Diversity In Your Workplace

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When you hear the word, “diversity,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? These are usually the most popular terms that come to many people’s mind,s and diversity certainly includes these things. Perhaps you received diversity training in your workplace.

5 Ways to Amplify Your Diversity Recruiting Efforts


Diversity, in my mind isn’t just about race, being female or a military veteran , but it can be. Diversity can also be about diversity of life, experiences and points of view that drive change, engagement and drive us to do work differently. Diversity Job Boards and Forums.

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The View of Today’s Job Search from a Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter

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More and more, people are considering culture and value above other reasons for the job and career he or she desires, especially for those of you who envision working for a company promoting diversity and inclusion (D & I). Diversity and inclusion look different in different states.

Hiring for Diversity, Pt4: “Overqualified People” | Hiring.

Hiring Technical People

Tweet This Post This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged diversity , hiring decision , job analysis. IOW, this is a case in which Covey’s ‘sharpen the saw’ step is inhibited by HR or managment policies to the disavantage of people tagged as ‘over-qualified.’

Top Five: Ellen Pao and Diversity in Tech


Despite its push for greater workforce diversity, Intel has announced that it will no longer support the Science Talent Search program it has sponsored since 1988. Why Slack Is Making Diversity an Early Priority. HR discrimination in the workplace diversity diversity in tech

What Mistakes Do Companies Make with Diversity and Inclusion?

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Having a robust diversity and inclusion policy in place might seem like the obvious way to go in order to ensure you have a diverse workplace. We’ve sought advice from our panel of diversity and inclusion. What Mistakes Do Companies Make with Diversity and Inclusion?

How to Build a Diverse Workforce

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What does diversity mean, exactly? What makes a workplace diverse? We use this word so often as a synonym for racial diversity that we forget there are all types of diversity. According to Merriam-Webster, diversity simply means “an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities.” Therefore, every workplace that employs two or more people is a diverse workforce simply because no two people are alike. What Makes a Diverse Workforce?

What to Expect When Starbucks Opens Its Doors After Diversity Training

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The Babylon Bee, a satirical website, mocked Starbucks policy earlier with the article: Frugal Dad Suggests Family Lodge At Starbucks During Memorial Day Vacation. To keep reading, click here: What to Expect When Starbucks Opens Its Doors After Diversity Training. The post What to Expect When Starbucks Opens Its Doors After Diversity Training appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

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How You Can Prepare Your Clients For the Millennial Workforce

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From benefits package updates to policy changes, we explore some of the ways you can advise your. Recruiting David Morel diversity Employee Mental Health Millennials Tiger Recruitment workforceAccording to PWC, millennials will make up 50% of the UK workforce by 2020.

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Two Votes For Social Media Training at Work From Google & the Bloggess


Companies spend millions billions of dollars with union avoidance training , employee diversity, awareness training, and sexual harassment videos, presentations, and consent forms. It’s more than a social media policy, social media memo, or some social media policies consent form.

Project Include Aims to Radically Diversify the Tech Industry


The new non-profit, which recently brought on board tech leaders Ellen Pao , Tracy Chou (Pinterest) and Y-Vonne Hutchison (ReadySet), tracks diversity at tech companies and provides resources and training materials. Project Include wants to really and radically diversify tech.

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Closing the Gender Pay Gap

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She frequently consults with employers, employees, and policy makers. Diversity and Inclusion Employment Negotiations Salary Negotiation Gender pay gapI invite you to learn and participate in today’s show today. The gender pay gap struggle is real and the disparity is wide-spread.

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Closing the Gender Pay Gap

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She frequently consults with employers, employees, and policy makers. She frequently consults with employers, employees, and policy makers. Have the HR person walk you through their compensation package Diversity and Inclusion Employment Negotiations Salary Negotiation Gender pay gap

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What is Affirmative Action Anyway?


The discussion surrounded the idea of diversity within these roles. I am of the belief the companies should have diversity throughout all ranks of an organization. Affirmative Action , and Diversity (though commonly affiliated) are not the same thing.

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6 Ways to Advance Gender Equality in the C-Suite


Policy changes that facilitate equal opportunities for women leaders can also be pushed, for example, by employee groups, affinity networks and even clients. HR Leadership c suite diversity gender pay gap gender wage gap leadership lists STEM women in STEM women leaders

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If You Have Humans, You Need Human Resources


Similarly, without clear policies for onboarding, offboarding, training and performance evaluations, it’s hard to get a handle on how your employees are faring and even harder to ensure that employment law is being obeyed.

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Friday Five: This Week in Studies


The National Foundation for American Policy reports that 51% of the biggest and brightest American startups were founded by immigrants. Business HR AI diversity immigration memory millennials pensions skill building startups teamworkA New Study, XKCD.

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Vice President Is the Latest Bad Barbie Job


While President Barbie would be the first female doll leader of the country, responsible for commanding the armed forces, developing federal policies, vetoing bad bills and managing foreign relations, Vice President Barbie would be cutting ribbons, kissing babies and laying in wait.

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Changing the Bigger Picture for Long-Term Gender Equality

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Women file the majority of discrimination reports , but in order to truly change the bigger picture for gender equality, we must rewrite public policy, and campaign to raise awareness that discrimination remains a prevalent problem in the U.S. Changing Public Policy.

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How to Welcome an Introvert On-Board

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It takes all types of people to create, sustain and drive forward a flourishing business, and diversity is a key ingredient of innovation and strength.

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Stop Harassment

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Diversity In todays diverse workplace, its becoming harder to figure people out. Our diversity can be a great advantage if we learn to appreciate differences. Make sure your anti-harassment policy is written, published, communicated to all, and frequently discussed and reinforced. Here We Are. Now What? Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.

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5 Post-Election Steps for Every Business


That’s why your diversity initiative is so important right now. If You Value Diversity, Say it Loudly Today and Every Day. If you want a diverse workforce and an equitable workplace, leave no doubt — say it loudly, proudly and often.

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Dealing with Workplace Harassment – A Simpler Approach

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To truly cleanse a workplace culture and create one of inclusion, diversity and common good, employers must implore new approaches to resolve and prevent sexual harassment incidences.

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How to Navigate Through Menopause AND Your Career

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By the time they reach menopause, women are often in a position of leadership: they need to learn how to lead diverse teams and cater to people who may have different strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. What does a menopause policy look like?

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Minimize The Risk: Know What Hazards To Look For When Applying For Construction Work


This means there are plenty of jobs available in construction, and there is a diverse range of paths to take. The US is home to over 70,000 commercial construction businesses , with that figure predicted to rise.

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Friday Five: Power, Responsibility and Real Leadership


Among the policies being considered are: “Forcing companies to publish pay ratios that show the difference in earning between the chief executive and average employee. HR CEO pay diversity leadership pay gap

The Role of Corporate Culture in Talent Acquisition


How to Remain Diverse. While this allows the continuation of the culture, it might kill diversity in your workforce. Diversity in your workforce is bound to bring in new ideas while improving your decision-making processes.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Government Jobs

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Such plans and benefits include Life Insurance policies, medical plans and dental plans for every government employee. Additionally, my other interests include writing on diverse topics from education to technology.

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Empowering Women in Business: Intercollegiate Business Convention Year 10

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This year, the event will be having over 1200 registrants and over 100 professionals from a diverse range of industries, all coming together to learn from one another and inspire each other.

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Why I started a company (and why more women should too)

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When I was in college, I’d read about CEOs confidently stating that they didn’t hire for diversity because they hired for merit. n April of 2018 I quit my job to start a wedding tech company called Honeydew, with my friend Lucy.

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NLP in Insurance Trends And Current Application

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The large volumes of data generated by insurance companies with their various products, a large number of marketing channels, a massive customer database, and a spread of market over diverse geographies is astounding. Policy underwriting, maintaining and actuarial.

Top 10 Must Attend Sessions at #SHRM13


How to Develop A Successful Diversity Program by Patricia McGinlay Clendening on Monday from 7-8:15AM. Developing a successful diversity program is essential to compete in a global work environment. You’re going to SHRM.

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Understanding Careers in Business Analysis

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This information will be combined with an analysis of the business itself, including records, changes to policies and resulting trends, and even archived tax data or emails in some cases. Strong communication and presentation skills, including the ability to engage diverse audiences.

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Delivering the Best Career Possible

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About the Author: Tristan Anwyn is an author who writes on subjects as diverse as health, marketing, business, and SEO. Is the open road calling?

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Despite Economic Challenges, the Trends of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Make Them Viable

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Half of the organizations host or sponsor activities that celebrate multi-culturalism and diversity while 67 percent offer written diversity statements. Nominations Open for 2012. WARREN, Mich.,

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Race Matters in Hiring, No Matter How Nice The Cheshire Cat Grins

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I read this and say, this is the longest marathon of issues in race relations that affect minorities: Today, the national policy of nondiscrimination is firmly rooted in the law. I have a diverse set of clients in the past three years who came to me because their strategies were not working.

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Top Five: Workforce, Work Culture, Work Relationships


Last week we talked about Ashley Madison and how its massive data breach revealed weaknesses in corporate data security policies. The new workforce is a diverse and multigenerational workforce.

Back to School: Employment Law Blog Carnival


McLory explores the issue in Workplace Drug Policies in the Age of Pot and Can I Fire a Medical Marijuana Cardholder. Creating an inclusive, diverse, and successful work place is not about getting every decision perfect. This month’s ELBC theme is Back to School.

How Successful Women Support Each Other To Advance Their Careers

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Diverse women need to work together in partnership towards equality because we will all benefit from using the power of our full numbers. Ask for fair employment policies and evaluations that level the playing field. Do you want to advance in your career but keep feeling blocked?

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Good with Numbers? Here are 7 Jobs with Your Name on Them!

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There is nothing wrong with this – after all, we humans have evolved to be a diverse bunch and the world needs many different skills to ensure life ticks on without too much drama. Economists are the people who help governments develop their financial policies.

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Are Fintechs Really An Enabler For The Traditional Banks

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But, since then, the technology has taken a diversion towards the consumer-oriented services. Many researchers believe a “better together” policy is going to profit both players rather than a stealing business strategy.

Four-Day Workweeks: A Fulcrum for Work/Life Balance


Last month, the company I work for implemented a “four-day workweek” policy in conjunction with its 30 th Anniversary. Our four-day workweek might even be a bigger deal than our unlimited vacation and leave policy , because the effect is more immediate.

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HBO Acquires "Very Semi-Serious," the New Yorker Cartoonists Documentary

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Mankoff has an open door policy on Tuesday mornings in the lounge, where veteran and aspiring cartoonists mingle. The post HBO Acquires "Very Semi-Serious," the New Yorker Cartoonists Documentary appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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