Industry Wages: What are Companies Paying in Salaries?

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Industry Wages: What are Companies Paying in Salaries? Employer gender pay discrimination pay gap RS Components Salary wagesAs a recruiter or hiring manager, it is important to know how much the role you are advertising pays on average, this not only helps keep you competitive in a busy market but allows you to fill roles quicker and avoid lengthy negotiating periods. To help employers and recruiters stay ahead of their competition, RS. View Article.

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Five Ways to Fight the Workplace Divide And Gender Discrimination

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Whether you’re reading about the countless stories of sexual harassment in Hollywood, researching the wage gap or simply talking to your favourite female, it’s obvious women still suffer in the workplace. So how can women fight against this ever-present workplace divide, or what’s often called gender discrimination? Fight the wage gap and ensure you get paid what you deserve. Featured News Work fighting gender discrimination workplace divide workplace equality


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What They Aren’t Telling You About the Gender Wage Gap


First let me start off by saying I believe the wage gap is real. The wage gap is an issue according to what I know about being a woman and according to research, which tells us that women are making on average $.78 However, I have personally encountered wage disparity early on in my own career, and I believe it was because I was a woman. Why Wage Disparity Exists. But What About Women and the Wage Gap. Talk to them about the wage gap.

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Job Seekers Face Rampant Discrimination

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While racial discrimination lawsuits are still the number one type of case seen by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), other types of discrimination are on the rise. Since 1964, the federal government has legislated numerous laws intended to protect workers from job discrimination. Let’s review them briefly: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Men’s Height and Women’s Weight Impact Wages


But in all cases, shorter men and fatter women experience, on average, wage and advancement discrimination. Now researchers at Exeter University have shown a clear connection between wages and height for men, and wages and BMI for women. Men’s wages dropped $2125 US with every 2.5 Women’s wages dropped $4250 US with every 28 pounds above the average. HR employment discrimination wage discrimination

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“My raise was tiny. Illegal discrimination, or legal cost-cutting?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

I feel like it is age discrimination and they are trying to starve me out. For there to be illegal “discrimination,” there must be an illegal “motivation” in your employer’s mind and heart. It is not illegal discrimination for an older person to receive a small raise, or to be demoted, or even to be laid off. How can you tell if you have a “case” of illegal discrimination? Question: Hello. I have been with my present employer for over 28 years. I am now 50.

“If the EEOC is investigating a discrimination claim, can the employer question the employee at the same time?”

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (or “EEOC”) alleging age discrimination against her employer. There are many, many different government agencies that oversee and regulate different aspects of the employment relation, including state, federal and local agencies that regulate, among other things, (a) workplace safety, (b) overtime and minimum wage issues, (c) claims of discrimination, (d) rights to unionize, and (e) whistleblower complaints. .

Gender Wage Gap: Are College Major Choices to Blame?

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The reason women generally get paid less than men in the workforce may have (a little) less to do with discrimination and (a little) more to do with the fields we choose to pursue. Arguably, it may be historical discrimination and social conditioning that explain why women lean toward education, the arts, and other poorly paid occupations while men more often graduate with high-paying business and engineering degrees. Today’s post is by Maria Rainier.

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Illegal Discrimination in Tech? Hardly

Evil HR Lady

Friday, September 03, 2010 Illegal Discrimination in Tech? So, when I hear women whining about being discriminated against I always have to stop and wonder, is it illegal discrimination or different choices? Illegal Discrimination in Tech? A few months ago I found a peer reviewed journal article showing that Male to Female transsexuals found their wages declined while Female to Male transexuals had an increase. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil?

Discrimination, Contracts, & Compliance, Oh My! #ELBC is Here!


Discrimination in the workplace, contract law, and keeping compliant are the choice topics for legal bloggers during this time of year. Discrimination. The federal court claimed that since there were no sexual advancements previously or after, the nipple twist claim was insufficient to determine it as any form of sexual discrimination. In other news technology is making discrimination easier ! Two cases filed by the EEOC talk about claims from gender discrimination.

No, The Court Did Not Rule that Discrimination Against Women Is Legal

Evil HR Lady

“The wage gap is the worst. Oh dear, everyone is in a tizzy about the recent 9th Circuit Court of appeals decision and everyone is jumping to the conclusion that fits the narrative that women are always the victims of discrimination. To keep reading, click here: No, The Court Did Not Rule that Discrimination Against Women Is Legal. The post No, The Court Did Not Rule that Discrimination Against Women Is Legal appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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“How can I get an extension to file a lawsuit on my own?”

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after the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission permits a person to sue for discrimination in Federal Court, that person has just ninety days to do so, and the Courts have said that parties to the lawsuit have no ability to extend that deadline, even if they wish to or have agreed to. . Question: Alan, I have a legal claim and would like to file a lawsuit. However a deadline is soon approaching, and I have not yet hired an attorney.

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Employers: Avoiding Age Discrimination In The Workplace

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You can basically sum it in up in two words “ age discrimination.” The location of where you advertise can ultimately affect the ages of the applicants that you receive, which can make your business look like it has an age discrimination issue. This may be your goal if you are hiring for a minimum wage job that does not require education beyond high school but if you are looking for someone with a degree and five years experience, you are not likely to find it there.

Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

The HR Capitalist

In their efforts to bring wage equality to Silicon Valley, government officials have accused one of the tech industry's anchor firms of large-scale gender discrimination. As part of an ongoing lawsuit , the DOL alleged that the company, a frequent recipient of federal contracts, has violated federal law by discriminating against female employees in the salary department.

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Why Do Younger People Discriminate Against Older Employees?

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& Dale: My belief is that the younger generation of HR workers openly discriminate against older employees. Labor costs are one of a company’s largest expenses, so hiring younger workers at lower wages is an appealing solution. Workplace discriminationDear J.T. & I believe they are threatened because they are simply outperformed by the 40- to 70-year-olds. Thoughts? Aaron. J.T.:

Changing the Bigger Picture for Long-Term Gender Equality

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Although discrimination in the workplace has been a discussion for decades, women and social rights activists have become more adamant than ever over the last few years about creating safe work spaces for women. Women file the majority of discrimination reports , but in order to truly change the bigger picture for gender equality, we must rewrite public policy, and campaign to raise awareness that discrimination remains a prevalent problem in the U.S.

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Lean In or Lean Out: Women Are Damned Either Way


In order for us to build a more egalitarian workforce and continue to have women strive to be their best, we need to address the deep-seated discrimination against women leaders and remove the psychological costs of attaining those leadership positions. When a woman does gain […] Business HR Leadership Work discrimination leader leadership sexism wage gap women

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“Is a 17-year-old protected by the age discrimination laws, or a.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “Is a 17-year-old protected by the age discrimination laws, or a company’s age-related policies?” “Is Is a 17-year-old protected by the age discrimination laws, or a company’s age-related policies?” I am unsure if that is illegal discrimination. People are protected against age discrimination at work by two laws: federal law and state law. Discrimination, Harassment & Hostility M. Overtime, Commissions, Unpaid Wages O.

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Why Minimum Wage Is A Women’s Issue

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You might’ve already heard about President Obama’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $9 per hour in an effort to tie in earnings with the cost of living – something several Americans have been struggling with, especially women. Why is the minimum wage a women’s issue? Bureau of Labor statistics, which illustrated the fact that 64 percent of minimum wage workers were women. million adult women (age 20 or older) who only earn the minimum wage.

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10 Things That Haven’t Changed For Women In The Business World

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The Wage Gap The gender pay gap is the biggest, and by far the worst, thing that hasn't changed. Discrimination Still Exists Although we wish gender discrimination were a thing of the past, unfortunately, this isn't the case.

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“Is there a limit to how many hours I can be required to work?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

California does, though, have a rather unusual law: an employee cannot be “discriminated against, demoted or fired” for refusing to work more than 72 hours in a work week. California Wage Order 4, Section 2(D)(1) provides that employers may not demote, fire or discriminate against employees who refuse to work more than 72 hours in a workweek, unless there is an emergency. Question: Hi, Alan. I so value your newsletter, and learn a lot from it.

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The U.S. has waged a war on jobs


has waged a war on jobs. Im not an economist, labor or otherwise, but simple observation suggests one significant contributor to the nations job crisis -- for a long time, maybe even decades, we have been waging war on jobs and those who hold them. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap. million in back wages, damages for more than 4,500 Misclassified Wal-Mart workers. Be our Friend.

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A Key Factor for Success

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No matter if a person: struggles with depression or other mental health condition, is reeling from a recent job loss , has been the victim of workplace bullying , is barely scraping by working three jobs at minimum wage, is faced with a life-altering medical diagnosis, is the target of discrimination , has suffered any other personal loss, such as a divorce or the death of a loved one, has a visible or invisible permanent disability , or.

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On #EqualPayDay Dig Deeper into the Pay Gap’s Complexities


The wage gaps between cis and transgender people and between able and disabled people also remain huge. As Obama points out, the Equal Pay Act, signed 50 years ago, has done little to combat the pay gap amongst women, subtler forms of employment discrimination or the siloing of women in lower paying career tracks. "I'm "I'm here to say we will close the wage gap." HR employment discrimination equal pay day gender pay gap pay gap wage gap

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Closing the Gap: Massachusetts Bans Screening Candidates Based on Salary


“No employer shall discriminate in any way on the basis of gender in the payment of wages or other compensation, including benefits and other compensation, or pay any person a salary or wage rates less than the rates paid to employees of a different gender for comparable work.” HR equal pay gender pay gap gender wage gapMassachusetts businesses have two years to comply with a new equal pay law passed by the state legislature on August 1st.

Age Discrimination During Job Search | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [05.25.10] View Comments If You Discriminate, I Am 44 You will never put this on top of your resume. The point being that a company or hiring manager that discriminates based on age will eventually learn that you are not 32. What has your experience been with age discrimination? McDermott & Bull said: Member: If You Discriminate, I Am 44: So it’s Thursday and I’ll be sharing posts today that illu… [link] via @timsstrategy [.]

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“How do I pick a good employment attorney to represent me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Published on July 8th, 2010 by Alan Sklover Question: I have filed a claim of discrimination with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”). I am at a loss trying to determine what to look for in choosing a discrimination employment lawyer or law firm in my area that will put forth 100% in defending my rights. My case has merit, but if it is not presented appropriately the company will get away with shameless discrimination again.

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Trump's First Labor Nominee: Burgers, Bikinis and Mocking Low Wage Workers.

The HR Capitalist

Puzder’s business experience has been largely in a low-wage, low-margin industry built on a franchise model that tends to shift profits upward and responsibility downward. Puzder has said he doesn’t oppose a modest increase to the minimum wage. But he told Business Insider in March 2016 that if wages were raised too high, restaurants would replace cashiers with machines. Could you acknowledge the fact that higher wages could lead to more automation, so we have to be careful?

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10 Things That Haven’t Changed For Women In The Business World

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The Wage Gap. Discrimination Still Exists. Although we wish gender discrimination is a thing of the past, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Discrimination still affects women in the work world, in many subtle ways. Career Discrimination Remember that old cigarette ad that proclaimed: “You’ve come a long way, baby?” It was introduced in 1968 by Virginia Slims, which linked smoking with female empowerment and equality.

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Blood On the Sales Floor: When Dress Codes Hurt


Dress code conflicts and incidents of discrimination in the restaurant and retail industries are incredibly common. That’s just one example of employees being expected to do and feel too much — especially for the wage they take in. HR appropriate work attire corporate branding discrimination dress code employer branding high heels at work restaurant industry retail sexism

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Employment Class Actions Survive Despite Wal-Mart Ruling


The end of the road for a class-action discrimination lawsuit brought by female employees of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. But some employment class-action lawsuits, particularly those involving disputes over overtime and other wage-and-hour claims, are surviving and have even been strengthened by the ruling, as judges have issued opinions arguing the Wal-Mart decision does not apply to a given case. Wage & Hour FAQ] Q. Don’t Blame Discrimination for Gender Wage Gap.

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Starting to Work? You Need to Know Your Rights

Career Alley

All workers above the compulsory school age usually qualify for the national minimum wage. In order to be entitled to the national minimum wage, you must qualify as an employee under the law. If your employer refuses to pay you your wages, then you may be able to bring a claim to an employment tribunal. Regardless of your employment status, you always have the right to conduct your tasks without being discriminated against.

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I’m not eligible for raises (but my coworkers are)

Evil HR Lady

It’s legal as long as you’re making minimum wage. Incidentally, if those funds are coming from the federal government, you may be classified as a government contractor, and by next year that minimum wage will be $15 an hour. . A reader asks.

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Did You Know That. ?

Sklover Working Wisdom

Interns do not have protection under discrimination and harassment laws, according to many Courts. The ruling applies to such employee protections as laws banning discrimination, harassment, hostility, and workplace safety. It’s worse than you might imagine: not only don’t most interns get paid for their toil, but they don’t have even the minimal legal protections afforded other “workers” who do get paid. What’s next. slavery?

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Back to School: Employment Law Blog Carnival


And Donna Ballman, in Senator Franken Bill to Ban Non-Competes , argues that easing up on low wage workers would be a step forward for us all. Employment Discrimination. Heather Bussing invites us to consider Discrimination v Reality — when is employment discrimination truly harmful, and when is it just what’s necessary? This month’s ELBC theme is Back to School. Are we, as human resources practitioners, up to speed with employment law?

Is Your Small Business Breaking Labor Laws? 5 Mistakes to Avoid


Even if an employee leaves your company on poor terms, you have to give him or her that last paycheck — to not do so is wage theft. Whether it’s not withholding the appropriate amount of tax, not paying employees overtime, paying an incorrect hourly wage, classifying employees as exempt when they should be non-exempt or something else, payroll mistakes can cost you big time. Not Providing Harassment or Discrimination Training to Supervisors.

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Top 5 Careers for Young Women in 2013

Career Alley

It is even more disturbing to note that society is going backwards, as the gap between male and female wages has increased to rates previously seen in the year 2005. Granted the economy has taken a steep downturn but this does not justify wage discrimination. It is a necessary function and so it is less likely to be hit by wage freezes and simple staff cuts. You want your working environment to be equal and free from discrimination of any kind.

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Any ways to get satisfaction after resigning?

Sklover Working Wisdom

If you believe what happened to you was a result of illegal discrimination (or retaliation concerning your report of discrimination), you have every legal right to file a Charge of Discrimination to an appropriate civil rights agency. Almost every state has its own state agency that helps employees collect unpaid “wages.” However each particular state defines “wages” in slightly different ways. Monies due you (commissions, bonus, wages, expenses, etc.)

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Knowing Your Legal Rights as an Intern

Ms. Career Girl

The law also states that if the company is using an intern in place of a traditional employee, as supplemental help during a busy season or as a trial period before being given a full-time position, the intern must receive at least minimum wage. Intern Protection From Discrimination. Until very recently, interns were not protected under job discrimination laws. This meant companies could openly discriminate against interns because of their gender, religion, race, sex or age.

Key Benefits To Keep In Mind When Looking For Work Out Of State

Corn on the Job

Financial Remuneration Laws Including Minimum Wage. While the federal minimum wage remains $7.25, many states have successfully drafted and passed their own legislation on acceptable minimum wages. At the beginning of 2020, 21 states raised their minimum wages.

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Are You An Underearner? What Your Salary Might Say About You

Professional Resume Services

It’s easy to undervalue your abilities and ask for too low a wage, or to assume you can demand the paycheck someone with years of experience in your field would get. In some cases, there is discrimination causing salary issues, but this cannot be assumed because sometimes the reason for the lower paycheck is actually performance-related. The more you understand your worth, the easier it is to see that you deserve (earn) a wage that is accurate.

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How To Support Employee Mental Health and Wellness

Ms. Career Girl

Many people stigmatize low-wage workers as having the most mental health needs, and long-term financial insecurity can indeed cause PTSD in some individuals. Others experience outright harassment or discrimination.

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A year in reflection: International Women’s Day 

Ms. Career Girl

Women are still facing pay-based discrimination, even in government . Even women employed directly by the government, who purport to be looking to end discrimination against women, are failing to be paid an equal wage for the work they do.

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