Tue.Sep 22, 2020

Is There Really Ageism in the Workplace?

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If you are a 50+-year-old worker, you have probably experienced some ageism at work. Whether you have been passed over for a promotion, perceived as someone who isn’t current on the latest trends, or not included in the water cooler discussions, negative perceptions about seniors are common.

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United Airlines Takes a Lawsuit Over Preferential Treatment of Blondes.

The HR Capitalist

A recent lawsuit filed versus United Airlines shows how complicated/dangerous staffing decisions involving customer-facing positions can be. A rundown of the lawsuit appears below.

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Protect Yourself: 5 Tips for Securing Your Small Business


Creating a business takes hard work, long hours, and countless decisions. Don’t let your work go to waste because you neglected to protect your dream. Take time to secure your business to guarantee you’ll be a success. .

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The Real HR Show: Keeping Your Eye on the Ball–Don’t Forget the NLRB

Evil HR Lady

We’ve all been so wrapped up in Covid, we might have forgotten to keep our eye on the NLRB. Plus, the Brenda answers a workers comp question and I answer one about walking employees out when they quit!

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From Science to Photography

Career Shifters

“I felt like I'd outgrown my role with nowhere to go.”. When Nathan Walker's contract came up for renewal and his first reaction was disappointment, he knew it was time to move on.

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my coworker screams awful things at her kids during video calls

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have been with my organization for a few years, but I recently switched to a new department about four months ago. Every morning we have a Zoom call to discuss upcoming tasks and current status on projects and sometimes our supervisor will assign tasks.

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“How Do I Find A Way Into My New Career?”

Career Shifters

Bored with the same old work routines, Simona’s all fired up for change. She’s hit on a career idea that’s worth exploring further, but clear information is in short supply. How do you carve out a route into work you’re convinced you’ll love, when the way ahead feels like a close-kept secret

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dealing with recruiters when phone calls make you anxious

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I am a recent college grad on the job hunt. About two weeks ago, I posted my resume and number under a job board profile and got swarmed with recruiter calls and voicemails.

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my boss wants us to stay on Zoom all day

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: My boss has announced that now that we’re all working from home, the entire company will now be spending the work day on a Zoom call with video. He framed it as being for our benefit and useful for “establishing a work life balance” and so we can “see our coworkers and feel like we’re back in the office.” ” Plus, it’s supposedly so we can “ask questions without having to take meetings.”

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