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Can Losing Your Job Become An Opportunity?

Career Alley

Picture the scene. One day, you curse the alarm clock as you get dressed for work. The next day, you lie down in bed, tired […]. Discover Career Opportunities Job Loss

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Age is power – Being Badass at 50

Ms. Career Girl

Society tells us that getting old is bad. And in the workplace, getting old often means losing your status and your job. Women, especially feel the pressure to stay young and attractive to stay employed. As we age, we’re marginalized and easily dismissed as irrelevant. And too often, we come to believe the ageist story about ourselves that we can’t compete, despite our accomplishments and who we once were. We feel powerless. Society makes it challenging to feel like much of a badass at 50.

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Using Online Branding to Secure Your Dream Executive Position

Executive Career Brand

Imagine getting a call for that senior-level executive position you’ve been longing for. It all goes well until the interviewers look at your social media profiles. There are some photos and posts you’d rather your prospective employer didn’t see, which reflect badly on your professional image. It needn’t be that way. It’s time to smarten […]. The post Using Online Branding to Secure Your Dream Executive Position appeared first on Executive Career Brand™.

2019 172

How to Increase Your Executive Job Search Momentum

Professional Resume Services

Having positive momentum in anything you do is motivating. The great thing about this is people get motivated in different ways, so there’s no right or wrong way to accomplish it. When it comes to an executive job search, if you aren’t moving in a positive direction every day then you could fall behind and. Read more » The post How to Increase Your Executive Job Search Momentum appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

2019 168

When Something Goes Wrong At Work

Career Alley

Suffering an accident at work can be highly damaging. Not only can it physically injure you but it can cause you a lot of mental pain as well. You are meant to feel safe in your work environment. Career Advice

2019 220

Five Ways Nature is The Perfect Natural Healing Therapy

Ms. Career Girl

It’s common practice to seek answers from a doctor when our body, mind or spirit isn’t feeling well. Yet what if solutions to our ailments aren’t found behind four walls, but when sitting on green grass, putting our feet in water or walking in a forest of trees? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 87% of their life indoors and another 6% in automobiles. Only 7% of our entire life is spent outdoors!

2019 169

Why job search skills are so crucial to landing a job

Cube Rules

There are job skills. And then there are job search skills. They are not the same. A big part of why many people have such a difficult time landing a job is because they have poor job search skills. And why is that? Usually it is because we don’t focus on our job search skills until we need […]. The post Why job search skills are so crucial to landing a job appeared first on Cube Rules. Related posts: Job search shows need for soft job skills. 3 keys to job search excellence.

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The Top-Ranking Manual Careers

Career Alley

You don’t necessarily need a four-year degree to find your dream job. Manual labor can be just as lucrative, with top blue-collar workers earning annual mean wages well above the $50,620 national average. Discover Career Opportunities Blue Collar Jobs

2019 209

7 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You

Ms. Career Girl

Recruiters might be the ticket to your dream job. They’re well-connected, always trying to fill multiple positions, and they know the “ins” of the industries and top companies you aspire towards. If you’re lucky enough, they may even have a position that you are a fit for. There is no downside to better understanding the nature of their work. Here are 7 things recruiters will never tell you, but that you should know: You could probably negotiate.

2019 159

Top 3 Benefits of Manual Labor 


When’s the last time you washed your clothes by hand or even cooked a meal from scratch? With technology comes laziness and all its detriment. Modern cultures have lost the pleasure of manual labor, which is why you should incorporate it back into your life for these three reasons. Manual Labor Builds Discipline . You will naturally pick the most comfortable option available, which is why you must train your brain to pick resistance.

2019 122

4 Ways to Avoid a Lengthy Executive Job Search

Professional Resume Services

Have you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels during your job search? You may be putting forth a lot of effort but not moving forward as quickly as you’d like. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and evaluate your strategy and make some alterations as needed. If you need to, get. Read more » The post 4 Ways to Avoid a Lengthy Executive Job Search appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

2019 122

Wish Upon a Job – Building Your Job Search

Career Alley

What can you do to begin your search immediately while continuing to build out your Job Search Tool Kit? Read on. Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Resumes

2019 182

Living By Your Rules, or Someone Else’s? – How To Know The Difference

Ms. Career Girl

Whether you see yourself as rule-maker, rule-breaker or rule-follower, at some point in your life, you’ve probably realized that some rules were definitely made to be broken! From the moment we first learn to say the word “no”, we start realizing we have the power to carve our own path as an autonomous individual. Living by your rules, not theirs, is clearly an option.

2019 152

The All-Too Human Condition of Hating a Candidate Due to the Referral Source.

The HR Capitalist

Referrals - We love them in the talent world. Ideally, referrals are made by employees/team members who understand the culture we've created at our company, and only refer the best in their network to us. That's generally true, and even if there's a few referral spammers in your company, we're better off with referrals than without them. You know what types of referrals we hate and are suspicious of? THE REFERRAL FROM SOMEONE IN OUR ORGANIZATION WE DON'T LIKE.

2019 115

We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

Sklover Working Wisdom

Request for “Tax Gross Up” for Reimbursed Relocation, Education, Travel or other Workplace Expense. If your employer requests that you incur an expense related to your work, with the assurance that you will be reimbursed for it, that reimbursement might just be treated as income, and you might have to pay tax on all of it, or part of it. This result is often required by federal tax law, and at other times by IRS regulations.

2019 100

From Criminal Law to Ceramics (Plus Post-shift Update)

Career Shifters

“I went into work every day to perform a role that was written for someone else.”. Stine Dulong felt suffocated and trapped. But after some straight-talking from a friend, she decided to throw herself into the things that made her happiest. Here, she shares the ups and downs – including a recent update – of turning her passion into a viable career

2019 136

Bali Is A Solo Traveler’s Dream

Ms. Career Girl

Although some people have certain reservations towards traveling solo , solivagantry (solitary wandering) is actually a great opportunity to meet other cultures and make new friends. One of the top destinations to explore the world that is much different than the ’western’ one is Bali, even though it’s geographically pretty close if you’re from the Oz land.

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5 Questions: Should Amazon Employees Take the Company Offer (10K, 3 Months Pay) to Quit?

The HR Capitalist

I’ll give you $10,000 and 3 months of pay if you quit today and do something else. . Who’s interested? Everyone! Who takes me up on my offer? Well, that’s where it gets interesting. If the whole “we’ll pay you to quit” sounds familiar, it was the rarified air of the HR culture darling, We loved Zappos back in the day for a variety of things, including their offer to pay new hires to quit early in their tenure.

2019 112

Memorial Day

Sklover Working Wisdom

“It is not where you serve, but how you serve.” ” – J. Rubin Clark. If you have not visited the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C., please consider doing so. It is not flashy or grand, but simple and direct, like the men and women it honors. It is not anonymous, but highly personal, containing the names of over 52,000 people killed in service. It can be touched, and powerfully touches back.

2019 100

When Revenge at Work Backfires

Evil HR Lady

A reader sent me an email upset because her boss had given her a “first and final warning” for a parking incident that went a little too far. That may seem ridiculous, but she took the incident a bit too far. Our reader, who we’ll call Jill, works for a small business that doesn’t have sufficient parking, so Jill parks on the street. The business across the street lacks appropriate parking as well, and their employees park on the road. And here’s what happened.

2019 131

Dealing with Workplace Harassment – A Simpler Approach

Ms. Career Girl

It is no revelation that workplace culture needs a facelift given the infuriating world of sexual harassment and workplace improprieties by supervisors, CEOs, and power-trippers.

2019 115

Old Town Road, Lil Nas X, and Your Creativity.

The HR Capitalist

External reading/case study time today at the Capitalist. If you haven't heard of Lil Nas X, you should ask your kids. His short cut "Old Town Road" is a streaming sensation. This video of him surprising an elementary school in Ohio went viral this week. But the real lesson is in how he put this cut together. Rolling Stone dropped a piece related to the emerging scene of sites offering musical tracks on the cheap: "No one saw Lil Nas X coming.

2019 95

11 Things Managers Should Never Say

The Undercover Recruiter

Did you see the recent news story about the Manchester, UK restaurant waiter who accidentally served a £4500 bottle of wine to customers who had ordered one worth £260? The nicest thing about this story is the way the Hawksmoor restaurant’s management responded to this honest mistake and the comments of support that have appeared. View Article. 11 Things Managers Should Never Say Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

2019 87

How to Engage Remote Workers

Evil HR Lady

Remote work has changed the way corporate America functions. Work-at-home jobs are no longer left to the realm of stuffing envelopes and answering calls — everything from education to marketing to accounting can now happen at home. While employees love the flexibility remote work affords, a new study by the Harvard Business Review and Virgin Pulse found that remote employees are actually more disengaged and ready to leave their jobs. And it’s not the only research that shows this.

2019 129

Make Sure Inclusivity is at the Heart of Your Recruitment

Undercover Recruiter

There’s no one size fits all as the skills required for one specific industry won’t be the same for another, which is why every organization needs to tailor their recruitment strategy. Despite the differences in requirements and process, all organizations need to place inclusivity at the heart of their recruitment to ensure the selection process. View Article. Make Sure Inclusivity is at the Heart of Your Recruitment Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

2019 81

Is Corrective Action a Death Sentence?

The HR Capitalist

Short post today about an important topic. . Is Corrective Action a Death Sentence? First, definitions for some of my readers who aren't HR pros. Corrective Action is a formal process where you tell an employee, usually in a written document that is delivered in a formal meeting with a witness - that their performance is below standards and unless they improve, they likely will be removed from the company in time. Corrective Action is usually a three to four step process in most companies.

2019 92

How to Have a Productive Argument at Work

The Undercover Recruiter

The beautiful thing about working in human resources is all the people you get to deal with in your working day. Counterpoint: the painful thing about working in human resources is all those people you have to deal with every single day. People can be wonderful, but when they fail to meet expectations the ball. View Article. How to Have a Productive Argument at Work Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

2019 85

Viral Best Buy Training Question Is a Perfect Example of Clueless Corporate Policies

Evil HR Lady

When you walk into a Best Buy, or any store, do you expect to be greeted or welcomed into the store? Would you even know if there was a difference? Well, whoever wrote the Best Buy training policies thinks that there is, according to this viral tweet. View image on Twitter. Karate’s Bad Boy @flarkle. Look at this dumb s**t. Look at it. 227K 6:49 PM – May 14, 2019 45K people are talking about this Twitter Ads info and privacy.

2019 129

What is Social Proof? and Why it’s Essential for Recruitment Agencies

Undercover Recruiter

Wikipedia describes social proof as: “A psychological phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.” Robert Cialdini, the Professor of Psychology & Marketing who coined the term, goes on to say that social proof “is driven by the assumption that the surrounding people possess more knowledge about. View Article. What is Social Proof?

2019 77

Naxos – My Favourite Greek Island

Boomers Next Step

Why Naxos Greece is my favorite Greek Island? Chora Naxos, part of the Cyclades Group, is everything I was looking forward to in a Greek Island. It is a wonderful blend of Greek tradition, with influences from the Venetian and Mycenaean civilizations. All this can be found within a small city that has all the […].

2019 72

What Tips Can You Give to Employers to Support Employee Mental Health?

The Undercover Recruiter

If you’re reading this and thinking you don’t have an employee mental health policy in place and have no idea where to start, or you’re not happy with the one you currently have in place, then don’t worry. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to what should be in your own. View Article. What Tips Can You Give to Employers to Support Employee Mental Health? Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

2019 81

My formula for a Successful Investment Banking Career

Imarticus Learning

Prasad Mekde reminisces and talks about his experience which helped him land a prestigious job at BNP Paribas and earn a confirmation of service in just a few months. . Hello. My name is Prasad Mekde. I graduated in 2015 and enrolled in the investment banking operations course at Imarticus. Shortly after I completed the course I was placed at BNP Paribas and confirmed soon thereafter. The highlights of Imarticus’ Investment Banking Course.

9. Finance for Recruitment Entrepreneurs

Recruit CRM

Many new entrepreneurs who are not basically finance professionals, struggle with the jargons used in finance and accounts. The objective of this piece is to acquaint recruitment entrepreneurs with the basic structure of finance and accounts required for a small business to start with. Legal Structure of Business As already […] Source. Blogs

Visiting Relaxed Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

Boomers Next Step

The Greek Island of Paros, Greece Paros, Greece. A Greek Island that is part of the Cyclades group, looked a bit underwhelming when we arrived, but ferry ports are not usually attractive. Among the throngs of tourists, we dragged our suitcases along the cobbled streets following the directions of “find the bank with a yellow […].

2019 67

How to Develop an EVP to Attract Global Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

Harman International is a global leader in connected car technology, lifestyle audio, innovation design, and analytics. It figured out an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that will be launching across no less than 30 countries – want to know more? Well, Kumari Williams is the Director of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding for Harman International. View Article. How to Develop an EVP to Attract Global Talent Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

2019 77

Why You Should be Considering Russian-Speaking Tech Specialists

Undercover Recruiter

The sphere of information technology is the world’s most rapidly growing. Almost every company needs IT specialists. The demand for developers is so high, that employers are actively competing for IT specialists. Since a great number of high-tech companies and startups are focused in Europe, the shortage of IT specialists is particularly acute in this. View Article.

2019 56

How To Prepare For Different Types Of Interviews

Career Realism

Getting an interview is a success in itself: you've caught their eye! But before celebrating, it's important to understand that while landing an interview seems like the hard part, it's only the very beginning of the process. Each company's hiring process is different. And the types of interviews they will conduct during the hiring process will vary.

2019 63