Tue.May 14, 2019

4 Branding Tips for Your Executive Resume

Professional Resume Services

When writing an effective resume, demonstrating your personal brand is critical. Most executives have similar skills and achievements, so what can set you apart from the rest is the overall value you bring to the table.

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Six Standout Traits of Courageous Women

Ms. Career Girl

A new study by IBM, “ Women, Leadership, and the Priority Paradox ,” reveals a harsh truth: advancing women in the workplace still, in 2019, just isn’t a priority.

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Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Career Alley

A resume is the first opportunity that you get to show companies what a perfect fit you would be for their open position. It’s your chance to sell yourself, show off your skills and experience, and make a good impression. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter killer resume

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5 Reasons It’s So Hard to Go Back to Work After Being a Stay at Home Mom or Dad

Evil HR Lady

About 11 million parents are staying at home right now , taking care of the children. Usually, that’s a temporary stop on a career path, and mom (usually) or dad (becoming more common) will return to work, whether it’s after the kids start school, or stop nursing, or whenever financial necessity becomes a reality. Going back isn’t always that easy. Here’s why. Finding a job can be hard.

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From Teaching to Own Business

Career Shifters

“I never seemed to get to a place where I was coping.”. Loretta Clarke's unhappiness at work was leaving her tired, stressed and regularly ill. It's taken time, and consistent effort, but she's now created a career that gives her the flexibility and wellbeing she wants. Here's how she made it happe

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“No Re-Hire” Clause in my Severance Agreement – Why??

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: My employer was purchased by a competitor, and a large group of us were chosen for layoff. As part of the severance offer, I have to sign an agreement. One of the sections of the severance agreement has the title “No Re-Hire; No Application.”. It says that I will never again “seek to regain employment by the Company or any company that is affiliated with the Company.”. I haven’t done anything to deserve this, and so I am wondering why they would take that attitude toward me.

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Why Recruiters Need to be Thinking About Mobile Website Speed

The Undercover Recruiter

Worldwide the talk is about the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the extensive use of mobile phones and devices to conduct our business and daily activities bears testimony to its existence. When looking around, we find it unthinkable that time existed without the internet or mobile devices.

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can I have a drink before a work flight, fasting during team lunches, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Can I have a drink before a work flight? I work for a large state government agency, and I travel often for my job. We most often drive rental cars, but in some cases we fly. One of my fairly frequent trips involves flying home at around 6 pm on Thursday or Friday evening. I like to have a drink at the airport or on the flight home to relax.

2019 63

can you leave dates of employment off your resume?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I recently heard the advice that job seekers should leave dates off their resumes’ employment history. I was at a job seekers networking event, and an retiree looking for extra work shared it as advice she had received to shield her from age discrimination before the interview. A recent college grad enthusiastically agreed with this advice and said that once she took the dates off her resume, the calls started pouring in. Is this good advice?

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my boss drinks and expects me to drive with him

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I work for a tiny company — the two owners/managers are a married couple and then there’s me and one other employee who are admin. About once every six weeks, the owners take us out for a fancy lunch downtown. This is considered a perk and a treat but it is definitely compulsory. At the lunch everybody else drinks, not to excess, but definitely two or three glasses of wine each. I don’t drink, but I don’t care if others do.

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I had a great interview – why haven’t I heard anything back?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve recently gone through a time-consuming but positive job interview process. The hiring manager has been in communication with me from day one. We had a phone interview, followed by a video conference with one other member ever of the team. The hiring manager then requested some work samples and, after seeing them, scheduled a third and final (his words) video conference with two additional staff members. The interviews could not have gone better, in my opinion.

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