Fri.Mar 15, 2019

AI in HR: It’s Not Just for Hiring Anymore

Evil HR Lady

Artificial intelligence is already all the rage in tech circles, and now human resource departments are getting in on the action, too. While the most prominent place for AI in HR has typically recruiting—with bots that can help screen resumes and even conduct initial interviews—companies can now use artificial intelligence for a lot more than hiring. For instance, have you been wishing for a nice app that caters to all the needs of your organization?

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This Is What It Takes to Get Your Start-Up Off the Ground

Ms. Career Girl

Starting your own business – it’s a goal many have. In fact, more than half of Americans (66 percent to be exact) have dreams of being an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, many hold back due to financial security and commitment, as well as the fear of failure.

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You Get a Job! And You Get a Job! 5 of the Best Employment Apps for Job Seekers

Career Alley

Are you looking to change careers or want to get your first big-time job and want to browse on the go? Check out these employment apps that bring the application process to your phone. Find your Dream Job Job Search

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Show Me the Money

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s a situation we have all faced at one time or another. You have the candidate in for the second interview, and they are, as far as you can see, ideal. The perfect experience, a personality that is a great fit for the team and they are excited about your organization. And then you mention.

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Data Analytics: Expectations vs Reality

Imarticus Learning

As we see the field of data analytics getting to its peak in terms of career choice, hordes of young people and professionals now want to make their careers in this field. However, data analytics like any other field is not everyone’s baby. It can be a suitable career option for people, who love data, play with figures and comfortable in handling a wide array of analytics tools that play a vital role while treading this career path.

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everything you need to know about being a new employee, and more about the menstrual cup manager

Ask A Manager

I helped Medium put together a guide on being the new person at work. And that manager earlier this week who’s pressuring people to use menstrual cups? I talked to Bustle about the situation.

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The Hidden Agenda of Fintech

Imarticus Learning

Fintech is the digital revolution which has redefined the way financial business took place in the past. India has adopted fintech at a very rapid pace. Many start-ups have emerged which are embracing fintech and many banks have also adopted fintech.

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Current Trends Likely to Shape the Future of Business Analytics

Imarticus Learning

Business Analytics is the process of organizing a company’s data into a simpler and more understandable form, in order to allow the administration to take a better decision with respect to the growth of the company.

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