Wed.Dec 13, 2017

From Boxes to Bricks, How Women Can Break Into Male Dominated Careers

Ms. Career Girl

Recently, I had the good fortune of winning DHL’s Safe Driving Rodeo competition – a contest that assessed the driving performance of 640 of the company’s couriers from all across the country.

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Should You Change Jobs this Holiday Season?

Professional Resume Services

There’s always a good time and a bad time to change jobs, but most of the time it isn’t dependent on the time of year. Your own personal situation should play a larger role in determining when the time is right to make a job change.

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6 Ways You Fail to Show Personality on Your Resume

Ms. Career Girl

When you’re a recruiter, sometimes you cannot but marvel at the uniformity of most candidates’ resumes. In most cases, you can tell one from another only by a name at the top. For some reason, most candidates write generic resumes even if they themselves aren’t generic people.

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6 Great Resume Resources

Career Alley

every hiring manager is different and may have different preferences in terms of resume formats and their review process. Resumes Careers

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Ineffective HR Makes Sexual Harassment Thrive. Here’s How to Fix it.

Evil HR Lady

Is your HR department effective at stopping sexual harassment , or are they like many of the companies described by The New York Times, “ineffective”? There are many reasons why HR can’t put a stop to all discrimination and harassment (of all kinds, not just sexual harassment), but we can change that. Here are the problems and solutions. Problem: “HR’s client is the company, which means that HR is supposed to protect the company’s interests.”

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Race Matters in Hiring, No Matter How Nice The Cheshire Cat Grins

Competitive Resumes

Race matters in hiring. Employers hire based on race, age, and religion despite the laws that are meant to prohibit unfairness or discrimination. This Supreme Court debate from 2003 in retrospect, had little affect on the ways that race still matters today to many hiring managers.

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5 HR Best Practices That Never Go Out of Style

Evil HR Lady

Remember when there was no Human Resources Department or HR best practices? There was simply a “personnel department,” often led by a stern person in a stuffy suit (at least according to television and movies). Personnel did hiring and firing and managed the “steno pool.” ” Now we have Human Resources, but we still use some of those old school best practices — although hopefully, we aren’t unpleasant! Here are five best practices that never go out of style.

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How Should Recruiters Help to Close the Gender Pay Gap?

The Undercover Recruiter

There are serious imbalances across our workforces, and what has come about is a gender pay gap that signifies the inequalities of the world labor market.

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Employee Motivation and Retention Strategies: Focus on Feedback Loops

Catherines Career Corner

Explore employee motivation and retention strategies. Know why it’s important to focus on feedback loops and not just perks. Any positive work environment will strengthen an employee’s motivation and retention in an organization. Giving perks to employees without meaningful feedback loops or challenging work will not keep an employee. By Rae Steinbach (Contributor). Rae is a graduate of [.]. Author information. Catherine Adenle. Founder at Catherine's Career Corner.

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Impact of Big Data on the World

Imarticus Learning

Big data has created and is continuing to create a lot of buzz in not only the technology arena but across the globe. It promises big changes, big interventions, big innovations, big integration with and within our daily lives. But how big is Big Data? now that is a question which can be answered with different connotations. How big is big? it is always relative to whom the question is being asked.

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Bitcoin 401K Rollovers - What the #### Could Go Wrong?

HR Capitalist

This appeared in my gmail as a paid ad today (Email subscribers, click through to see the poison below): I'm not a financial advisor. There's probably money to be made in Bitcoin, although the SEC has issued investor warnings.

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update: I didn’t get a job because I was a bully in high school

Ask A Manager

Remember the letter-writer who was blocked from a job by someone who she’d bullied in high school ? Here’s the update. I know you didn’t solicit an update, but I felt compelled to send one. I’d written you in the spring because I was having trouble breaking into a niche industry in which a high school classmate I’d bullied was a rock star. I wanted to know if you thought apologizing would help me get a job.

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Why Finance Pros Are Turning to Automation

Water Cooler Wisdom

Are  financial  experts afraid of automation? Not exactly. If you talk to many of them, you’ll hear that technology has actually changed their jobs for the better and has positively impacted  how they work in their organization  by eliminating manual processes, increasing accuracy and efficiency, and facilitating valuable customer interactions. I rounded up some of the best thoughts on automation from big timers in the industry. Here’s what they had to say.

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update: my coworker won’t stop telling me that I smell

Ask A Manager

Remember the person whose coworker kept insisting that she smelled ? I really wanted an update on this one, and here it is: So, this is actually hilarious. After posting to AAM, I decided to try one final de-smellification and see what happened. I found a relatively cheap unscented body wash, and, since the weather had finally turned hot for the summer, got my summer clothes out of storage.

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my boss refused to send a dying coworker flowers, people keep stealing food for meetings, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My manager refused to send a dying coworker flowers. I work in a department that does project-based work for other departments in a large, successful company. I’m currently working on a project with another department, and I’m the only person from my lane on the project.

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updates: the maternity clothes, the nude snapchats, and more

Ask A Manager

Here are updates from four people who had their letters answered here this year. My boss doesn’t like my maternity clothes. My situation ended up taking a very unexpected turn. I took your advice and went to HR. The first person I spoke with was absolutely horrified about the situation. She asked to see the emails and ended up calling her boss into our meeting.

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my company throws terrible holiday parties

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have been at my job for about 10 years now. When I first started working here, we had a holiday potluck at an outdoor terrace on campus with just our department. It was kind of fun, but some people complained about “the sappy trees” and “dirty chairs” so the next year, our manager suggested we go out to lunch, which we did. It was nice, but the people in our department don’t really get along well, so it was a bit awkward.

2017 53

what are my obligations to a client when a project drags on?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: What are a consultant’s obligations to a client whose project timeline is just dragging on indefinitely? For background, the client expected work to be completed over a short amount of time (about 6 weeks) around September and October. I was paid a lump sum for the work as detailed in the original scope of work. After the first part of the work was completed, my entire scope of work changed based on findings/new information. More work than I anticipated but ok, fine.

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