedicated to grow spiritually or get into a better physical shape, to pursue a hobby and so on. Is it really feasible to achieve work-life balance nowadays?

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manager makes us say how we would do better than our coworkers, employers don’t think I’m an adult, and more

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Manager makes us say how we would do better than our coworkers. I know all of us techs resented it every time we had those meetings. When I see stuff that definitely doesn’t belong on a resume — age, names and ages of children (yes, some people really do that), health status (yes, that too), Social Security number — it tends to be a flag the person is out of touch with professional norms in a way that often manifests in other, more problematic ways too.

5 Jobs That Bring the Most Happiness - BLOG - Career.


And there are individuals who would love nothing more than to jump out of an airplane every day strapped to someone’s back (whereas most of us wouldn’t go near tandem skydiving no matter how much it was paying). Sickness visits my home and my family.

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updates: coworker with anxiety keeps asking us to drive her home, my boss never returns my work on time, and more

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Coworker with anxiety keeps asking us to drive her home and stay there with her. I don’t regret trying to help Jane, but I definitely wish that it had ended differently. My story as briefly as possible: I moved to another state without a job lined up, for family reasons. Continuing our annual December “where are they now” series, here are four more updates from people who had their questions answered here this year.

One Family's Recipe for Happiness

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Home About Archives Write for Us! Everyone was smiling, laughing, telling hilarious stories, eating great food, and embracing distant friends as if they were family. I came back to work on Wednesday after two full days of being with this huge and wonderful family.

What to Do When You Live with Angry People: 7 Gentle Tips

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Note from Celes : Today’s piece on handling angry family members is a long overdue segment in my anger series from Nov last year. My mother used to be the most volatile of the family; it has since switched to my brother with the mellowing of my parents following old age.

How To Make Life’s Biggest Decisions (or Any Decision for that Matter)

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“ Yes, I should definitely quit now and pursue my passion. Sometimes, the fear of not realizing our dreams can be a great driving force to “push” us out of our comfort zones and offset whatever fear we might be facing in other areas. Quick Announcement : Hi everyone!

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How To Be a Better Person: 101 Ways (and All New August Challenge!!)

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Having a role model gives us a concrete image of who we want to become. The trip has definitely enriched my perspective on the world. Day 13 of 30DLBL is about asking for feedback from others around us so we can improve. How does one become a better person?

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Where Will U Go Next- The Family Move

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Why do I feel a trememdous attachment to a house that is too small for our huge family? Because it has memories of my babies, of my family, of us doing life together. This week has been extra challenging for this mom of 5… we moved!

Beautiful Advice from a Divorced Man after 16 Years of Marriage

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However, definitely focus on the things — qualities, practices, and/or beliefs — you love about him/her over what you don’t (if there are even any), because the former is why you chose him/her to begin with. This has undoubtedly helped us grow closer together.

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“My job is definitely 'The Job from Hell.' Any ideas?”

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Blog » “My job is definitely ‘The Job from Hell.’ My job is definitely ‘The Job from Hell.’ I can’t get maintenance people to stay working for us because of the people I work for, and the low pay scale. Your job – and the family that employs you – seem to be that rotten.

US Struggling Students Get a Helping Hand

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If you're in the US and are a wage-earner looking to enroll into a graduate or doctoral degree program, then you should definitely consider the Lifetime Learning tax credit provided by the IRS.

What Childhood Stories Are You Reenacting in Your Life Today?

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They are events that happened to us when we were a child, which became etched in our consciousness thereafter. All of us have childhood stories. While I use the word “childhood”, “childhood stories” are definitely not just limited to our childhood.

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My young family had a few days to get away and relax a bit; this was rare as conflicting schedules often kept us from actually taking much needed breaks. We were a lucky family that day. Focus.

All-New: Be a Better Me in 30 Days Program (and How To Get 15% Off on Friday / 27 Apr!!!)

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This is the go-to program to develop yourself into a better person – by your own definition and on your own terms. This is definitely not to be missed!! All of us play different roles to different people in our lives, and you are no different. Definitely a big yes.

Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the.

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Thanksgiving drama on steroids: Adding a family business to the mix Posted to: Entrepreneurship | Money | Negotiating November 25th, 2009 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook I think its safe to say that for the majority of people, Thanksgiving is not about goodness and gratitude, but rather, family drama. There are pieces of the family business I’m dying to tell you about.

Ask Celes — How to Keep Calm and Make a Good First Impression in 15 Minutes or Less

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Our commonality in values drew us closer together over time and the rest is history. All of us have things we are passionate about, be it our life partner, our job, our hobbies, our pet, our last canoeing experience gone wrong, etc.

How I Found My Soulmate in Life, Part 4: How I Realized Ken is The One for Me Forever

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Ken: I told my friends about us too and they are very happy for me as well. He was so excited about our relationship that he couldn’t hold back from telling all his close friends, family, and relatives that day. I believe our spirit guides nudged us into place to make it happen.

talking about “adult” experience in an interview, rejected candidate’s parent called us, and more

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Based on their response, I wouldn’t be surprised if the parental interference was requested, but it just comes off so wildly unprofessional it’s really soured us on a person who was good but not great and turned them into a never-ever. I was recently forwarded a great job opportunity — I fit the job description, have the necessary experience and degree required — and better yet, this job would bring me closer to my hometown and family.

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4 Ways to Start Learning How to Cook

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And hey, without cup ramen and microwaveable pizza, most of us probably wouldn’t have survived college. It’s not always easy, but it’s pretty fun and definitely worth the effort. Whoever got the cooking gene in your family.

5 Ways to Build an Empowered Career

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This may be the biggest cause, but it is definitely not the only one. Learning how to build an empowered career is easy, and would definitely decrease the percentage of sexual discrimination in the echelons of business. Your definition of success is not the same as that of other women.

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how can I convince my girlfriend to get a better job?

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I feel like she’s also not facing the reality that if one of us doesn’t figure out how to bring in more money, things are going to be pretty bare bones for a couple years. I’m realizing that I’ve been assuming that you definitely do want to change jobs, and I wonder if I’ve made it hard for you to say that you’d actually prefer to stay where you are. family, spouses & significant others

Ampicillin Drug – FDA Checked Pharmacy | Blue Sky Resumes Blog

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He single-handedly transformed the career coaching field, he’s been commended for excellence by 2 US Presidents, and his book “The Pathfinder’ is one of the best selling career books in US history. People often think I would like to do this or that be not not have a definite plan.

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we have to write letters to our boss while she decides whether to re-hire us, fired for refusing to answer manager’s questions on the weekend, and more

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We have to write letters to our boss while she decides whether to invite us back. It might just be the timing — new boss has a lot of good ideas, and there’s definitely room for improvement here. New boss will then distribute letters to all of us on the same day, either extending an invitation to stay or “thank you” letters for our service. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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my boss asks us to pick up his lunch for him — Ask a Manager

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager my boss asks us to pick up his lunch for him January 31, 2011 A reader writes: I am a 27-year-old woman working for a well-known national company. He never offers to buy us lunch. He never offers to buy us lunch.

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Personal Branding: How Well Are You “Branded” Amongst Your Contact.

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September 30, 2010 Tweet View Comments By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert , Andy Robinson How well are you “branded&# amongst your network of connections – friends, family members, individuals with whom you share outside interests, vendors, clients, colleagues, former colleagues?

my office hid the Christmas party from us, hostess gifts at office parties, and other holiday questions

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My home office hid their Christmas party from us. The people who were invited were salaried and generally “higher up on the food chain” than the three of us non-invitees are. We really feel lousy that we weren’t invited, and it makes us feel like we’re not appreciated or valued as employees. Pushy assistant is trying to make us kick in cash for cards and gifts. It’s five short answers to five short questions: the holiday questions edition.

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How to Get Motivated After a Setback

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Death of a family member. Many of us get lost in that fine line between hoping something will happen and making things happen. Motivation is the compass that helps us choose the way back to our goals.

is my employer plotting against me?

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The I’ve been with this small, family owned, business for 5 years (passed down from a father to his daughter and son when he passed away) and I’ve seen a lot of unfair behaviour on their behalf. About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager is my employer plotting against me?

Discover the clown within

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While I wouldn't claim to be a clown (in the official sense of my friend the clown), I have definitely done my share of clowning around. Who is making faces in the family photo album? I wonder if some of us (all of us?) How do you feel about clowns? Some like them. Others are terrified of them. Many years ago, probably back in late 70's/early 80's, I met someone who was seriously dedicated to clown work. Doing clown work was her ministry.

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Why We Bought Board Games for Our Children (and You Should too)

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Ideally, we’d like them to finish college or a skilled trade program, get a good job (or create their own good jobs ), get married, and provide us with adorable grandchildren. While there’s definitely skill involved in some board games, there’s also a whole lot of luck. Here’s what we’re hoping our children learn from our new family fun. And tell me your favorite family board or card game in the comments.

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How to Stay Positive in Executive Job Search

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It’s part of our way of coping with the fast-paced world around us. Be grateful for the good friends you have, your loving family, the creature comforts in your life, your loyal pet(s), an unexpected kindness from someone. Go on a day trip with your spouse and/or family or alone.

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