Tue.Jan 12, 2021

7 Reasons You Want to Lead “Like a Girl”

Ms. Career Girl

The following is adapted from F*ck the Glass Ceiling: Start at the Top (and Stay There) as a Feminine Entrepreneur. Have you ever heard someone say “you throw like a girl”? Chances are, it wasn’t a compliment.

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The Real HR Show: Protesting and Emotions

Evil HR Lady

The article we reference is here: What to Do If a Capitol Hill Rioter Also Happens to Be an Employee? And the list of state laws is here: Retaliation for Political Activity. The post The Real HR Show: Protesting and Emotions appeared first on Evil HR Lady

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From Music Teacher to Events Manager

Career Shifters

“The day-to-day monotony was grinding me down.”. Nathan Evans had a job other people envied, but he came home every day feeling bored and unchallenged.

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I didn’t even get interviewed for an internal role I was told I was a strong candidate for

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I’m on my department’s leadership team, with three business functions under my umbrella. One of the VP-level leaders on my team had a position open up in his organization, in a function I’ve previously worked in and am hoping to return to.

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Capital Riots: Considerations for Great HR Leaders.

The HR Capitalist

Welcome to 2021 friends! Had a couple of publications reach out to me for comments on employee situations related to the Capital Riots, so I thought I would share the responses I gave to one of them. .

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I resent coworkers coming back from furlough, I took over a colleague’s work, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker’s work was given to me, and I feel awkward about it. I was promoted from a subject matter expert to a senior position in my org.

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my boss’s stress is out of control

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: What can employees do when their managers are projecting tons of stress? I’m my manager’s only direct report, and I’m the first full-time person she’s managed. She’s always been bad at keeping her stress under wraps, but it’s gotten much worse with COVID. For the past month, in every one of our one-on-one meetings she has conveyed a strong sense of being overwhelmed and stressed. For example, when I ask “How are you?”

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was my company right to fire my coworker for accidentally sending me a graphic email?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have a question about a situation that occurred quite a while ago. How it was handled has always bothered me, but I don’t know if maybe I was too close to the situation to see clearly, so I’d like your take.

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