Mon.Mar 23, 2020

Uncertain Times for Job Search: Stay in the Loop Despite the Coronavirus

Executive Career Brand

In these uncertain times for job search, the front page of the New York Times is covered with words we’re all getting used to, but which still make us fearful: COVID-19, Coronavirus, pandemic, outbreak, wartime, shutdowns, working from home, remote work, etc. Very little else seems to qualify as news these days. Although some companies […]. The post Uncertain Times for Job Search: Stay in the Loop Despite the Coronavirus appeared first on Executive Career Brand™.

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Why Your Sick Policy May be Causing Actual Harm

Evil HR Lady

Kathleen Moncrieff is a family physician who spends her time off sewing masks for herself and her colleagues, as there is a global shortage. They aren’t as good the commercially made masks, she admits, but they are better than nothing. She’s doing everything she can to help keep her community safe and healthy–and she has some sage advice for employers: Stop requiring sick employees to get doctor’s notes.

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The Sandwich Generation: How to Navigate a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Ms. Career Girl

Most people have to live through a sandwich generation phase of life. That stretch through your 30s, 40s, and 50s can be exhausting as you balance the demands of work, children, and aging parents. When you toss in the complexities of the increasingly remote, technologically sophisticated modern workplace, it can feel nearly impossible to find genuine work-life balance. The Challenges of the Sandwich Generation.

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Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Yesterday’s gone, and tomorrow is blind. That’s why I live one day at a time.”. – Willie Nelson. Want a great way to reduce your stress, especially in stressful times? Many of us have found that it surely helps to continually remind ourselves to live life one day at a time. Don’t agonize and don’t fret. Don’t torment yourself or lose sleep about problems that have not yet arrived. Most things we fret about never take place. Just take your life as it presents itself: one day at a time.

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Focus on Doing What you Love – Delegate the Rest

Competitive Resumes

Networking, marketing, thought leadership, event delivery, product development, social media, relationship management and more – a life coach business demands a myriad of skills and abilities akin to the personified swiss army knife. Oh, and you should to be brilliant at them all too, right? But here’s the thing. Being good at everything is a fantasy that will torture you forever unless you let it go and learn to delegate.

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Best HR Software Solutions for 2020

Undercover Recruiter

Technology and HR have never been more critical in business. It’s impossible to imagine running a business without these two. HR software solutions have an essential role to play today. These systems are used for hiring, onboarding, managing, and training employees. Every business that wants to make these processes flawless should look to get a […]. Best HR Software Solutions for 2020 Undercover Recruiter -. Talent Acquisition 2020 HR Software Kamy Anderson ProProfs

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Career Realism - Untitled Article

Career Realism

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How to Build Relationships with Generation Z

Water Cooler Wisdom

 Generation Z, defined as those born 1996-2012, is a diverse and cosmopolitan group of young people that may be inexperienced, but appreciates unique opportunities to contribute. What else do we know about them, and what can we do to better connect with Gen Z? They are city dwellers who stay put. Not only is Generation Z more ethnically and racially diverse than prior generations, but members reside in heterogeneous environments as well. 

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if your hours have been cut, you can collect unemployment benefits

Ask a Manager

You should know that if your hours are cut due to coronavirus (or for any other reason), you can file for unemployment benefits in your state. I’ve heard from some people who incorrectly believed they had to be fully unemployed before they’d be eligible for unemployment. While rules vary from state to state, that’s generally not true.

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I think my coworker is lying about having a sick kid

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: If you were our boss, would you want to know this or I should I ignore it? I have a coworker who has a sick kid. He frequently needs to take time off. My other coworkers and my boss and I are always understanding. We have done his work when he is off, our boss advocates for his time off to be paid, and whenever he has asked my coworkers and I have donated our own PTO to him. I think he may be lying about having a child at all.

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my daughter’s manager complained to me about her, weekly meetings at my boss’s house, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions, and a sixth thing. Here we go…. My daughter’s managers complained to me about her work. My daughter is 19 but lives at home. She has had a full-time job at a local daycare center ever since graduating high school. I dropped by her place of employment the other day to tell her something. All three managers were in the front office. I smiled and greeted them with, “Hi. How’s it going?”

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how do I deal with a boss who “yells” in angry emails?

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: I was hoping to get your advice on how to approach my boss about the way we communicate when he gets … shall we say, “easily agitated.” ” I report to a single manager (Bob) but routinely pick up projects for a number of other managers (all of whom who sit between Bob and me in the hierarchy). As we are rarely all in the office together, standard practice is for a manager to ask me to collate a report, draft a statement, etc.

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the person who had my job before me won’t go away

Ask a Manager

A reader writes: How involved should a former employee be in current work? My predecessor, Gaius, had a terrible run in the director position, did a nightmarish job for 20 years, and finally retired two years ago. He neglected his duties, never finished projects, and left a disaster zone (literally, the fire marshall cited the area as a hazard). He emails me regularly with advice and on two occasions has sent very nasty emails to me.

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