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5 Hot Careers in Financial Services

Career Alley

The dark days of the 2008 financial crisis are far behind us and, while I doubt that working in Financial Services will ever be as lucrative as it was prior to 2008, it is certainly one of the higher paying industries. The last few years has seen renewed hiring and there are plenty of opportunities if you know where to look.

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6 Things You Should Accomplish Your First Year at a New Job

Ms. Career Girl

There are some key milestones that every new employee should achieve within their first year at a new company. How you fit in with your team and your professional growth the first year can determine your success in the years that follow. Make those first 12 months count. By integrating yourself into the company culture and showing enthusiasm for the work you’re doing, you begin to earn the respect of your colleagues, which leads to more interesting projects and greater opportunities.


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Hiring for an Agile Team: Create the Agile Interview

Hiring Technical People

When I talk about interviewing an agile team, many people think, “Oh, we should pair!” ” and that’s it. But, many teams don’t pair regularly. If you pair in the interview and you don’t pair at work, you have an incongruent interview. That’s not helpful to you or your candidate. Instead, you want to create an interview that’s congruent with the way you work as an agile team right now. Not the way you want to work in the future.

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Employee: Are You Performing in a Profitable Way?

Career Trend

By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter A recent article, “Helicopter Parents,” addresses the idea of companies “adjusting … business practices and offerings to meet [millennial generation] expectations.” The conversation around how employers should cultivate an enriching culture that indicates employers are going to mentor, coach and care about the advancement and overall career satisfaction of their employees is valid. […] The post Employee: Are You Performing in a Profitable Way?

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5 Hot Careers in Healthcare

Career Alley

The average age of the general population is going up which means, not only do we need all of the healthcare workers we have today, but we will need more as the baby boomers get on in years (they represent the largest generation). According to an article by the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Overview of the 2010–20 Projections ), Healthcare jobs are expected to increase by 29% over the period – by far the largest increase in jobs in any industry. So what are the “Hot Careers”?

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Interview Debrief: Why Didn’t You Get That Job?


The moment a job seeker gets notified to come in for an interview, the person’s personality, mood, energy level, and enthusiasm change radically. Such changes are common and logical because the first obstacle to being selected has been hurdled. “Oh, Oh, what a relief it is,” like the old Alka-Seltzer commercial used to say. But then, […] The post Interview Debrief: Why Didn’t You Get That Job? appeared first on WorkAlpha. Interview Interview Mistakes Interview Tips

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Don’t Give Up Your Job Search In December

Professional Resume Services

The holidays are a hard time to be looking for a job, aren’t they? The added pressure to spend money when you don’t have regular income is stressful, and the cultural expectation to have a good time when you are worried about the future is a double whammy. The end of the year can actually be a good time to find a temporary job that leads to permanent employment.

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Making Networking and Informational Interviews Part of your Job Search

Career Alley

There’s a 90% chance your next job will come through networking, even more so if relocation isn’t part of your job searching plan. Nationally , 80% of all jobs are found in the hidden job market. You find the hidden job market through networking. The hidden job market is composed of the positions that open in organizations that are never advertised and are usually filled via word-of-mouth.

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Your performance review rating is set before your review is written

Cube Rules

We’re at that time of the year when performance reviews are written. Many, if not most, employees think that the review is written and then the rating is figured out. That’s not how it works. The performance review rating is determined before the review is written But, really, that’s too difficult to do.

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10 Ways to Make Your Working Week Go Faster

Position Ignition

Isn’t it funny how a weekend feels like two minutes instead of two days but a working week can feel like five years instead of five days? You might think that your week is destined to last a lifetime simply because of the work element, but you really don’t have to spend the whole of it just waiting for 5pm on Friday. At Work Issues Just for Fun

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Three Signs It’s Time to Find Your Next Role

Careers Done Write

Happy December everyone! I continue to be astonished at how quickly each year comes and goes. With 2014 less than 30 days away time to assess where you are in your career. As you wrap up 2013, now is the time to take a look at where you are career-wise, measure where you thought you’d be vs. where you’d like to be vs. where you realistically can be given your role, responsibilities, title, compensation, and growth profile.

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How to Get Started with a Career in Childcare

Career Alley

Working in a caring profession offers a number of career paths for candidates of all ages and levels of expertise, and job opportunities across the private, public or voluntary sectors provide a rewarding experience. But for those of you looking to work with children and young people, progressing in the world of childcare and early years services can be a little daunting.

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“Is threatening to file a sexual harassment complaint equal to extortion?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question: Alan, I’ve been sexually harassed at work for years. I was once even give a “menu” of sexual acts with dollar amounts attached and told it was for supplement income. I resigned and asked for a severance to avoid legal proceedings. . Instead of accepting my resignation, my boss gave me a raise and said I was extorting him. I fear if I go through with legal action, he will charge me with extortion. Name Withheld. East Leroy, Michigan.

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The Value Of Story In Your Career

Professional Resume Services

Do you tend to remember stories instead of facts? I know I do. Most of us do, because we are people who love stories — movies, tv shows, books, gossip, family lore, and all the rest of the ways one can tell a narrative. Even jokes are stories, if you think about it! I don’t know the fancy reasons why this is so, but it probably has something to do with being able to identify with the story teller or a character in the story.

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Resume Help: What is Important to the Reader

Careers Done Write

When I first read Mark’s resume I was not certain what type of position he was seeking. Is he a salesperson who specializes in personal services to celebrities? Is he providing these services himself? He states in his third line that he provided services. What is his goal? Is he seeking a personal services assistant position or a sales position? Is he seeking work that involves celebrities?

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Some Insights About Cover Letters and Resume Writing

Career Alley

By John Sylo. There are four aspects to the job search process: looking for job openings; applying to the job openings; attending the job interview; and. evaluating the job offer. This article will focus on the second aspect, applying for a job opening. Two key documents are at play at this stage. The cover letter and the resume. Most job seekers know to send these, but don’t truly understand their purpose and, thus, how to fully leverage their potential to move on to the next phase.

The Future of Work

Sklover Working Wisdom

— The Clear Trend is toward Performance-Based Long Term Incentive Compensation —. It’s a trend, and a growing trend. Long Term Incentive Compensation is increasingly based on a wide variety of “performance metrics” and less often merely on “time served.”. There are generally two types of vesting in Long Term Compensation Awards.

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Employee Performance Review — How to Make the Most Out of Your Meeting with Your Supervisor


The job evaluation is always nerve wracking, isn’t it? In an ideal world, you should never walk into a job evaluation and be surprised at what you’re hearing or what’s taking place. In an ideal world, you and your supervisor have been communicating all along and you know exactly what you’re going to hear and […] The post Employee Performance Review — How to Make the Most Out of Your Meeting with Your Supervisor appeared first on WorkArrow.

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Nine Ways to Build Connections on LinkedIn


Do you wish you could network with leaders at companies across the country? Have access to hundreds of job postings in your industry? You can, thanks to LinkedIn, the best networking opportunity available to anyone — no matter what their career level. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your time […] The post Nine Ways to Build Connections on LinkedIn appeared first on WorkAlpha. Networking LinkedIn Online Networking

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Getting Back to Work After Raising a Child

Career Alley

image via [link]. Taking care of children requires a lot of time and effort, and many parents have to stop careers for a certain period of time to raise their children. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics , only 56.5 percent of mothers with infants are in the labor force, and the number rises to 63.9 percent for mothers with children aged below 6 and more than 70 percent for those with children below 18.

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Serendipity Saturday — November 30, 2013

Cube Rules

It’s been a tough year here for the Herrick family this year, but there are still things to be thankful for — and that’s what Kate and I will remember. photo: stevevoght. Related Posts Serendipity Saturday, November 29, 2008 Career Management Monday, December 1, 2008 Happy Thanksgiving, 2008 The Cube Rules Secret is Out 3 ways to succeed at video job interviews. Serendipity Saturday hating your job online reputation Thanksgiving; video interviews

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Top 5 Ways Employers Can Help Women Advance

Resume Bear

Most Women Feel that Having Women in Positions of Leadership is Important in Considering a Prospective Employer. Equal pay, more visible female leadership and more family-friendly work policies are among the most beneficial ways in which companies can help women advance, according to male and female respondents to the latest Randstad US Employee Engagement Index study.

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Out At Work


By now just about everyone has heard the apothegm, ” were here were queer get used to it” With significant changes in culture, entertainment, media, public attitudes and legal systems over the past decade the LGBT movement has rapidly become once of the most successful human rights endeavors in my lifetime. Empowered and proud, the LGBT community moves to secure equal opportunity in the work place.

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Major Decisions

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Image compliments of Best Degree Programs. This is a Guest post. If you would like to submit a guest post to CareerAlley , please follow these guest post guidelines. Good luck in your search. Joey Trebif. where. . job title, keywords or company. city, state or zip. jobs by. Career Opportunities Careers College College Grads Job Search Jobs Major Decisions self help Self Improvement

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8 Questions For Identifying The Best Internship For You


One internship isn’t quite like another, and the same can be said for your individual needs as an intern. What seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for one student or recent graduate may be a nightmare for another. This is why identifying your needs before your internship search is so crucial. With spring internship season right […] The post 8 Questions For Identifying The Best Internship For You appeared first on WorkArrow.

FREE Twitter Book From Job Search and Career Experts

Executive Career Brand

Did you know that the vast majority of executive recruiters use social recruiting (including Twitter) to source and assess top talent? And that many employers tweet about their new product and service launches (great for researching your target companies and industry ), other business news, and job opportunities? So, are you ready to start using Twitter to accelerate your executive job search and build your personal brand?

Functional Resume — Friend or Foe?


There is a bit of a negative connotation associated with functional resumes and they have often been perceived as deceptive within the hiring world. I personally think that a functional resume format can be an asset to a job seeker – when used correctly. Whereas a chronological resume follows the natural progression of your career […] The post Functional Resume — Friend or Foe? appeared first on WorkAlpha. Resume Functional Resume Resume Formats Resume Writing

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How to Use #Selfie in Corporate Culture


Selfie was named word of the year and millennials are blowing up newsfeeds with these glorious, self indulgent pictures. As HR we can harness their pictures and incorporate these pics into a recruiting campaign. Here are this chicks thoughts on incorporating duck lips into your recruiting strategy. How popular are selfies. If you are bored at work and you are a Millennial, you are in your car or in the bathroom snapping away pictures of yourself.

How to Select the Best Intern Candidates

Resume Bear

It’s time for some to recruit another batch of Interns so we decided to share some tips with you. Today’s class of interns might be tomorrow’s roster of full-time employees. Check out the qualities of the best candidates and worst candidates for your internship program. The post How to Select the Best Intern Candidates appeared first on Resumebear Online Resume. Internships best interns Interns worst interns

How Complacency Can Cost Us in Our Careers

Position Ignition

Are you in a good job? Are you feeling safe and secure in your environment? Do you believe there are prospects for you? If you can say yes to these questions, well done. That is a great position to be in. Even if you’re in that position and you’re reading this, you may still want to consider what you can do. Why do we pose that as suggestion to you?

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Two Diverging Poles on Addressing Burnout


In the New York Times Alina Tugend recently wrote an article on job burnout. Alina and I had an interesting conversation about the syndrome during her development of the article. She ended the article with a quote from me, “there’s the issue of justice — when a whole part of society that doesn’t seem to work very hard gets a lot of rewards and another gets squeezed harder and harder. That won’t be addressed in a mindfulness session.”.

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4 Steps to Prepare for the Future of Your Workplace


HR Futurism is about living in the present. . I write about the future to help make HR professiona l aware. I do this in reaction to a frequent complaint of HR people about that fact that they are constantly in a reactive mode rather than being able to be proactive. People will think “that is interesting, but it is in the future, and I have stuff to deal with now.” However, the future is not about tomorrow, it is about today. We can’t predict the future.

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Are You Ready For A Resume Package?

Professional Resume Services

This is the time of year when packages are everywhere. From the shipping packages going past in the delivery trucks to the packages wrapped in fancy paper with a bow on top, you are going to see more of them as the month progresses. But what is a package, really? A package is a promise of good things bundled into a single unit. . There may be one good thing or several good things inside, but you have to open it to find out what that package holds.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good.” ” – Oprah Winfrey. That is it. From day one and each day after, you must look to yourself, and inside yourself, most of all for the motivation and discipline that leads to success. Surely, at work and elsewhere good fortune plays a big role in life.

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Take Advantage of Your Employee Benefits!

Ms. Career Girl

I’ve noticed that a lot of my female co-workers and friends avoid taking advantage of their employee benefits simply because they are overwhelmed or don’t understand them. As I was gathering up several receipts to submit for my $200 Flex Spending Account reimbursement (yay!) the other day, a female co-worker commented that she doesn’t “get involved in those types of employee benefit problems, they are just too hard to understand!” . .

Generation Y: Maybe we can’t always brag our way through life…


What right do I have preaching to the next generation of workers that they’re in for a reality check once they land their first job? Every right. I’m a Millennial. I was born in 1990 and have had my hands on electronics for as long as I can remember. For us, exploring the jungles of the web and adapting to new technology is more like an instinct rather than a skill.

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Finding Common Ground at High Levels


The objective in the previous post in this series was identifying the various players who have some accountability for the problem of conflicting priorities. Identifying them is a necessary first step, but it does not in itself address the issue. The objective is finding a point of agreement on the specifics. That is, it is easy to find consensus on the broad principles of a mission statement. All organizations can effortlessly align themselves with ideals that are inspiring if not glorious.

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