Everything You Should Know About LinkedIn Influencers

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The LinkedIn Influencers can provide extensive help with your job search. The LinkedIn Influencer program has been around for several years and has only gained in popularity. Any member of LinkedIn can read their posts, and it doesn’t take a LinkedIn profile service to figure it out.

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Executive Brand Online Reputation Management: Relevance, Quality, Diversity, Volume, Consistency

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Executive Brand Online Reputation Management: Relevance, Quality, Diversity, Volume, Consistency is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Want to boost your chances of being found by executive recruiters and hiring authorities sourcing top talent? DIVERSITY.

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10 Years on LinkedIn – Why It’s Still Indispensable To Me

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How LinkedIn Remains Invaluable To Me, and To All Executive Job Seekers. I was noodling around on my LinkedIn Settings page when I noticed something at the top of the page. Then, a savvy colleague told me I had to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups.

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Recruiting & Hiring on Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn by Country


Social networks in particular present an opportunity to engage employees on a wide scale sourcing and engaging them via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn: The Social Network Recruiting Standard.

How LinkedIn Has Changed Recruitment in the UK

The Undercover Recruiter

Big congratulations to LinkedIn for racking up no less than 15 million users in the UK , this is a 50 percent increase from 10 million members in September 2012. What’s different about LinkedIn? How is LinkedIn used by UK companies to identify and recruiting talent?

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LinkedIn: Busting 8 Damaging Myths About What It Can Do For Your Career

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As a career and executive coach, speaker and recruitment consultant, I use LinkedIn (LI) extensively each day, and I truly enjoy it. I like LinkedIn so much that I often refer to it as the “ great cocktail party in the sky.”. Myth #2: LinkedIn will replace recruiters.

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Closing the Gender Pay Gap

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No one source is completely accurate. Find forums and LinkedIn groups for more help. Also, join our Linkedin community! Diversity and Inclusion Employment Negotiations Salary Negotiation Gender pay gapI invite you to learn and participate in today’s show today.

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Is Your Online Presence Strong Enough to Compete?

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But, without a diverse online presence that reinforces your personal brand and value to the companies you’re targeting, executive recruiters and hiring professionals may pass you right by, in favor of others who do have a vibrant online footprint. So start with LinkedIn, but don’t stop there.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Competitive Resumes

No one source is completely accurate. Find forums and LinkedIn groups for more help. Also, join our Linkedin community! Have the HR person walk you through their compensation package Diversity and Inclusion Employment Negotiations Salary Negotiation Gender pay gap

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How to Conquer Ageism in Executive Job Search

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These tricks are ineffectual now that personal information exists about each of us online (whether or not we’ve put it there), and people sourcing and assessing job seekers are Googling potential candidates’ names before reaching out to them. The 3-Step Strategy to Overcome Age Bias.

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3 Ways to Promote Your Brand Without Saying A Word

Ms. Career Girl

Then, start sharing your digital content on LinkedIn’s publishing platform, personal blog, guest blog, trade publications, and Medium. Update Your LinkedIn Profile Frequently. Don’t be a LinkedIn ghost. In order to appear in top LinkedIn search results, you must be active.

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Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Some of them understand that, when recruiters and hiring managers source and assess talent, they’re more apt to reach out to candidates that have strong online presence. I’ve written two previous posts in this series of Executive Job Search FAQs: LinkedIn FAQs.

Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: I don’t need an online presence

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Executive recruiters and your target employers’ hiring decision makers have new, Internet-driven strategies to source and assess candidates. Most turn to LinkedIn first, and then other online platforms, to find and assess candidates based on what exists about them online.

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The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search – Part 3

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According to Jobvite’s Recruiter Nation survey, in 2015 only 4% of recruiters DID NOT use social media to source and assess candidates. According to the survey: 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn … but only 55% use Facebook. Showcase Your Personal Brand with LinkedIn Comments.

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4 Executive Job Search First Steps, Before You Write Your Resume

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Recruiters and other hiring professionals sourcing and assessing candidates by what they find online or through digital/paper documents need to unmistakeably see that your qualifications align with requirements for that specific job they’re trying to fill.

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How a Robust Online Presence Helps You Land The Best Executive Jobs

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” Having a fully fleshed out LinkedIn profile with plenty of content and activity is a must. But LinkedIn isn’t enough. When you’re sourcing a professional to advise you, or do work on your house, or sell your house, or whatever your need may be.

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The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search

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On one hand, they need to have a strong, diverse online presence to be “find-able”, to promote their personal brand , and to provide social proof of the claims they’ve made in their personal marketing materials (LinkedIn profile, resume, biography, etc.).

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How Strong is Your Executive Brand Online for Job Search?

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Aside from your LinkedIn profile – if you have one – how many relevant search results will executive recruiters and hiring decision makers find when they Google “your name”?

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5 Common Executive Job Search Dilemmas

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Yes, executive recruiters and others assessing you through your LinkedIn profile and executive resume may red-flag you if they see long stretches of time unaccounted for. For more information, read How to Deal With Employment Gaps in Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile. on LinkedIn.

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How to Build Candidate Engagement [5 Simple Tips]

The Undercover Recruiter

Sourcing has evolved from people who wanted to find more people to an emerging trend, which is how do you fix candidate engagement? Because that piece of sourcing is differentiating people… - Johnny Campbell at SourceCon.

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Why You Need to Self-Google Once a Week

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At the very least, you need to have a fully-populated LinkedIn profile. The vast majority of executive recruiters use social recruiting (social networks and social media) to source and assess talent.

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Google Plus Profile, Personal Branding and Executive Job Search

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For the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve recommended that my c-suite clients create a Google Profile, along with a brand-supporting, keyword rich LinkedIn Profile , to begin establishing their online presence or extend it. This content should not be identical to your LinkedIn profile.

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7 Ways To Contaminate Your Personal Brand and Doom Your Executive Job Search

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In particular, if you’re not on LinkedIn – with a robust profile, proactively leveraging the site – you’re less likely to be found and, if you are found, you’ll be a much less attractive candidate than those who are fully using LinkedIn. So start with LinkedIn, but don’t stop there.

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Online Presence and Personal Brand Management: 5 Things to Remember

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The content you post to your LinkedIn profile, for instance, is likely to be truthful. When recruiters and hiring managers source top talent to fulfill their needs, they go right to LinkedIn and Google, and search relevant keywords and phrases. Diverse Content.

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Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

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More often than not today, recruiters and hiring decision makers, who source and assess potential candidates based on their online footprint, will find YOU before you ever locate them and send them your paper or digital resume. See my LinkedIn Guide for Executive Branding and Job Search.

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Job Search Tips for Multicultural Job Seekers

Career Solvers

There is a great opportunity for multicultural candidates to embrace their diversity and showcase their differences to hiring managers in an effort to build a strong diversity brand and be found for current openings.

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Why You’re Wasting Your Time Trying to Limit Social Media Use

Resume Bear

Christina Stovall , director of HR at Odyssey One Source , had a similar take on the issue, saying, “While you may not be able to restrict these sites completely, you can proactively use available technology — firewalls and web-filtering services — to limit access.

Is Google Plus Useful for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search?

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I suggest they create a Google+ profile , along with a LinkedIn profile , to form a base for online personal branding and building a diverse online presence. People clicking on that link won’t need to log in to fully view your Google+ profile, as they have to do with LinkedIn.

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5 Tips for Successful Job Search Networking

Career Alley

New Connections – Former Colleagues (who may not know you) – The best source for this is LinkedIn, where you can look at all contacts across an organization. Another source (and probably the better strategy) are the contacts you already have from former employers.

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5 Key Elements of a Strong Online Personal Brand

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Most recruiters and hiring authorities source talent by searching relevant keywords on LinkedIn, Google, and other search engines, and then assessing the people those searches reveal by what they find about them online. Diversity.

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Why is Ageism Alive and Well?

Hiring Technical People

Posted on June 24, 2008 by johanna One of the nice things about the social networking sites such as LinkedIn, is that they allow me to reconnect with people I worked with years ago. I didn’t get the source but it sounds both plausible and hopeful.

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Today’s Executive Job Search Toolkit

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Find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Join the LinkedIn Groups they belong to and make yourself and your expertise known. Create an executive brand positioning statement to be used in your career marketing materials (resume, bio, LinkedIn profile, etc.), LinkedIn.

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Facebook Jobs Will Change Online Recruitment Forever


Consider registering for our F acebook Recruiting, Hiring, and Sourcing webinar on October 4th worth 1 HRCI strategic credit. Each one of these platforms offers the ability to reach a group of job seekers that is different and diverse.

Self-Google or Doom Your Executive Job Search

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They’ll almost always have a LinkedIn profile and, unless that person shares a name with others, LinkedIn will be the number one search result on the page, and it will be associated with the person I’m about to speak with. LinkedIn was the #1 search result.

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Five Content Marketing Tools That Will Boost Productivity & Improve Your SEO Efforts

Ms. Career Girl

One of the best SEO practices to use on a regular basis for your website is adding diverse media to it. You can use it for Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, and it helps you optimize your posts for the best time your company needs to release new information.

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8 Panel Picker Sessions I’m Voting for #SXSW 2014


Might I suggest connecting with them on LinkedIn or sending them flowers? Diversity in the Tech Workforce. I think that diversity in the workforce is something most everyone can get behind regardless of if it’s diversity of thought, experiences, sex or the color of our skin.

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Bullet-Proof Your Executive Career in the New World of Work

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Move your Brand You communications online with LinkedIn and other social media. Being on LinkedIn and having a strong online presence are also not optional. Transform your portfolio of career documents into a LinkedIn profile that’s a magnet for these people.

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Top 8 Job Search Trends For 2015

Career Realism

Drawing key evidence from William Arruda’s Personal Branding Trends for 2015 and LinkedIn’s US Recruiting Trends: 3 Must-Know Talent Acquisition Trends for 2015 , here are eight critical job search trends you will want to leverage to maximize your career this year.

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What Really Works In HR Blogging? Feelings~


Sean Falconer from Proven points out that while even longer articles do better on Facebook, LinkedIn skews a bit shorter and LinkedIn is where HR bloggers and blog readers are more likely to share. Also unsurprising is that LinkedIn is the standout best platform for HR bloggers.

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Chapter 1 of My Ebook: 23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search

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You may not feel comfortable putting yourself out there, but without an online identity, you don’t exist and may be completely invisible to recruiters and other hiring decision makers who source and assess candidates by what they find about them online.

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Target Your Recruiting Efforts with Facebook’s New Features


Check out our October 4th webinar, “How to Hire, Recruit, & Source on Facebook” to learn more Facebook recruiting tactics and tips. Targeting Diverse Employment Groups.

Blog Comments: Part of Your Online Executive Brand Communications Plan

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Every strong executive brand has an online identity that follows these 5 guidelines: Relevance, Quality, Diversity, Volume, Consistency. If you’ve been even an occasional follower and reader of this blog, you know that recruiters and the hiring decision makers at your target employers are searching online when they source and assess talent. You can use a link to your LinkedIn profile, but people may not be able to view the entire profile.

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Top 100 Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow: 2012

Resume Bear

bbenishek One of the best people on Twitter – and a source of incredible passion. CareerRocketeer A career advice powerhouse – and also a great Linkedin group! ed_han A great source for job-related information; one of the best wordsmiths anywhere.

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