Wed.Mar 28, 2012

Pinterest is Bridging The Gap Between Social Media’s Emotional,Commercial Cross-over

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This is a great week for reflection on what makes people take action. Valentine’s Day is a perfect example showing distinct sides of emotion and commercialism. Interestingly enough, social media is very similar.

4 Ways for Moms to Break Back into a Career

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Many women are faced with a tough hiring road if they have left the workforce to raise children. A resume that ends five years ago like an abrupt sandstone cliff won’t bring many interviews. Here are four strategies that can get you hired. Embrace the Internet.

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The End of F-Commerce?

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Does it really surprise anybody that some brands are shutting their Facebook stores? It doesn’t surprise me one bit. It tells me that most brands still don’t know how to monetize Facebook for business much past the obvious value for brand recognition and consumer connections.

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Quick Fixes to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

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When you first joined LinkedIn , it made sense to fill out quick facts to get the profile up and running, just to start connecting with others.

What Does Your Body Language Say?

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When people are in interviews, and thinking about how to best answer questions, how to create a positive chemistry, and how to be assertive, they often don’t realize that sometimes their body language speaks louder than their words. What does your body language say in an interview? I’ll take a Margarita, please! I interviewed someone recently that had good experience [.]. Interviews SEO1

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Writing The Perfect Cover Letter

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When applying for a job it can be easy to assume that your resume is the most important part of your job application. While your resume is vital and helps to list your skills and experience in order to match you to a job, it isn’t the only thing that you need to include in your application.

If I Were Starting A Union, Here's What I'd Do.

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I'm spent a lot of time over the last week thinking about the challenges of the budgeted merit increases - you know the drill - 4% across the board, and you need to get "pay for performance" out of that. Which got me thinking about this old post I did awhile back. If I Were Starting A Union, Here's What I'd Do.I'd d rip a page from the player's unions in the major sports leagues and focus my bargaining on the establishment of a salary cap.

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The Co-Working Games

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Yes, in a little less than a month after writing about the topic, I’m revisiting the topic of co-working, or “getting together with others to work on freelance work” Now granted, the more cynical of you might be thinking, “Wait a minute, Gordon, if you’re freelancing, doesn’t that count as working?” ” To which I would. Read more »

10 Handy Tips for Designing Web Resumes and CVs

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Even if you already have a gorgeous portfolio, you will still need a drool-worthy, powerful if you want to get the job of your dreams. Making the best first impression is important today and ensuring that your CV is powerful will ensure that you get the attention of as many potential recruiters as you can. [.]. Careers Resume Help Resumes and Portfolios

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Seven Deadly Sins of Job Search-2012

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The article title is not an original. It’s been used in many other career articles. We followed the pack on this one, because we are seeing too many individuals not optimizing their time to meet their goals. A funny thing happened when researching what the original 7 deadly sins are. There were more than 7 on the Internet. The following were listed on different sites: Lust, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Acedia, Hubris, Greed, Vanity, Lechery, Boasting, and Sloth to name but a few.

my fiance got a job at my office!

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A reader writes: My fiance was offered a job in the organization where I’ve been working for just over a year. Before he and I ever started dating, he used to work for the woman who is now our Chief of Staff (COS). The COS is doing the hiring and would be his direct manager. I am in a different chain of command, but ultimately we all report to the same head of the organization. Everyone involved knows that we’re getting married in October.

Every Generation Struggles With Social Media

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A very successful executive career placement specialist was telling me how hard it is for her Baby Boomer clients to adopt social media in their job search.

tricks that job interviewers use

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Savvy interviewers have ways of getting beneath the surface so that they can find out what you’re really like, from staying silent so that you keep talking to getting you to let your guard down so that you’re more likely to reveal something unflattering. Over at U.S. News & World Report today, I talk about 10 interviewer tricks that you should be aware of if you’re a job-seeker (and that you should use if you’re an interviewer). You can read it here. interviewing

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Failure is Nature’s Plan


“Failure is nature’s plan to prepare you for great responsibilities.” ” -Napoleon Hill. Submerged in Culture. Five years ago, I worked on a retention campaign within a small technology start-up company.

my organization won’t follow the chain of command

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A reader writes: My organization seems to make a habit of not following the chain of command. Even in our small division of 10 people, I routinely find myself in situations where the division head gives orders directly to me (bypassing my manager, who is his direct report), or makes decisions that he doesn’t actively support afterwards (e.g.,

The April Fools in Your Workplace


This season’s initial episode of Mad Men opened with a scene of employees from a rival ad agency throwing water balloons at civil rights protesters outside of their building. The men’s prank clearly had racist overtones and as a consequence … Continue reading → Burnout Civility Dysfunctional Groups Leadership Psychological Resilience Respect Uncategorized Work Engagement Workgroups

Infographic: Defining the Social Worker Profession

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March is National Social Work Month and this year’s theme by the NASW is “Social Work Matters.”

Construction Job Boards & Recruiters (5+5 List)

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Seeking a recruiter or job board that caters to those in the construction field? When employment agencies just aren’t enough, utilizing job boards and recruiters to boost your job search efforts can be an ideal solution. The following list of sites enables you to submit your resume to job boards and recruiters that are perfect

Start your work week at the right foot


Let’s face it, we all hate Monday mornings. Even if you’ve had a fantastic, relaxing weekend, Monday morning often rolls around far too quickly. Going back to work can seem like an impossible and daunting task. Although heading back to work on Monday morning may never be enjoyable, there are certain things you can do to ensure that you start your work week out on the right foot.

Interview with a Marketing Assistant

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I never realized how much I liked marketing until I became a marketing assistant. In high school, I covered my walls with interesting advertisements, not posters of cute guys or my favorite bands. I was an active member of DECA, the local marketing club. I created my own fake magazine ads and brochures for fun.