Wed.Oct 07, 2020

Forget Balance. You Need a Work-Life Breakthrough

Ms. Career Girl

When you ask people to use their hands to show what “balance” looks like, hands ultimately raise in some replica of a scale, similar to the scales of justice. Bogus. Yes, the very word “balance” creates the picture of a scale in which everything is equal. But life is never equal.

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Here's to the Real Innovators: R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen.

The HR Capitalist

If you celebrate innovators, flags at half mast this week for Eddie Van Halen. You can’t celebrate Jobs and Musk without pouring one out for this brilliant artist who changed everything for a generation of GenX minions.

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Managers, Cure Your Forgetfulness with a Simple Accountability Trick

Evil HR Lady

Just yesterday, I received an email nudging me gently to do something I could have sworn I had already done. I hadn’t. So, what made me think I had done it? It turns out that we can mistake an intention for an action.

2020 152

4 In-Demand Skills Employers Are Looking For

Corn on the Job

Image Source . Looking for a job can be extremely hard and time-consuming which is why it’s important to keep your spirits up while you try to find your new venture.

2020 63

Worship Leader Job Description Template

Free worship leader job description template. Worship leaders are individuals who assist in the embracement of the sermon. The worship leader immerses themselves in the service to influence the church service guests and make for a memorable congregation and Sunday service.

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employee keeps missing work because of possible Covid exposures in his social life

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: Is there ever a point where it becomes acceptable to comment on an employee’s personal life/choices during COVID times?

2020 42

Resignation Letter for Switching Departments or Transferring Within the Same Company

A resignation letter may not always need to be authored to resign from a company but rather a position within the company. It is common to switch departments, accept a new job title, and write a resignation letter informing the job transfer employer.

2020 52

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how much can I coast before grad school, requiring employees to pay for a phone, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. How much can I coast at my job while I’m in limbo before grad school? I am in my mid-twenties and working in a fairly advanced role in my field, considering my few years of work experience; this is my second job out of college.

2020 31

should I warn someone he might be fired?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have a new employee who has performance issues — bad communication, loads of errors, very slow pace, among other things. I am working on improvements, both on his and my side. But if no improvement happens, this employee will be let go. I am wondering if I should tell him that. I prefer to be absolutely clear, to not surprise him by letting him go if it comes to that.

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