Wed.Dec 05, 2018

10 Senior Executive Resume Writers Provide Expert Job Search Tips for 2019

Career Trend

Following is a cross-post of top 10 resume writing and jobs search tips, reprinted with permission from executive resume writer colleague, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, owner of CareerSteering.

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Yes, You Can Date and Be a Career Woman

Ms. Career Girl

For some of us, work skirts and date-night heels are an easy mix. For others, however, it can be hard to navigate the course of love while pursuing a rigid career path, no matter how smooth it may be. Most of us are well aware of the influence work stress can have on relationships (and vice versa).

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Can I Give My Employees Open Enrollment Advice?

Evil HR Lady

Does open enrollment communication to employees often seem to fall on deaf ears? It turns out employees do want open enrollment help. In fact, 55 percent of employees wish their employers would give them advice during open enrollment. But is that something you should do? Is it something you even can do? Why Do Employees Want Advice? Health care plans sometimes change.

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update: my employee uses a wheelchair … but I found out he doesn’t really need one

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer earlier this year whose employee uses a wheelchair and had mentioned being paralyzed , but was seen in a video saying he wasn’t actually paralyzed and uses it because he feels he was meant to be paraplegic? Here’s the update. Firstly I would like to re-iterate that it was definitely Drew. Someone in the comments mentioned dopplegangers but it was 100% him (same first and name, hairdo, height, tattoo, and voice).

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5 Reasons You’ll Love Working in FMCG

The Undercover Recruiter

When you are considering applying to work in a role in an unfamiliar industry, it is natural to have some trepidation over whether it is the right step for you. It could be that someone has recommended that you apply for a role in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, or you are simply. View Article. 5 Reasons You’ll Love Working in FMCG Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting brands fast-paced fmcg job prospects Mike James skills

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how do I deal with a broken heart at a new job?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I don’t know how to deal with my broken heart at work. When you are ill, you can take sick leave. When you are bereaved, you can take compassionate leave. It seems a break-up doesn’t suit either criteria, and I can’t help but feel I’m supposed to Pull Myself Together. It also feels somehow unprofessional to even raise it with a colleague, like it is some kind of high school problem that comes across as unprofessional.

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the weird world of interviewing teenagers

Ask A Manager

The approach that you use when you’re hiring adults doesn’t always work when you’re talking to teenagers who may have never worked a job before. For this week’s episode of the Ask a Manager podcast, I talked about hiring teenagers with the co-owner of summer camp who has interviewed tons of teens for jobs as camp counselors … and it is FASCINATING.

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