January, 2018

The Rules That It’s Okay to Break

Ms. Career Girl

I never really felt like I fitted in at school. I labelled myself a ‘misfit’, and sometimes even a ‘failure’, because I didn’t comfortably fit into certain boxes or categories, and because breaking the rules sometimes made more sense than following someone else’s path. .

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9 Ideas to Help Spur Your Goals Forward This Year

Career Trend

Are you past the new-year resolution high and ready to dig in for the long haul to a better you, with resolve and commitment? If so, read on for eight ideas to help you spur your new year goals forward.

2018 229

Smart Executive Job Search: How To Sail Through Salary and Compensation Negotiations

Executive Career Brand

Salary and compensation negotiations are imminent. you’re close to reeling in that great-fit executive job. You’ve been through a few rounds of interviews at a company you really want to work for, and they’re about to make you an offer.

2018 228

14 Job Search Tips to Master in 2018

Competitive Resumes

If it has been a few years since the last time you went on a job search, you need to know that things have changed. Sure, there’s advice from 2011 that still applies today – for example, networking is still a great idea.

2018 220

Top Career Experts to Follow in 2018

Professional Resume Services

When I joined Twitter in 2008 I had no clue who to follow or even what to do. After learning a bit more about it, I gathered my little list of resume experts that quickly expanded to experts throughout the careers industry. Through the years I’ve added more people to that list.

2018 207

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How LinkedIn’s Resume Assistant Can Negatively Impact Your Personal Brand

Executive Career Brand

Personal branding is all about differentiating the unique value you offer the employers you’re targeting. If you want to make headway using LinkedIn to promote your personal brand and value, you create plenty of content to reinforce your brand and what you have to offer.

2018 199

The Renegade Mindset: How To Stay True To What Matters To You

Career Shifters

In a world where the pressure to conform is all-consuming, how do you discover what you want, and then maintain the strength of mind to carve your own path? Natasha shares how to create the mindset shift you need to break the mould and stay on track for a career (and a life) you love

2018 241

Executive Job Searching is More Than a Perfect Resume

Professional Resume Services

One of the most common misconceptions about an executive job search is thinking a flawless resume will guarantee you a job. It will definitely help your chances if you use one of the top resume writing services to perfect your resume, but there are many more components to a successful job search.

2018 194

Layoffs? Did Someone Say Layoffs?

Competitive Resumes

Tis the season for layoffs. You might need a new job search in 2018. As we speak, there are companies putting the final touches on separation agreements and/or severance packages.

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Five Ways to Kick-Start Your Working Day

Ms. Career Girl

Are you about to begin a new job? Then you’ll be expected to turn up to work looking and feeling your best. So if your morning routine involves stumbling out of bed and grabbing breakfast on the go, it’s time to make some changes. Fear not!

2018 209

Message to Executive Job Seekers :: Just Slow Down

Career Trend

This is a message to executive careerists in job transition :: Just slow down. It may be tempting to lean heavily upon inherent leadership skills in areas such as: executing rapid change; quickly navigating turbulence; and, making lightning-fast decisions.

2018 192

An HR Viewpoint of Trump’s Bad Language

Evil HR Lady

By now the whole world has blown up over President Trump’s “sh!thole” thole” remark. It even caused a stir as foreign newspapers tried to figure out how to translate the word properly. Chinese media outlets are tightly controlled and have relatively little latitude when it comes to creative interpretations. The official Xinhua News Agency and other outlets translated the expletive as “fenkeng” — literally “cesspit.”

2018 163

4 Ways Common Courtesy Drives a Successful Executive Job Search

Executive Career Brand

Executives these days seem to pay less attention to good manners and etiquette when networking, and through the entire executive job search process. which makes these positive qualities an even more powerful asset to those who demonstrate them.

2018 161

Quote Of The Day: Change Some Words In This Article So It Applies To Schools & You Have Good Guidance For Teachers

Professional Resume Services

How to Counter the Circus of Pseudoscience is an article in today’s New York Times. Change some of the words to “teachers,” “schools,” and “students.”

2018 176

From 'No Idea' To 'Ideal Career': 3 Unexpected Lessons From Creatives On How To Start From Scratch

Career Shifters

When you try to imagine your future career, what can you see? Is there a clear, inspiring image in front of you, or an intimidating blank page?

2018 227

Valentine’s Day Ahead! Start Finding Love, Offline!

Ms. Career Girl

Valentine’s Day is just ahead. If you don’t already have that someone special in your life, that means you’re probably still using dating sites and apps to find them. But if you’re frustrated or disappointed with the online dating games, why not try something different?

2018 205

4 Storytelling Venues Executives Can Revamp Today to Catapult Their Career Forward

Career Trend

While most hiring decision makers will read your resume digitally--as you are reading this blog--the key driver of your career is not technology; it is YOU and your story.

2018 169

Happy New Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

To All of Our Blog Readers, Friends, Clients and Colleagues: “Our BEST WISHES for a Healthy, Safe and Peaceful NEW YEAR”. Thank you so very sincerely for making 2017 – our TENTH year of publication – successful beyond our expectations.

2018 158

Sam’s Club and Walmart Face a PR Disaster Caused by Bad HR

Evil HR Lady

Walmart: Everything is awesome! Raises and bonuses for all! Also Walmart: Shh, we’re closing 53 Sam’s Clubs. Don’t look! On the same day, people. And they didn’t even tell all the Sam’s club employees that they were being laid off before the poor people arrived to work and found the doors locked. Everyone is calling this a PR disaster. I’m calling it an HR disaster.

2018 156

The Ultimate Executive New Year’s Resolutions

Professional Resume Services

The new year means it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions! You probably reached multiple goals in 2017, and chances are you fell short on some goals as well. The key to making the best New Year’s resolutions is to make them so they are challenging, but still attainable.

2018 158

How to Create Realistic Expectations During Your Job Search

Competitive Resumes

Your job search needs to be dynamic, but based on realistic expectations. We envy those who make it look easy. I liken it to getting and staying married. When I met my wife, it wasn’t “love at first sight.” ” Are you ready for an emotional ride of sorts?

2018 153

Networking for Introverts

Ms. Career Girl

If you’re an introvert, you probably get nervous every time you walk into a room full of strangers. Add the pressure of networking with potential business contacts and it won’t be long before you’re suffering from sweaty palms, a dry mouth and a churning stomach.

2018 199

Unwavering Value vs. Personal Brand

Career Trend

Wikipedia describes personal branding as “self-packaging” and as establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others,” which is nice.

2018 154

You Can’t Shift Without This: The Single Ingredient That Will Make Or Break Your Career Change

Career Shifters

If you want to move into fulfilling work, there’s one thing you’ll need to have in place before anything else. It’s not the right idea, a detailed plan or sufficient money (though they all help). It’s more fundamental than that.

2018 213

My Co-Worker Gave me a $1000 Present

Evil HR Lady

I need some advice on the topics of work appropriate gifts. I work in a large international company, and recently became friends with a male coworker. I am married, and so is he. What is considered an appropriate gift for a coworker? He recently gave me something designer that was over $1000 and it doesn’t make me comfortable at all, and I expressed to him that it doesn’t and I find it inappropriate. I am happily married, and he knows I am.

Is Your Executive Resume Stuck in the Past?

Professional Resume Services

Most executives have the same job for numerous years, which means new resume trends have developed in the meantime. Even if you’ve only been at your current company for a few years, chances are your resume is already outdated from both stylistic and content perspectives.

2018 151

Job Search News – January 26, 2018

Competitive Resumes

This is your job search news – THE FUN EDITION – – with articles and resources centered around learning so enjoy! I’ve read them, and you can feel free to comment on them in any form you’d like. Leave a message on the “send voicemail” button on your right.

2018 146

5 In-Person Networking Tips for Job Seekers

Ms. Career Girl

Maybe you were laid off last fall and are still looking for a new job. Or, perhaps you have set a goal for the new year of finding a better career opportunity. Either way, you can’t expect the next great career move to fall into your hands while you are aimlessly reviewing online job boards.

2018 197

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Habits are first cobwebs, then cables.” ” – Spanish Proverb. Habits, the good and the bad. So much of life is determined by our habits. Either they pull you down each day, or they carry you further along the way. And that applies very much to workplace habits, too.

2018 130

From IT to Food

Career Shifters

“I know that any sleepless night, any moment of stress and struggle, is for something I truly believe in.”. Rosamund Heathcote enjoyed her job, but she also knew that her dreams lay elsewhere. So, she built her own business, nurturing it alongside full-time work, until she was ready to make her leap.

2018 208

4 Tips for Navigating Workers’ Comp in Your Business

Evil HR Lady

Workers’ comp covers your employees should they get injured while on the job. According to GTM Payroll Service’s list of Workers’ Compensation Requirements, it’s mandatory for your company to have workers’ compensation insurance in most states. Even if coverage isn’t mandatory for your business, it’s still wise to have the insurance. Even the best worksite can’t prevent every accident. The last thing you want is a workplace injury and no coverage available.

2018 154

These Work Behaviors Could Cost You Your Job

Professional Resume Services

Your workplace behaviors can play a large role in shaping your career. No matter how skilled and experienced you are, if you have poor workplace habits and are difficult to work with, then you won’t reach the career levels you desire.

2018 141

Job Search News – January 19, 2018

Competitive Resumes

This is your job search news – THE POST HOLIDAY LAYOFFS EDITION – – with articles and resources centered around learning so enjoy! I’ve read them, and you can feel free to comment on them in any form you’d like. Leave a message on the “send voicemail” button on your right.

2018 138

Rocking 2018 – The Habits of Highly Successful Women

Ms. Career Girl

As we head into 2018, there is hope that this year is a watershed moment for women in business. Between #MeToo and hopeful gains on equal pay for equal work, it is high time that women get treated fairly in the workplace. We saw a record 56 women on the list of the world’s billionaires.

2018 195