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Job Search is Like Strength Training – Heavy Lifting is Required

Competitive Resumes

photo credit People don’t like heavy lifting or soreness when it comes to physical training. As a former personal trainer, few people are willing to buy into the commitment it takes to achieve their goals.

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Just Sit – Meditation Made Simple

Ms. Career Girl

I’ve tried getting into meditation several times in the past. Every time, it ends with me giving up. My reasoning might have been – this is too weird. I’m too busy and this is taking too long. There’s no way I can silence my mind. We’re both chatter boxes. Zzzzzzzzz.

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Requesting a Shorter Garden Leave”. Employees seeking to resign and move on to better opportunities in their careers are often faced with a stumbling block: a “Garden Leave” obligation that requires they remain with their present employer for 30, 60, 90 or more days.

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The Ultimate Guide to Handling Office Bullies

Evil HR Lady

When my daughter was in first grade, she came home complaining about a girl who bullied her. I went to the teacher and explained and asked that she keep an eye on the situation. A few days later the teacher reported that my daughter was mistaken–there was no bad behavior. Upon further questioning, the teacher admitted that she stood in the center of the playground during recess so she could keep an eye on everything. But, there had been no pushing or shoving!

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Want A Job Where You Can Help Others Find Their Most Fulfilled Self? Try Life Coaching

Career Alley

Life coaching is a fairly new career choice on the scene and as the title of this post suggest its all about helping people to find their most fulfilled self. Coaching Career Advice Life Coaching

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The Power of Data: A Workplace Trust Case Study


Do your employees trust you? Do your employees believe you listen to what they have to say? These are critical questions that leadership needs to understand. Workplace Trust Case Study ACME company. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR Work company culture employee survey employee trust workplace trust

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Is Your Career At The Mercy Of Your Personal Finance Record?

Corn on the Job

Studies conducted recently by the Society of Human Resource Management reveal that most human resource managers identify poor work performance in employees with personal finance troubles. So, is your career really at the mercy of your personal finance? The answer is yes.

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my employee uses a wheelchair … but I found out he doesn’t really need one

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m a manager in charge of a division at my company. Drew,” one of the people I manage, uses a wheelchair. When first hired, Drew was told to ask if any accommodation was needed. He has never asked for any. Our area is on the first floor of our building. Our building has elevators and all the doorways are wide enough for his wheelchair. When Drew first began working here, he used public transit. There is a bus stop a few feet outside our front door.

2018 66

Critical Questions in New Hire Onboarding

Water Cooler Wisdom

  IDC  Research Manager  Kyle Lagunas has  discussed new hire onboarding as a pivotal step between talent acquisition and  talent management. And while onboarding is increasingly making its way onto the radar (according to Lagunas, 35 percent of organizations say it’s critically important while 32 percent said it’s very important), fundamental problems are resulting in missed opportunities.

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I don’t want to be friends with my coworker, surprise phone interviews, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker isn’t picking up on my cues that I don’t want to be friends. When I started at my company a couple years ago, a coworker, “Sally,” invited me to do social things outside of work. We went out for drinks a few times and even did an all-day girls day where I ended up crashing on her couch. After about six months of reasonable normalcy, she became increasingly demanding and almost possessive.

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What’s the Best Employer Branding Technology?

The Undercover Recruiter

To implement your employer brand strategy you need to have the right tools in place to allow your culture to flourish and allow your employees to become genuine advocates for your business. So is it all about maximizing your proficiency on social media? Or is it more than that?

my coworkers think I’m an intern … but I’m not

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m in my first post-college job, at a large publishing company in a major city. My position is tailored for recent college graduates, with free workshops, the chance to sit in on exec-level meetings, and opportunities to do work in multiple different departments. It’s a great gig! However, because of the unique nature of this position, and my age/junior level in the company, a lot of people think I’m an intern. I’m not! I’m just new!

2018 49

my coworker wants me to give him a fake reference

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have a coworker who I hit it off with from day one, and we trust and help each other. Last week, this coworker took me out to lunch and told me he was planning to start interviewing, because he found that he is being severely underpaid. I am in a similar situation, so I can empathize.

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