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Careers In the Stock Market

Career Alley

Careers in Financial Services are some of the most challenging and rewarding careers. It is certainly one of the higher-paying industries and the last few years has seen renewed hiring and plenty of opportunities if you know where to look. Discover Career Opportunities Finance Careers

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5 Reasons To Reconnect With Nature

Ms. Career Girl

In today’s modern, technology filled world it is so important for us to take the time to reconnect with nature. Do you ever wonder why going for a walk can be so calming? Why taking a break in nature can make you feel so refreshed?

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How To Have A More Successful Career: A Guide


If you want to excel in your career, then understand that you’re going to have to remain focused on what it is you wish to achieve and be committed to working hard. There’s a lot of competition out there and the reality is, that no matter how talented you are, nothing is promised.

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Veterans Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

Veterans, We Appreciate All You Have Done, All You Have Sacrificed, and All You Have Defended. – From All You Have Served.

“Okay, Boomer” in the Workplace Can Get You Fired

Evil HR Lady

As a Gen Xer, I sit back and watch as the Baby Boomers and Millennials battle it out on the internet. And, to be honest, it’s also the Gen Z’s, some of whom think everyone over 40 is a baby boomer. Let’s remember that (if we go by the years 1981-1996 for Millennials) that the oldest Millennials are sneaking up on 40 themselves. Remember that the oldest Baby Boomers (1946-1964) are only 73.

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From the EU to Digital Marketing

Career Shifters

“I was feeling out of place, and lacking freedom.”. Luca Tagliaferro craved more flexible work. Seeing a family member shift into a new field gave him the beginnings of a plan. Here's how he's moved into fast-paced, meaningful work that gives him the independence he always wanted

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10 Effective Ways to Manage Your Career in a Tech-Driven World

Catherines Career Corner

Know the 10 Effective Ways to Manage Your Career in a Tech-Driven World.

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Taking the Driving Seat in a Candidate Driven Market

The Undercover Recruiter

Have you ever had a gut feeling that a candidate is not as good as you – and your client – think they are? As a recruiter, naturally eager to fill that position, especially if it’s a particularly challenging one that you have spent a lot of time and effort on already, how much time. View Article.

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How Can You Choose The Right Programming Language For Data Science?

Imarticus Learning

. Data Science has made its mark among the most popular programming languages of this era. In a rapidly growing tech-heavy industry, the demand for data science professionals is only increasing.

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The Tyranny of Accent Walls In Corporate America.

HR Capitalist

True story for a Monday morning. My wife said the following over the weekend: "I'm painting an accent wall in the bedroom.". My response: "Are you ###ing kidding me?". She was kind of taken aback by the velocity of my response.

How To Use Data Science For Predictive Maintenance?

Imarticus Learning

Most businesses constantly face an issue while analyzing whether their critical manufacturing systems are performing to their full capacity while ensuring a consistent reduction in the cost of maintenance.

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3 Keys To A Successful Job Search

Career Realism

It can be very demanding looking for another job when your current one is continually stressing you out. After all, when you get home from a long and frustrating day, the last thing you want to do is give any more thought to the world of work.

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coworkers say “I love you,” how to answer the phone for an interview, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Coworkers say “I love you” I’ve noticed lately that newer hires are saying “I love you” to each other as official farewells (as in replacing “goodbye”) even for minor things like leaving meetings. The first time it happened, I thought it was a one-off between friends, but now I am hearing it increasingly often, even across genders.

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3 Answers To “What Can You Contribute To The Company?”

Interviewers love to ask open-ended questions like this. It gives them the opportunity to make you think creatively and think on your feet. This is a valuable way for them to learn about your experience levels. Those with a heavy amount of experience will know how to answer this question effectively and with precise detail. But candidates with les

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is it worth mentioning to my boss how irritating my coworker is?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: So I’ve got this coworker. He’s a perfectly nice guy, basically, but he’s also driving me out of my entire damn mind, and I’m not alone in that. The basics: – He always wants to chat and can’t seem to walk past some people’s desks without thinking of something (neither work-related nor time-sensitive) to start a conversation about, even when we’re very clearly occupied.

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Answering “What Can You Bring To The Company” (+ Examples)

Interviewers like to test you by asking what you can bring to the company. This is their way of making you think on your feet. It also helps them see how you formulate responses to open-ended questions like this one. Which is a measurement of your verbal communication skills

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my employee takes over other people’s work

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have a great, well-rounded employee who can do everything asked and be creative when needed to find solutions. The problem is that she sometimes takes over other people’s tasks, saying something like, “Oh, it was just easier from me to do it” or joking that she wanted it done right. Time after time I’ll see “Jane” working on a project that I assigned to someone else.

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Answering “Do You Want To Tell Us Anything Else About You”

Interviewers love open-ended questions like this. It gets you on your feet. Gets you thinking quickly and tests your ability to think critically. An interviewer will ask this question at the end of your interview. And this is the moment where your memory recall is going to be tested. The best answers to this question are ones that recall

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Improving your chances of employment after school

Corn on the Job

For every job that is advertised, the employer will have a specific person in mind. They will have considered what the chosen employee will bring to the role and workplace, which qualities the chosen employee will have and even which qualifications they will hold.

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Should You Put A Picture On Your Resume? Yes Or No

Having the desire to put a photograph of yourself on your resume isn’t a bad inclination. It shows that you want to have a unique resume and cover letter. And that you want to stand out. This is a great first start. Standing out will absolutely help you increase your chances of getting asked to interview on-site. But, including a photogr

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