Mon.Jun 10, 2019

Critical Comparison – When Comparing Yourself Goes Wrong

Ms. Career Girl

When you are comparing yourself to other women and their lives – success, relationship, business, career, health, looks – this is when critical comparison can come into play. Women often compare themselves to other women who may share similar qualities.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“How do kids spell ‘love’? – Unknown. In this hectic, demanding, time-squeezed life we live, it is increasingly the case that we give to those at work, and shortchange those in our personal lives, especially the little ones, who need our time and attention. It’s tough to choose, but it’s also important to pause and think about how we can accomplish both. Are there not times that could be given more to children and less to work?

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Let a Customer Service Mistake Fester

Evil HR Lady

That’s a great message to give to your five-year-old when she spills milk over her homework, but lack of perfection and mistakes can cause real problems in the adult world. Undoubtedly, there will be a time when you, or one of your techs, will discover that a customer’s problem was directly caused by another tech’s screw-up. What do you do? How do you handle it? Use Checklists to Prevent the Mistakes at the Beginning.

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How to change career when you have no idea what you’re doing?

Imarticus Learning

Career changes are a part of life, and almost everyone will face this crossroad at one time or another. Have no clue how to go about it or where you’re headed? Guess what? You are not alone! Most people who made pivotal career changes did not do it by accident. They prepared themselves with career advice , and you can do it too. Believe it or not, the key areas you need to work on are simple, enlightening, and not so difficult to do. So let’s get on with it.

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But Will They Stay? (Weak Things HR and Business Leaders Say)

HR Capitalist

Ever hear managers, executives and even HR say some weak things? Of course you have. For me, there's one thing that rises to epic level when it coms to weak: "I like them as a candidate. I'm just worried they won't stay.". This mindset values retention over talent, performance and more.

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I ran into my new boss in the apartment of my one-night stand

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I recently engaged in some, um, consensual adult activity under the mutual understanding that it would be a temporary relationship at another person’s apartment. No work productivity was harmed in the making of this hookup. After a pleasant night, I walked out of a room to discover that, not only did the man I spent the night with have a roommate, that roommate had a pleasant night of their own WITH MY NEW BOSS. I’m in my mid-20s and my boss is in his mid-30s.

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Nearly 1 In 5 Workers Say They Would Quit Their Job For More Of This

Career Realism

You may be willing to sacrifice your job for the right reason. But would that reason be getting enough sleep? There are numerous studies on how sleep deprivation impacts work performance.

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What Are Your Favorite Office Foods?

Career Realism

Nothing brings an office together like free food. Everyone loves being fed but do certain foods make the office happier? T hat's what we would like to know. Vote for what your favorite office foods are. Pizza Pizza is the old reliable of office foods.

2019 81

what to do about a coworker who slacks off all day long

Ask A Manager

If you’ve ever had a slacker coworker — someone who goofed off all day, getting little done, and often leaving other people covering more than their fair share of the work — you’ve known a frustration that’s rampant in many workplaces. You might also recognize there’s something that takes that situation from annoying to downright infuriating: a manager who knows about the problem but won’t act. At Slate today, I wrote about slackers and the managers who enable them.

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Most Powerful Job Perk (And it's FREE!)

Career Realism

There is a valuable, powerful and free (now there's a word we all like to hear these days) perk managers and employees alike can give away to one another that instantly improves a work environment.

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how much should I hand-hold a disorganized employee?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am a new manager struggling with how the handle one of my direct reports who is struggling a bit himself. He is a smart guy but super disorganized. For example, he is in charge of ensuring all internal audits in our company have been set up, executed, etc We discuss this in our one-on-ones and invariability every time there are a few he has forgotten to set up, follow up on, or document.

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