Mon.Nov 02, 2020

You Can Recover From Setbacks – Here’s How

Ms. Career Girl

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to the workforce or a seasoned pro, facing setbacks in your career can be devastating and hard to bounce back from.

2020 201

How To Overcome The Limiting Beliefs You Have About Your Career Change

Career Shifters

The beliefs you hold about what's possible for your shift can leave you in paralysis. But what if the things you tell yourself are actually just one idea, in many disguises? Natasha shares a different perspective on your limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

2020 246

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Bulk Christmas Gifts for Work-From-Home Teams


Enough said. While we all wait to turn the page on a year that has circled the toilet bowl, there is one last hope to put a smile on coworker’s faces: send them an inexpensive holiday gift that is both thoughtful and smile-provoking.

2020 156

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Hate. Throughout history, it’s caused a lot of problems in the world. But it hasn’t solved a single one yet.” ” – Maya Angelou. Hatred. Where does it come from? So very much of hatred comes from ignorance, fear of “others,” anger over perceived bad treatment.

2020 130

5 Reasons I'm STILL Bullish On America: Election Day 2020.

The HR Capitalist

Election day is here. So many voices shouting, so let me add my thoughts to the mix with a bi-partisan thought that's not said enough these days: AMERICA: STILL THE BEST THING GOING. Let's start with my favorite songs from Hamilton, which you can find on Disney+.

2020 112

Performing the Core Functions of HR Remotely

Evil HR Lady

Your Human Resources department isn’t just a team of experts in managing people—they’re experts in managing your company’s people. And if it’s operating effectively, your HR folks have tried and true tactics for keeping things running smoothly.

2020 153

What Student Job Seekers Really Want from Recruitment Post COVID-19

Undercover Recruiter

A new report reveals how marketing and recruitment processes should be organized to ensure your business is attractive to student job seekers.

2020 75

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95+ Career Quotes to Inspire a Professional Life [2020]

A career is a fulfilling part of life. It provides everyone the opportunity to advance themselves, expose themselves to new opportunities, potential learnings, and become a person who can provide value to others. Our careers provide us more than monetary gain (or money).

2020 52

is someone impersonating my remote coworker, ex-boss snooping in emails, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Is someone pretending to be my remote coworker? I am working from home (like so many of us) and relatively new in my position (less than two months).

2020 36

client shows up without an appointment, despite repeated requests not to

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I run a small business that sells specialty items online on behalf of clients who either ship items to us or schedule appointments to make drop-offs at our office.

2020 36

how to address a problem you hear about secondhand

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I have had a number of members of my team come to me lately with concerns about another employee, Jane. They say she takes long breaks, leaves early (she’s got a job where she needs to be in the office at set times), and spends too much time socializing. This came as a surprise to me as her output is within the normal range for my team.

2020 22