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Returning To Studies To Enhance Your Career

Career Alley

Learning to study is an important part of the educational process and a short course that helps develop your study skills may be all that you need to show you that education is for you. . Career Advice enhance your career Learning

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Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“The stone age did not end because we ran out of stones. It ended because we invented new tools.”. – Ahmed Zaki Yamani. At work and elsewhere, new tools lead us to new technologies, and new technologies so often lead to profound improvement in our lives.

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Six Effective Ways To Boost Your Employability

Career Alley

Additional qualifications are a brilliant way to put you ahead of other candidates. This is especially true when the qualifications are related to the industry you intend to work in. Find your Dream Job Dream job

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Entrepreneurship: 3 Key Strategic Moments for Entrepreneurs

Ms. Career Girl

Entrepreneurship can be simultaneously satisfying and terrifying. While you’re making an effort to reach out and achieve the classic American Dream, in doing so, you often put yourself at a great deal of risk.

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Why Is a New Employee Looking to Transfer?

Evil HR Lady

An employee who has been here only three months just quit. In his exit interview, he said there wasn’t enough work to do within his department, and he was bored, so he looked to move on. I asked why he hadn’t applied for any number of open positions we have. He said he didn’t because his manager said he couldn’t change jobs when he’d been here less than a year. This is true. Is this a policy we should keep? To read my answer, click here: Why Is a New Employee Looking to Transfer?

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The Most Important Natural Beauty Swaps To Make In 2020

Ms. Career Girl

Replacing your beauty products with natural alternatives is one of the most significant things you can do for your health this year. Cosmetics aren’t closely monitored by the FDA, which allows a lot of scary ingredients to make it through processing and into your home.

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Mediocre People Don't Like High Achievers.and Vice Versa.

HR Capitalist

Saw this video clip below from Alabama coach Nick Saban and had to share. As an Auburn season-ticket holder, it's hard to post about Saban, but - no one's had more success, seems more demanding or non-tolerant of sloppiness.

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Unusual Hiring Tactics

The Undercover Recruiter

Number 10’s special adviser Dominic Cummings was in the news recently for declaring he wanted to hire an unusual set of people with different skills and backgrounds to work with the Civil Service.

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What is a Resume?

The Corporate Con/noisseur

What is a Resume? Although this may seem like a basic question, it is one that gets asked frequently and by college students, recent graduates, and career professionals.

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my boss expects me to share my personal health/diet/spirituality/fitness goals every week

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I report weekly to my boss (the company owner, who I’ll call Dan) for a one-on-one meeting where we discuss workplace goals pertaining to my role. According to Dan, I perform beyond expectations, and he tells me constantly how lucky and happy he is to have me on his team.

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Email Examples Asking to Work from Home

The Corporate Con/noisseur

Email Examples Asking to Work from Home. Although you may not be in a full-time work from home situation, more and more companies and business are allowing their employees the option to work from home on an as needed basis.

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why don’t people walk out of bad job interviews?

Ask A Manager

I hear a lot of stories about terrible job interviews – the interviewer who demanded to look inside a candidate’s purse , interviewers who are rude and hostile or even explicitly insulting, candidates who are left waiting for hours after taking time off work, and much more. One common denominator in these stories is that when job candidates are subjected to rude behavior from employers, they mostly feel obligated to stick it out until the end of the interview. They’re not getting up and leaving.

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I’m burned out and overworked and my bosses keep piling more work on me

Ask A Manager

I had an exchange with someone on last week’s open thread that I want to reprint here (and expand on) since so many people struggle with this. A commenter wrote: I am beyond the point of burnout at my current job and don’t know what to do. I’ve worked 2.5 days since taking 2 weeks off for the holidays and have cried at least 4 times. I’m pretty isolated at my current job.

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my boss moved in with my boyfriend’s sister, working at home with a baby, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss moved in with my boyfriend’s sister and now things are awkward. A couple of years ago, my long-term boyfriend’s sister had just gotten out of an emotional abusive relationship and needed a roommate. Around the same time, my boss had also just gotten out of a relationship and needed a place to live. They are the same age, in the same stage of life, so I thought it was a perfect situation to pair them up.

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