Tue.Oct 22, 2019

What Women Need to Watch for When Securing a Loan

Ms. Career Girl

Women are out there getting it done. Starting businesses, raising funding, and taking male-dominated industries by storm. Women-owned businesses grew 114% in the United States between 1997 and 2017, nearly 2.5 times the national average.

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“How Do I Get Back Into A Career I Used To Love?”

Career Shifters

After giving up her career to travel the world, Sarah’s firmly established herself in a brand-new field. But years later, the old one is calling her to return. How do you become a success all over again, when the competition is fierce, and you’re overwhelmed by how much has changed

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Your Personal Brand at Work – Ten “Brand Boosting” Expressions

Sklover Working Wisdom

“If you are not a brand, you are a commodity.”. – Philip Kotler. ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : I’ve always been comfortable with – actually, I’ve always enjoyed – both the concept and the process of branding myself. It just seems to make sense to me, and I’ve found it to be a fun challenge, too. I mean, who is going to use my services or purchase my products if they don’t have an overall sense that it would be worthwhile to them to do so?

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From Retail Buying to Toy Company

Career Shifters

“I was expected to work 12 hours a day, and to drop everything when the business required my attention.”. Gaynor Humphrey loved her work, but resented being at the beck and call of the business. So, she took the opportunity to set up a new venture with a partner.

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A Madison, Wisconsin School District Fired an Employee for Using the “N Word.” Here’s Why they Rehired Him

Evil HR Lady

Marlon Anderson worked for the Madison, Wisconsin school district for 11 years before he was fired for using the N-word in a confrontation with a student. That statement alone seems reasonable. As a society, we’ve agreed that there are some words so bad that one saying is an instant termination. In most contexts, I would agree with this type of termination, but not in this case. And, fortunately, the school district just rescinded that termination and offered Anderson his job back.

Dyslexia at Work: 10 Ways Employers Can Help

The Undercover Recruiter

According to the British Dyslexia Association (BDA), dyslexia affects approximately 10% of the British population. Therefore, around 2.9 million workers are living with this learning difficulty, meaning it’s incredibly likely that a current or future employee will be dyslexic.

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3 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Time To Look For A Job

Career Realism

Have you ever heard the saying, "Timing is everything?" While job openings are advertised year-round, there are times of the year that are especially hot—and one of them is right now! Here are three reasons why the fall season is the best time to find a job.

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I asked an interviewer for his own reference — and he thought it was weird

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: The other day I had an interview with an entrepreneur who looking for a part-time assistant and who essentially runs a one-man operation. He has several contractors, but there isn’t an office where many people meet regularly, that sort of thing.

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I’m so nervous at work that it’s holding me back

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: About six months ago, I started a new job that takes some different pieces of my background and combines them into a new role. I was pretty up-front in the interview process that my skills are self-taught and I hadn’t formally worked in this capacity yet. I want to do well in this role so badly, but I fear I’m getting in the way of my own success. The job pays well, the work is interesting, and there is growth potential.

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will smoking hurt my promotion chances?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: The further I advance in my career, the more I have noticed something: people at the higher levels are much less likely to smoke. I’m a smoker, and I have lots of desire to quit but am not quite there yet. When at lower levels of my career, I had lots of colleagues who smoked, and smoke breaks were a way to meet people and get to know them and build relationships. Honestly, it was almost like networking.

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