Wed.Nov 13, 2019

Why Your LinkedIn Presence Matters and How to Enhance Your Profile

Ms. Career Girl

On its face, LinkedIn seems quite straightforward. You type in the details of your work experience, post them online and share the page with potential employers. As it turns out, though, the social media site has so much more to offer than a digitized version of your CV.

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The Problems HR Tech Will (Hopefully) Solve in 2020

Evil HR Lady

Technology has made our lives better. The fact that we have clean water, electricity and I’m writing this while a robot vacuums my living room and torments my cats means that my life is more comfortable and safe than my ancestors’ lives. But, technology doesn’t make everything better, and there are limits, especially in the area of Human Resources. While HR Tech is always a hot topic of conversation in the Human Resources space and something businesses should be focusing on.

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How to Build Your Personal Business Brand

The Undercover Recruiter

The world of recruiting has never been so competitive, clients and candidates alike will form their opinion of you from a quick google search before even meeting you. So investing your time into your own personal brand is the smartest career move you can make right now.

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5 Things To Do If You're Unemployed

Career Realism

You know the saying, “applying to jobs is a full-time job"? Don't listen to it. Applying to jobs you're not qualified for (which 50% of job seekers reportedly do!) is counterproductive to your job search. Competition is too fierce. Even qualified applicants aren't getting callbacks.

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Behavioral Specialist Job Description: Salary, Duties, Skills

A behavioral specialist is a therapeutic educator who works within an education system. A behavioral specialist is someone who is responsible for handling, caring for and overcoming behavioral issues within the education system. These specialists help to plan, develop, and control behavior issues.

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How To Beat The End Of The Year (Holiday) Slump

Career Realism

It's easy to become distracted at work as the end of the year approaches. With the holidays approaching, many people start thinking about their upcoming time off and making plans with family and friends. But, it's important to not let this joyous time of year get you off track at work.

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2 Best Part-Time Job Cover Letter Examples

Do you need a cover letter for a part-time job? If so, what should go inside of your cover letter? Should I print it out and hand it to my future employer or should I attach it as part of my resume? All of these questions are valid concerns and can be troublesome to figure out without our help.

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5 Easy Steps To Quit A Part-Time Job

Want to know how to quit a part-time job? It’s easier than you might think. But it’s a great thing that you are referencing this writeup to help ensure that you don’t make any common mistakes.

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should I email my complaints to my team when I resign?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Would it be career suicide to send an email to everyone at my current job explaining why I’m leaving it? My boss turned out to be a two-faced liar who viciously targeted and drove out several coworkers (while quite a few more left because they couldn’t stomach how others were being treated). I’m still angry at what was done to so many people. She was eventually forced to leave, but still, HR and upper management sat on these problems for over a year!

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How Many Bullet Points You Should Have, Per Job, On The Resume

Wondering how many bullet points you should have, per job, under your experience section of the resume? This is a great question. The answer is a mixture of what your resume looks like and how many jobs you’re going to be listing. Let’s get started at learning how many highlighted bullet points you should put on the resume. Table Of Con

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where do you start when you inherit a bad employee?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: My department is about to get a new manager. Our CEO will mostly likely promote my colleague Elaine, and I’m excited for the new leadership — she’s a smart, super-competent, young-ish woman. But there’s an issue she’s likely to face in this new role, and I’m curious about how you would handle it. My department has a challenging employee, Newman. Newman has many years of experience, which he takes as evidence that he’s good at his job.

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my former employee lied to get a new job, paper turkeys, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My former employee lied to get a new job — should I do anything? Recently I became aware that a former direct report of mine had landed a new job with a new employer. Kudos to him! But the job he got is well beyond his abilities and experience, by about 10 years. He jumped about three levels, to an equivalent level to mine. Curious, I checked out his LinkedIn and his professional site, and what I found is rather shocking.

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