November, 2016

A Seat At The Table

Ms. Career Girl

The post A Seat At The Table appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Shonda Scott. Her bio follows. In business and in life, I have a mantra that has given me the courage to succeed in a world that was not initially inclusive.

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How to Ensure Your References Are as Helpful as Possible

Professional Resume Services

The best resume writing services will help you with your references. It’s standard practice nowadays for employers to check with references before deciding to hire a particular candidate.

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The One Skill Every Job Seeker Should Have

Executive Career Brand

Being a good listener makes even less qualified candidates more attractive. Have you noticed that listening well and truly being engaged in a conversation seem to be lost arts these days?

2016 239

10 Secrets to Leaving a Great Impression

Position Ignition

There are some individuals who seem to go through life charming everyone they meet and getting on with all kinds of people. There’s something magnetic about them that draws a crowd.

2016 228

10 Life Lessons from Mrs. Brady

Evil HR Lady

Florence Henderson died on Thanksgiving Day, 2016. She was best known for her role as Mrs. Brady on The Brady Bunch , a show that had a relatively short run but somehow got embedded in our culture for a very long time.

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Game-changing Executive Resume FAQs

Executive Career Brand

In this series of posts on executive job search Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), I’ve already covered the following: LinkedIn FAQs. Personal Branding FAQs. Online Reputation Management FAQs. Still to come, my post on Executive Job Search FAQs, in general.

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In Your Job Search, Embrace the Struggle!

Career Trend

Rather than wrestling with career change and growth, embrace the empowering gains you achieve by diligently exercising that muscle. The post In Your Job Search, Embrace the Struggle! appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. executive resumes

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Science: Your Millennial Managers Are Destroying Morale

Evil HR Lady

Or maybe your Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers are destroying morale. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. As companies have switched from a seniority system to a meritocracy system , people who are better suited for management roles have landed in the senior roles. This is a great thing for business, but a recent study in Germany found a downside: Older workers don’t like working for younger managers.

2016 197

8 Inexpensive Mobile Apps to Help Your Job Search

Competitive Resumes

You’re all about maximizing your phone’s mobile apps—and you’ve probably even used it to apply for jobs. And along the way, you’ve depended on apps like Evernote and Dropbox to stay organized and make the process easier. But those basic tools aren’t the only ones you can use to get ahead now.

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Stuck in Your Career? Try These 3 Powerful Tips

Ms. Career Girl

The post Stuck in Your Career? Try These 3 Powerful Tips appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. If you have legs to walk, a mouth to talk, and fingers to type, you should never feel crippled in your career.

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Our Top Three Secrets Regarding the Job Hunting Process

Professional Resume Services

Writing an effective resume can help you get a job. Once you’ve made the decision to start your career or change careers, you’ve finished the easy part. Now the job hunting process begins, and it can be mentally and physically draining.

2016 222

Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Fortunately, more and more of my c-suite and senior level executive clients are aware of how important it is for them to have a solid online presence, to land a great-fit new gig.

7 ways to nail the interview

Cube Rules

Maybe you have recently graduated college and are looking to land your first big break in your chosen field. Maybe you’ve been breaking your back in an industry for 25 years, but the shift toward the knowledge economy has forced you to retool and reengage the marketplace in a new way.

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How to Tell Your Salaried Employees They are Now Hourly

Evil HR Lady

Some of your salaried employees are about to become hourly employees , and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Starting on December 1, 2016, the minimum salary needed to qualify for a salary exemption will jump from $455 a week ($23,660 per year) to $913 per week ($47,476 per year). If you have employees who are currently exempt from overtime who earn less than $47,476 per year, you’ll have to change the way they are paid. How should you tell your employees?

2016 197

9 Ways to Keep Up Your Holiday Job Search

Competitive Resumes

This season is no time to slow down your holiday job search. Employers have to fill positions and some more urgently than others. Yes, even the week of Thanksgiving, offices are slow, but this is a time to be more personable, and flexible while your competition is on vacation.

2016 188

Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments

Ms. Career Girl

The post Improve Your Resume with Stronger Accomplishments appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Whether you’re a brand-new graduate, a growing professional or a veteran worker, you’ve probably wrestled with the many struggles of job hunting.

A Simple Guide to Sharing Your Executive Resume on the Internet

Professional Resume Services

An executive resume writer will help you determine where to post it. Congratulations! You’ve finally got your executive resume polished and ready to share with the world. Whether you used the best executive resume writing service or you crafted the perfect resume yourself, it’s time to show it off.

2016 217

5 Clever Ways to Build Your Personal Brand

Position Ignition

Whether you’re finding a new job, going for a promotion or want to further your career in some other way, it’s vital to have a personal brand in today’s competitive world of work.

2016 178

How To Avoid The Mistake Of Making A Reactive Shift

Career Shifters

Are you desperate to get away from your current career? Willing to do anything to escape? You might be heading toward a reactive shift. With two real-life examples, Natasha explains how to make sure your future isn't dictated by your past. Tuesday, 6 p.m.

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Managing isn’t all about hitting targets

Evil HR Lady

The most important thing a manager does is make sure the work is getting done on time and on budget. Of course, these two things are critical for success, but managing the people is also very important for a successful department. If you’re not preparing your employees for their next step in their careers, you’re only doing half your job and you’re doing a disservice to your company. To read about it, click here: Managing results is just half the leader’s job.

2016 191

Want to be Seen By Recruiters on LinkedIn?

Competitive Resumes

The new LinkedIn feature could increase your visibility and create more opportunities. A little bonus tidbit that is useful for both people actively seeking a new job, and those who would be open to new opportunities but aren’t currently doing much searching.

2016 182

Rule Number One: There’s Only One Rule

Ms. Career Girl

The post Rule Number One: There’s Only One Rule appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by MacKenzie Jones. Her bio follows. .

2016 247

Could a Temporary Position Really Lead to Full-Time Work?

Professional Resume Services

An executive resume writer can help you change a temp job to a full-time job. Holding a temporary job is nothing to be ashamed of, whether it’s an entry level or executive level position. Many people who have trouble finding work turn to staffing agencies to help place them in temporary positions.

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Simplify your job interview answers to get the job

Cube Rules

Recently I attended a two-day course in presentation skills. Since I did that whole debate thing in high school — and went to nationals in oratory — I didn’t think I would get much out of the course. Most of it, I knew.

2016 172

From Marketing to Moving Worlds

Career Shifters

"I would just sit in some meetings and think about how little everything mattered.". Mark Horoszowski wasn't miserable at work, but he craved more purpose.

2016 226

How to Pick the Best Holiday Presents for Your Employees and Clients

Evil HR Lady

The Halloween decorations are down, and the Christmas Trees are about to start popping up, which means it’s time for you to think about gifts , and parties. Business owners and managers often have large gift lists–for employees and clients–to fill. Figuring out what to get these people can be difficult , so I turned to expert gift giver, Ashley Wong, CEO and Founder of Gemnote , a company that specializes in gifts. Here’s what she said.

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6 Social Media Updates Undermining Your Personal Brand

Competitive Resumes

There are times when what you don’t say speaks volumes about your personal brand. These days you must be 100% aware of your reputation online. A large percentage of them are looking, evaluating, and deciding their next steps.

The Hollow Life: The Hidden Dangers of the Unfulfilled

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Hollow Life: The Hidden Dangers of the Unfulfilled appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The following is a guest post by Halley Bock. Her bio follows.

2016 247

Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Next Executive Job Fair

Professional Resume Services

Executive resume services can help you stand out at a job fair. Job fairs used to be designed for entry-level positions and students looking for their first job.

2016 204

How long will your job last?

Cube Rules

Every job ends. The only question is when. Will it be tomorrow? Two months from now? Two decades from now? We really don’t think about when our job ends on a consistent basis. Usually, we start to think about getting a new job when bad stuff starts to happen.

2016 170

Did You Know.

Sklover Working Wisdom

more employers are allowing employees to monetize unused vacation time. ? More and more, employees are taking less and less vacation time, even though it is available to them. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 73% of American employees are entitled to paid vacation time.

2016 153

My Boss is Leaving the Company

Evil HR Lady

My boss told me she is resigning. She has given a month’s notice, says she is leaving for a position that will help her grow professionally and still seems to have great relationships with her peers and boss, so I do not think this is necessarily a sign of something wrong with the company. This change impacts me greatly because the department is just the two of us and we’ve worked so well together.

2016 185

4 Tips to Impress Employers That Require Persistence

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This article was first published on ! If you’re not ready to display an unrelenting persistence during your job search, you will likely fail. People who have significant roles in hiring for any potential employer are constantly busy; the pieces of their puzzle are constantly moving.

2016 179

Keeping The Leader Inside You From Getting Lost

Ms. Career Girl

The post Keeping The Leader Inside You From Getting Lost appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. You’ve jumped through the hoops that conventional wisdom said were necessary to create a great future.

2016 238