Thu.Feb 27, 2020

Creating a Safety Net for Job Loss

Professional Resume Services

Due to its very nature, job loss is something many people try to avoid thinking about. It’s a stressful situation, and many people have an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality for it. But this doesn’t stop it from becoming an ever-present fear in working-class America.

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How To Get Your Boss To Pay For Your Move

Ms. Career Girl

Negotiating is definitely a skill, and it’s one that can make a huge difference in determining whether you as a woman are paid fairly at a new job.

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Learn How to Pronounce Someone’s Name

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Learn How to Pronounce Someone's Name. Communication, and effective communication, is key to any well-oiled machine and corporate department. However, effective communication begins with learning how to pronounce someone’s name correctly.

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The Creative Industry’s Roadmap to 2030

The Undercover Recruiter

Let’s Create is the most recent strategy from Arts Council England looking at promoting the arts across the UK for “every person in every town, village, and city” over the next ten years. Disadvantaged communities are particularly noted as a focus in this report.

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High School Resume (No Work Experience)

The Corporate Con/noisseur

High School Resume (No Work Experience). It’s a problem nearly as old as working itself, in order to get a job, you need to have previous work experience. However, in order to have previous work experience, you need to have a job.

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I earn more than my peers, and they’re not happy

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Five years ago, I was hired in an entry-level role. During the initial employment offer, the company offered their base salary for a starting amount. Since I did my homework on the average salary of the role in this area, I countered with a number closer to the average.

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Work It Daily’s Starbucks Card B2B Giveaway

Career Realism

What Is This Contest? We are SO EXCITED to be partnering with Starbucks for EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY on MARCH 6th. Check out how you (the manager!) can WIN $500 in Starbucks cards for your crew!

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when is it OK to approach a colleague about a possible medical issue?

Ask A Manager

It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I have a coworker — let’s call him Joe — who recently moved to our office from another office (same company) hundreds of miles away. He’s still very new to our city and doesn’t have a network outside of work. A few weeks ago, I noticed something distinct about Joe’s appearance had changed (his skin and eyes turned very vibrantly yellow — it later turned out to be jaundice).

2020 56

the Leap Day employee finally gets her birthday off this year

Ask A Manager

It’s Leap Day on Saturday, and that means we must revisit this letter (and its update) about an employee born on Leap Day who isn’t allowed to have her birthday off except every four years. Telling an employee born on Leap Day she can’t have her birthday off ( the original ).

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