Sat.Jun 08, 2019

New Career Directions for Veterans

Career Alley

veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces largely experience lower rates of unemployment over the course of their entire working lives than those in the general population. Discover Career Opportunities Careers

Swiss Saturday: The Pharmacy

Evil HR Lady

It’s a Saturday before a Monday holiday (Pentecost) and so of course, that’s when I needed to get a prescription. Fortunately, my area has a number of drop in clinics (like urgent care) that are open on the weekend, off I popped to the big city–15 minutes on the bus–to see a doctor. My normal doctor is within walking distance of my house, which is super handy.

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Things for Recruiters to Consider During the Job Offer

The Undercover Recruiter

As a recruiter, your job is to find the perfect candidate for a company. While a booming job market is great for business, it can present a challenge for finding longtime hires. After all, with more opportunity comes more turnover. Millennials especially have high turnover rates at jobs.

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