5 tips to finding a mentor

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The post 5 tips to finding a mentor appeared first on Ms. Ask any successful person the story of their career and it won’t take long before they mention an inspiring boss, mentor or teacher. Here are my top tips for finding a mentor: 1. Aim for diversity.

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New Business or Side Hustle? Here’s How To Have a Network and Mentors in Your Pocket

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When you’re busy building a business, you don’t have free time to search for local mentors, hivemind groups, or even other likeminded entrepreneurs. Women who choose entrepreneurship need diverse, strong, and motivated partners who push and inspire them to fulfill their dreams.

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What Being a Diverse, Female Entrepreneur Has Taught Me About Challenges and Uncertainty 

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This is the time to lean on teammates, friends, family, and mentors. Collect as much data as you can from users, mentors, and teammates, but then trust yourself to make the right decisions.

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3 Tips for Managing Workplace Diversity & Your Bottom-line


Workplace diversity is good for business and gives companies a distinct advantage. A Forbes survey of 300+ large global enterprises (>$500 million in annual revenue) revealed that 85 percent agreed or strongly agreed that diversity is crucial to fostering innovation in the workplace.

Diversity in DC | Blogging4Jobs


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More Women in Business Means More Cash for Women and Their Employers

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Did you know that based on a recent research study from McKinsey , the most ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform the least ethnically diverse companies. So how do you, as an employee, drive diversity in your workplace? Mentor More Seasoned Employees.

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What Diversity Really Means

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Lighthouse Research  Principal Analyst  Ben Eubanks  hammered home the importance of culturally embedded diversity and inclusion practices. According to Deloitte, employees that rated their employers highly for both  diversity and inclusion were 80 percent more likely to say their organization was high performing. Furthermore, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to perform about average.

Why We Haven’t Fixed Our Diversity Problems

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I’ll be the first to say I don’t have all the answers when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Diverse organizations perform better, are more innovative, and have more engaged employees. Most organizations understand the need to solicit talent from diverse sources and are successful at doing just that. What happens after these diverse hires start? This second problem is related to why diverse hires don’t stay.

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update: are my mentors taking advantage of me?

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Remember the letter-writer whose mentors were pressuring her to do networking favors she didn’t feel comfortable with ? My mentor replied back thanking me and letting me know he has another contact that may be able to ask on his behalf. is my mentor ignoring my emails?

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Organizations Strive for a New Level of Inclusiveness


Traditionally, inclusion was pair with diversity (as in Diversity & Inclusion) and implied a sense of “feeling included’ regardless of skin color, origin, culture or sexual orientation.

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Linking Career Advice & Authenticity


I benefited tremendously from the advice and encouragement of a wise mentor. I found the courage to embrace what makes me different and inspired others by pushing away fear and opening up to diverse experiences. “Today you are You, that is truer than true.

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The College Board is a case study in corporate racism

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Workplace mentoring is largely reserved for White people. Mentoring makes or breaks a career. White people receive mentoring for their potential whereas Black people receive mentoring only after proving themselves. The authors of this letter needed mentors.

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HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: IBM Finds Profit in Diversity (1/1)


IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. TOPIC: IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. Gerstner initiated a diversity task-force initiative that would "uncover and understand differences among the groups and find ways to appeal to a broader set of employees and customers," according to HBS professor David A. IBMs diversity task forces benefited from all four. IBM Finds Profit in Diversity. Be our Friend.

Top Five: Doing Business Differently


Increasing diversity in tech is about more than hiring – it’s also about shifting the balance of funding and power. KPMG CEO Lynne Doughtie sat down with Business Insider to discuss the importance of diverse workplaces and helping more women make it into senior leadership.

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How to cope with diversity | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog How to cope with diversity Posted to: Diversity June 21st, 2010 Del.icio.us I used to think diversity was my best friend marrying a black guy. Real diversity requires real patience.

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6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


Mentoring, But Seriously. Informal mentoring is most effective, according to Weinstein, because the pairing methodology of formal mentoring programmes often fails to create good partnerships. This blog first appeared on The Economist’s Executive Education blog here.

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How to manage your career if you’re black

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White kids don’t need to do this because white kids have people everywhere who can guide them, mentor them, write a letter or two. And the white mentors are enthralled with shepherding more black people to this echelon. Be patient with mentor racism. Diversity

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College Career Centers Are Challenged in Preparing Students for Work

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  These obstacles include working with administrations that don’t understand the value of the career center, being understaffed, and assisting diverse students.    Career centers can also work with third-parties to offer free online and on-campus career readiness bootcamps and mentoring initiatives, and connect with local industry via meet-and-greets with students. Meeting the Career Needs of Diverse Students Is Difficult. The skills gap is getting wider.

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Four Tips For Being Confident At Work — But Not Catty

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Unique skill sets are what help create diverse, effective teams. Recognizing this enables women in the workplace to mentor one another. Mentors are great, but have you ever seen a woman that you want to give a round of applause to?

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5 Tips For Completing Your Company Tool Box

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Because individuals within a diverse group come from unique environments and have varied life experiences, they have different “tools” to recognize and solve problems, according to Dr. Scott E. What does it mean to demonstrate diversity? Does your company embrace diversity?

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How To Find Your Drivers and Motivation

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Diversion and distractions will be a part of the journey towards success, but in order achieve your goals it is essential to stay focused for the long haul. Getting a job is no longer enough. We must learn how to create jobs and how to stay relevant, innovated, sharp and responsible.

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Empowering Women in Business: Intercollegiate Business Convention Year 10

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This year, the event will be having over 1200 registrants and over 100 professionals from a diverse range of industries, all coming together to learn from one another and inspire each other.

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Why Women Rock As Business Leaders & Simple Tips On How To Climb The Ladder Of Success!

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If you’re up for the task, consider these four tips to start your climb: Gain a Mentor AND an Advocate: Increase Your Internal Visibility. Ask her to be your mentor and learn from her in any way that you can. Today’s business landscape is changing.

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Get online Tips for choosing your career path

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On the off chance that you have a feeling that you're stuck on your present profession way, a mentor may give the insight you have to kick off the procedure and move on the up and up toward achievement. The post Get online Tips for choosing your career path appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Five Ways to Be Heard at Work

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And within these generations, more and more diversity has entered the mix —gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and more. Reverse mentoring sessions (employees of varying generations in a mutually beneficial partnership).

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Student Life At Imarticus During an Investment Banking Course

Imarticus Learning

Since Khushboo did not have a background in finance, this Investment Banking Certification Course turned out to be a stepping stone to enter a field as diverse and intriguing as Finance. . It bridges the communication gap between the mentors and the students. Student Life at Imarticus.

Ladies: It’s Your Right to Define Leadership on Your Terms

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I know what it’s like to mentor and be mentored; to teach and be taught. Create a more compelling diversity story in our workplace. The post Ladies: It’s Your Right to Define Leadership on Your Terms appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Morag Lucey.

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Baby Boomers: Leave Your Legacy


Diversity in the workplace is an important issue and opportunity as a workforce made up of people with different backgrounds, experience and ways of thinking or even communicating can position a company to win on multiple levels.

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The Desperate Need for Women in the Tech Industry

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Unfortunately, one sought-after feature tech has difficulty providing is female mentors because there are so few women in the industry. The post The Desperate Need for Women in the Tech Industry appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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4 Ways to Attract Millennial Talent


In fact, most Millennials want to work for employers who value diversity, are socially responsible, and show respect for each individual working for that company. Provide mentors for new hires.

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Why Choose Nursing As A Career?

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Opportunities to encounter diverse roles. As a nurse, you will get to encounter diverse job opportunities where you can select different career paths for yourself. Generally, you wouldn’t really come across any other profession with this kind of diversity.

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The Personal Branding Manifesto for Executive Job Search – Part 2

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Values are things like: Agility, balance, challenge, commitment, diligence, discipline, diversity, excitement, fun, honesty, integrity, leadership, making a difference, optimism, philanthropy, prosperity, respect, structure, teamwork, truth, wealth. How to Define Your Unique Personal Brand.

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Four Benefits to Hiring Military Personnel

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This does not include the “soft” costs of person-to-person mentoring while the employee is learning the job. Military personnel not only understand workplace diversity, they know that good communication also needs to be flexible. Loyalty to the Team.

How to Set Big Goals And Break Through The Glass Ceiling

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As a women executive who embraces the diversity I bring to business and to the sports world, my goals aren’t focused on changing the stereotype of business as a “man’s world” so to speak. I was then promoted by the only woman executive in the company, who became one of my mentors.

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16 Ways to Stay Motivated in Executive Job Search

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Co-mentor with another job seeker. Cooking itself is also a satisfying and positive diversion from negative thinking. 16 Ways to Stay Motivated in Executive Job Search is a post from: Executive Career Brand. Job search isn’t easy, especially at the c-level and senior executive level.

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Networking: That Miracle Word

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Mentor. A mentor may be formal or casual and at different hierarchical levels provided that he/she is an expert you respect in the area in which you seek guidance. Depending on the areas that you are looking to develop, you may want to have more than one mentor.

Learning Social Media is Easy in Small Bites!


I worked with a team of early career professionals to create a reverse mentor program to teach senior executives about social media and emerging trends and technologies at a Fortune 100 company. Has learning social media turned your business world upside down?

Practitioner Spotlight: Joel Peterson, @joelyoh


I have lived in Manhattan for 13 years and thrive on the dynamic and intense energy, diversity, and creativity of this amazing metropolis. As my human resources career took shape though, I was encouraged by mentors and friends to start blogging.

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How to Network Your Way Into a Great-Fit Executive Job

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Mentor a new member and/or less experienced professional. Strategically spreading your personal brand and promise of value across diverse outlets online and offline will link you to opportunities that otherwise may have been invisible to you.

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Everything About Working at Walmart

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Store managers at Walmart earn an average of $175,000 a year and manage, mentor, and train over 300 store associates. Walmart is a diverse, growing, and stable employer who is changing their image for the better. Everything About Working At Walmart.

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Eight Steps To Being A Better Boss      

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Notice which people seem to share your same passion and have conversations with them about their career goals and offer to be a mentor to them. You’ll be more successful when you understand how to manage diverse teams and take care of you first.

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Women in the Workforce; Key to Economic Recovery


Fortune 500 companies across the globe have launched diversity initiatives to attract, develop, engage and retain top female talent, providing stretch assignments and support through mentors.

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Using the White House’s Resource Guide to Hiring People with Disabilities


This guide is extremely helpful to companies looking to hire people with disabilities or for those looking to freshen up their diversity policies. Another way to retain employees with disabilities is to offer tailored on-boarding programs, on-the-job training and career development opportunities, mentoring programs and employee resource groups.

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