Sat.Sep 21, 2019

14 Things Your Candidates Should Never Say in a Job Interview

The Undercover Recruiter

HR advisors tend to be pretty positive people. You’ve got to be. It’s your job to fill candidates with confidence, top them up with information, and send them off to their dream job interviews with nothing but the other candidates to stand in their way.

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How to Think Like a Headhunter to Get that Job Interview

Boomers Next Step

Want to get a job interview? Then begin to think like a Headhunter or Recruiter! Ask yourself specifically what is the position and exactly who are they looking for to fill it? What qualities do they appreciate in a candidate?

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What Is Business Casual? Guide For Men, Women, Summer

You’re about to go in for an interview and the HR manager says the dress code is business casual. Or one of your managers suggests that you attend a business dinner and recommends business casual attire. What does that mean? How do you dress for it?

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How Can Data Analytics Help Insurance Companies Perform Better?

Imarticus Learning

It is the question that has already been asked after it was on everybody’s mind for a long time. How can big data help insurance companies – a heavily regulated sector in India and everywhere else in the world – and make them perform better?

How To End A Letter: Examples Of Salutations, Closings, Sign Offs

Knowing how to end a business note or email is an important skill to develop. It helps portray a sense of confidence, respect and tone to your message that can help solicit a response and get you what you need. Picking the wrong ending to an email, business letter or letter of recommendation can weaken the message in its entirety. We’re going to c

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Difference Between Data Classification and Prediction in AI

Imarticus Learning

In machine learning, it is important to understand the difference between data classification and data prediction (or regression) and apply the right concept when a task arises.

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3 Answers To “What Does Customer Service Mean To You”

When you go to interview for a customer service position, you’ll surely be asked: “What does customer service mean to you?” How do you answer it? What does a good answer look like? What does a bad answer look like? We’re going to help you with all of this through this comprehensive guide on answering this particular interview question. Ready to ge

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