November, 2015

10 Telephone Interview Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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the purpose of a telephone interview is to screen potential candidates and further pare down the list to a short list of individuals who will be asked to interview in person. Interviews

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The Top 5 Biggest Executive Resume Violations

Professional Resume Services

Avoid these mistakes on resumes that get you hired. When writing resumes that get you hired, it’s evident you need to make sure yours stands out from the hundreds or thousands of others a company receives. Unfortunately, many people think this means they can break all the rules. Professional executive resume writers will tell you otherwise. This is why it’s often best to work with professional resume writing services to ensure you stand out while following the rules.

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Is Your Online Presence Strong Enough to Compete?

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Some job seekers just don’t get how much executive job search has changed over the past several years. A spot-on, value-driven executive resume alone probably won’t land you the job you want. Like it or not, the digital age has impacted job search. Some people resist putting themselves “out there” because they’re concerned about safety and privacy issues. I get that.

Women Don't Want It All.At the same time

Ms. Career Girl

The post Women Don't Want It All.At the same time appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Can women have it ALL? When I was 18 years old I wanted to be a lawyer. I dreamt about flying around the world and handling high-profile cases. By the time I was 25 I was already a lawyer, living my jet-setting case-winning life. When I was 28 I wanted to be a mother. I dreamt about holding a sweet little baby which was all mine to kiss squeeze and love.

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How to Overcome Your Insecurities


Are you insecure at times? Of course you are, because this is how we keep checks and balances over our daily behavior. As a practicing career coach, I see this personality trait every day. And because about 70% of my clients are in transition, I see it more than others do. I remember that when […]. Interview Interview Questions & Answers

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How to look into the reader’s eye when writing your resume

Career Trend

Does Your Resume Make a Human Connection? In a recent blog, In Search of Excellence co-author Tom Peters shared his flash of inspiration when he realized he had gotten into the skin of his audience and developed a “true personal relationship.” ” When relating a recent presentation to a group of hardware store folks, Peters said, “If I’m really looking you in […].

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6 Tips to Improve your Cover Letters

Career Alley

Your cover letter is most likely the first correspondence a potential employer will see, so it pays to take the time to get them write. Career advice Cover letters

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Millennials: No Matter What LinkedIn Says, Your Mom Does Not Belong at Your Office

Evil HR Lady

Whenever I write about the problems Millennials face at work , I get emails from people saying “stop blaming Millennials.” ” I’m not blaming Millennials. I’m blaming their parents for being overbearing twits. LinkedIn is sponsoring LinkedIn Bring in Your Parents Day. I’m here to tell you, don’t do it. Just say no. Look, you had no choice when your mom showed up to your prom to make sure her baby was OK, but you do have a choice now. Here’s the deal.

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Balancing Family & Work During the Holidays: A Real Woman’s Guide with 4 Tips

Ms. Career Girl

The post Balancing Family & Work During the Holidays: A Real Woman’s Guide with 4 Tips appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Tricia Sciortino, President of eaHELP shares her tips on juggling work and family during the holidays. Tricia Sciortino, President of eaHELP. In my journey starting as the first employee of eaHELP to becoming the company’s current president, I wasn’t alone; I had two daughters who needed me just as much as the business did.

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The Secret of Personal Branding – Be Authentic!

Executive Career Brand

[ This article was first posted for my Personal Branding Expert gig on ]. In my practice working with senior-level executive job seekers to define their personal brand and create personal marketing materials to help them land, I find that many people have a hard time grasping what personal branding really is. Differentiate to Land. In job search, personal branding is all about differentiating and communicating the unique value you offer your target employers over your competitors.

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How Non-Sales Professionals Can Quantify Their Achievements


Like any other product, a well written resume has certain criteria or quality standards that need to be met. One of the most important criteria for a well written resume is that it contains achievements which are quantifiable and show results. For individuals in sales who have been instructed to keep a “brag book” over […]. Resume Resume Tips

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Job Search Strategies That Will Make or Break You

Career Alley

avoid having an irrelevant application by taking the extra time to build up your network, be selective and only apply to those jobs that match your skillset, and customize your application materials to the job. Job Search

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Creating and Modifying Your Own Resume Template

Professional Resume Services

Writing a professional resume requires customization. Sending out the same resume to every company can be a critical mistake. However, it can be time consuming to start every resume from scratch. When writing a professional resume , it’s important to modify it in between every job application. Creating a template of your own can help make the process faster and increase your chances you will be hired for the job you want. Top rated resume writing services can help with this important task.

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Help Is On the Way: How to Save a Bad Job Interview

Evil HR Lady

If you read job hunting tips, they’ll tell you that the first impression is the most important thing in the world and that hiring managers often make the decision within the first 30 seconds. So, if you trip while walking in or have lipstick on your teeth, forget it, right? And if you say something wrong, you can just turn around and walk out of the interview because you are finished. It’s not actually as bad as it seems. You don’t have to be perfect to land the perfect job.

2015 205

Smart and Simple Steps for Making the Job Relocation Decision

Ms. Career Girl

The post Smart and Simple Steps for Making the Job Relocation Decision appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Relocating to a new city is always stressful. What makes the experience even more stressful is when the move is prompted by a career change. There is no denying that moving your family across the country is never easy, even when a major job promotion is involved. So what do you do? First, you need to buckle down and do a lot of research upfront.

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Recruiting and Social Media for the Veteran Job Search

Competitive Resumes

Welcome to the 2nd annual Veteran’s Day edition. This episode is dedicated to veterans everywhere who are transitioning back to the civilian sector. We wish you (veterans) much success during your transition, and hopefully, this show will contribute to your needs in finding the right job for you. I would love your feedback, especially if there are tools you need for your job search. Perhaps we can cover them in future episodes.

MONGO LIKE CANDY: The Psychology of Submitting Candidates To Hiring Managers.

The HR Capitalist

It's not show friends, it's show business.". --Bob Bob Sugar in Jerry McGuire. There's an art to submitting candidates to hiring managers. You're an honest sort, and that can and will be held against you in the court of workplace psychology and momentum. Let's get the obvious on the table. You could be submitting the Lebron James of whatever your search is, but the reality is this - one candidate is not going to be enough for most hiring managers.

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Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech

Career Alley

You have 30 seconds to strike up a conversation and convince Mr. Big why he should consider interviewing and hiring you. What do you say? Are you prepared? You would be if you had your elevator speech. Interviews elevator speech

Fired? Learn How to Rebuild Your Resume

Professional Resume Services

if you’ve been fired, writing a professional resume can be difficult. Moving on to another job is rarely easy, but when you’ve been fired from your job, regardless of the reason, you may feel like writing a professional resume is even more difficult. This time is when C-level personal branding becomes a necessity. Executive resume writing services can help you rebuild your resume so you can successfully move on from the job you lost. Accept Responsibility.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Say, ‘You’re Fired’

Evil HR Lady

When people get promoted into a management role, the going phrase is that you now have “hire and fire” power. Almost everyone enjoys using his or her hire power — it’s great to build your own team and see each individual employee grow. But fire power? Unless you’re a cold-hearted person, you generally don’t enjoy using your fire power — ever. But should you?

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Career Girl Roundup: Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Ms. Career Girl

The post Career Girl Roundup: Thoughtful Gift Ideas for the Holidays appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The holidays are just around the corner, and so is secret santa and all the other gift exchanging traditions that come with it. It is not just about the gifts, of course. However, gift giving is a great way to show appreciation to your family, friends, and colleagues for everything that they have done for you in the year that passed. Gift giving can get really tricky.

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3 Important LinkedIn Profile Housekeeping Tasks

Executive Career Brand

Many executive job seekers have a “ build it and forget it ” mindset when it comes to their LinkedIn profiles. Once they’ve written a bit of content in the Summary section, and popped in their various job titles in the Experience section, they think they’ve done enough. Then, their profiles sit dormant for months. or even years. Then, they suddenly need those profiles to support their candidacy in a job search. So, they scramble to get their LinkedIn profiles up to snuff.

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How to Survive the Cubicle (and Get Out of It)

Cube Rules

In our media, The Cubicle (the dreaded cubicle) has been depicted as hell on earth. If not exactly hell, then definitely hell’s waiting room. Movies, TV shows and even modern art (like in the case of George Tooker) agree that there is no worse place to exist in than The Cubicle. If we are being […]. The post How to Survive the Cubicle (and Get Out of It) appeared first on Cube Rules. Cube Rules Commentary

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7 Tips to Becoming a Business Ghostwriter

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The ghostwriting niche is an especially lucrative one. Look into business ghostwriting and that’s where you’ll find most of the money. Companies will spend thousands of dollars just to find the right business ghostwriter for them. They are desperate to put out a publication that meets their high standards. If you want to be an […]. Career advice

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Update Your Executive Resume Before Your Job Hunt Begins!

Professional Resume Services

An executive resume service can help you update your resume. If you’re ready to start looking for a new job, you need to make sure your executive resume and cover letter are prepared as well. Whether you use an executive resume service or you choose to handle it on your own, it’s important to update your skills before you start submitting your resume to prospective employers. The last thing you want to do is miss out on interviews because you didn’t include your most recent, relevant skills.

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Star Wars Open Enrollment Period

Evil HR Lady

2015 203

6 Creative Ways to Increase Engagement for Your Small Business

Ms. Career Girl

The post 6 Creative Ways to Increase Engagement for Your Small Business appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Engagement matters more than ever before. Instead of running out to the local big box store for needs, customers want to feel like they’re a part of something bigger, something more. They want to feel like they know the companies they do business with and that the companies know them.

2015 151

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“A cup of coffee can commit one to 40 years of friendship.”. Turkish Proverb. At work, as elsewhere, it’s good to have friends. Friendship is a two-way street, in which people add positive things to each others’ lives. There are all sorts of friendships. Simply initiating a new friendship by, perhaps, offering to share a cup of coffee, is one of the best things you can do to enhance the quality of your life. Go ahead.

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Sometimes New Leaders Have to Burn It All Down.

The HR Capitalist

"Have you every heard of the scorched earth policy? Look around - everything you see is about die.". Bill Parcels. How about that for an uplifting note to go into the weekend with? That quote is attributed to hall of fame coach Bill Parcells (professional football) as he talked to a veteran on the Dallas Cowboys shortly after he had become the Cowboys coach years ago. That story was told on the Russillo and Kanell show on ESPN earlier this week. It underscores a brutal reality.

2015 129

Tips to Dress the Part for the Interview

Career Alley

Your appearance is the first thing your prospective employer will notice about you, so you want to strike just the right note. Interviews Dress for Success

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7 Reasons Your Resume Was Rejected

Professional Resume Services

The best resume writing services can reduce the risk of getting rejected. Your executive profile can play a major role in whether you get hired for a job. If you aren’t using the best resume writing services to help you in your job search, you may find your resume is constantly rejected. Instead of giving up on your job search, consider whether one of these reasons applies to your resume. An Overwhelmed Hiring Manager.

2015 138

How Long Must HR Keep Employee Records?

Evil HR Lady

One of the big things about Human Resources is that we have tons of paperwork. Tons and tons and tons. Granted, a lot of it is electronic these days, but the principle still remains. HR does record keeping. And, we need to keep those records, but for how long? Here are basic guidelines for HR record keeping. Remember, though, that state laws may vary from these guidelines. If state laws and Federal laws are in conflict, always keep the records based on whichever requirement is longer.

2015 201

3 Secrets To Thriving The Holiday Season

Ms. Career Girl

The post 3 Secrets To Thriving The Holiday Season appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Survival is a barbaric word implying that one simply continues to be. I don’t want to endure. I don’t want to get by. I want to thrive. I want to flourish. I want to grow and change for the better. And with so many engagements during the holiday season, it can seem like our personal connection with ourselves has countless opportunities to get fazed, to feel rattled, to have our buttons pushed.

2015 149

The Older Job Seeker: Strategies for Deflating the Ageism Myth


Recently, a client in her fifties told me that in a job interview an employer told her outright that they were really looking for someone much younger. She said that this experience caused her a lot of anxiety and has made her very self-conscious. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. In a coaching session, […]. Interview Interview Tips

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Good HR? Steve Jobs Might Say It's Like a Bicycle For Your Employee's Career.

The HR Capitalist

I haven't been to the new Steve Jobs movie yet. Mrs. Capitalist is chronically uninterested and while my oldest would like the story, at 15 going to the movies with dad isn't on his priority list. . So I did what any professional grade ADHD television browser would do last night - I watched the 15 minute sneak peek on HBO. The new Steve Jobs movie has struggled a bit at the box office. Still, there's a lot to like. Aaron Sorkin has a style about him.

2015 129

What Does it Take to Become a Civil Engineer?

Career Alley

Civil engineering is about constructing, adapting and maintaining infrastructures that people depend on every day—railways, roads, bridges, flood defences, waste networks and water supply. Civil engineers have to ensure that these infrastructures are functioning efficiently to meet the challenges in climate change, population growth and natural disasters. A civil engineer designs, constructs and supervises construction […]. Career advice

Updated for 2016: 101+ Top Holiday Job Search Tips eBook

Executive Career Brand

Yes, the holidays are one of the BEST times to land a job, or make strides toward landing first thing in the New Year. mostly because so many job seekers think it’s one of the WORST times. They put things on hold until the New Year, leaving many year-end opportunities unclaimed. and available for you to swoop in and grab. If you job hunt during the holiday season, you’ll have much less competition. Guide To Help You Land a Job During the Holidays.

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