How to Prepare for a Remote Interview

Career Alley

Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking in the best of times. Getting ready for a remote interview comes with some unique challenges. Instead of traveling to the office with copies of your resume in hand, you’ll be inviting your interviewers in your home via webcam.

2020 375

15 Summer Releases for your TBR List

Ms. Career Girl

It’s finally summertime! And even though a lot of us are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean we can’t find some time in our busy schedules to take a break. Let these anticipated summer releases drift you away to a literary vacation full of adventure, heartbreak, and romance. We Came Here to Shine .

2020 282

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Nail Your Virtual Interviews – 21 Things You Need To Know, Do and Master

Executive Career Brand

This year so many things in our work and personal lives have been shaken up and tested. Social distancing, virtual interviews, and working from home are new work “normals” today. For many of us, our work and personal lives now intersect in ways we wouldn’t have imagined a year ago.

2020 264

5 Strategies to Finding the Right Job in a Down Economy


Finding a job when the economy is down is not easy. Finding one in a recession brought on by a global pandemic might seem to be impossible.

2020 261

Post-COVID Benefits to Expect from Your Next Employer

Professional Resume Services

The COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on the workforce in more ways than one.

2020 236

“At Work, Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”

Sklover Working Wisdom

“If you’re not careful, the bow on a gift box can strangle you.”. – Unknown. ACTUAL CASE HISTORY : Jordan was an Assistant VP of Customer Relations for a large manufacturer of Medical Equipment. He’d been in the industry for six years, ever since his college graduation.

2020 205

Differentiating Resumes for Executives + Boards of Directors

Career Trend

Executives + Boards of Director Resumes Most executives and boards of directors resumes began as an individual contributor crossing off daily to-dos while rushing forward to do more and be more. As your clout grew, you managed others’ day-to-day accountabilities.

2020 200

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There Are Six "Manager of People" Brands - Which One Are You?

The HR Capitalist

Any manager of people has a lot on their plate. After all, a general pre-requisite to getting your first manager job is being a great individual contributor.

2020 162

How To Overcome The Limiting Beliefs You Have About Your Career Change

Career Shifters

The beliefs you hold about what's possible for your shift can leave you in paralysis. But what if the things you tell yourself are actually just one idea, in many disguises? Natasha shares a different perspective on your limiting beliefs and how to overcome them

2020 227

Job Search Strategies: The Internal Job Search

Career Advice Guy

The internal job search is probably the most relevant job search strategy to focus on if you’re out of work. Read More. The post Job Search Strategies: The Internal Job Search appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Strategies

2020 152

How To Have A Hot Shot Career Your Younger Self Dreamed Of

Career Alley

it is possible to build a ‘hot shot’ career for yourself regardless of the connections that you may not have, it’s just a case of understanding the best approach to take when it comes to your career. Career Advice Hot Careers

2020 372

Twelve of the Most Anticipated Books of Fall

Ms. Career Girl

Most will probably agree that summer 2020 has been the longest, most difficult summer ever. But now we can look forward to a new season as fall is upon us! And with a new season, comes new books! We’ve got a couple celebrity authors here – actor Lou Diamond Phillips and celebrity doctor Ian K.

2020 274

Should You Display #OpenToWork on Your LinkedIn Profile?

Executive Career Brand

Have you noticed the little green #OpenToWork frame around headshots on some LinkedIn profiles? Are you wondering whether to use it yourself? A time-honored job search strategy is not to “out” the fact in your LinkedIn profile that you’re unemployed.

2020 224

How to Get a New Job Quickly After Being Laid Off


A job loss can be devastating, emotionally, and financially. It can be hard to get back out there on the job market, but you have to if you hope to find a new position. But, if it’s been a while since you’ve interviewed for jobs, your skills might be rusty.

2020 245

What Should I Be Adding To My LinkedIn Profile?

Professional Resume Services

Ever wonder if you are putting the *right* information on your LinkedIn profile? This is a common question I hear, “I don’t know if this or that should be on there” or “I wasn’t sure so I just downloaded/copy/pasted my whole resume to my profile.”

2020 225

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.” ” – Arnold Schwarzenegger. I know people who have come from humble origins, without the prettiest of faces, supportive family relations, the best of health, or financial advantages.

2020 204

How We Are Navigating Job and Life Change Amid a Pandemic

Career Trend

Sometimes in our lives ambiguity reigns.

2020 191

Join Our “Young” Team? Hello, Age Discrimination

Evil HR Lady

Maybe it’s because I’m old ( legally in the United States, as I’m over 40 ), but “young” doesn’t seem like a good word to use to describe your team. And yet, a Resume writing company uses it. Thanks to a reader for taking a screenshot and sending this to me.).

2020 279

Resilience and the Art of Taking an "L" As a Predictor of Talent Success.

The HR Capitalist

When it comes to long-term success for a working class professional in today's world, nothing is more important than knowing how to "take the L". . Let me explain. L's were taken" or "Take the L" has been around in phraseology since the early 2000's. Here's the Urban Dictionary cite: TAKE THE L.

2020 150

From Corporate Life to Graphic Design

Career Shifters

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing out on something important in life.”. Carli Pfurtscheller spent years building a successful corporate career. But as the hours and the demands increased, the call for change grew louder.

2020 219

Job Search Strategies: This Is The Only Job Search Strategy You need to Get Right To Find A New Job

Career Advice Guy

Every year I run a job search strategy questionnaire, whereby I send out a simple survey to all my connections, asking. Read More. The post Job Search Strategies: This Is The Only Job Search Strategy You need to Get Right To Find A New Job appeared first on The Career Advice Guy. Job Search

2020 133

4 Incredible Tips To Help You Have Successful Career

Career Alley

For you to succeed in your career, you must know yourself. You should follow your heart and do what you are passionate about. Discover Career Opportunities Successful career

2020 359

10 Books to Read if You Feel Like Escaping 2020

Ms. Career Girl

With September finally here, it’s time to break out some stories that can make you feel as if you’re in another world. Here’s our picks of books to read that are full of self-discovery and help break you away from the odd world of 2020. Even if just for a little while!

2020 270

It’s Time to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

I’m just as guilty as the next guy of neglecting my social media accounts. I realized recently that I needed to update my LinkedIn profile. Let’s face it. We all get busy. We forget to do things. I was doing some research for a LinkedIn article that led me to scan my LinkedIn profile.

2020 223

3 Myths That Are Stunting Your Career


A lot of frequently disseminated knowledge surrounding job hunting and career maintenance has been passed down by our parents. While I’m sure they all knew what they were doing back in their heyday (looking at you, dad), a lot of their information can be outdated.

2020 228

Updating Your Resume in 5 Quick Steps

Professional Resume Services

Has this happened to you? A company you’ve had your eye on for a while suddenly has an opening. You are perfect for it. Not only are you perfect for it but it’s the perfect role for you. More seniority, increase in pay, remote work options, family-oriented, and so on.

2020 208

Chinese New Year

Sklover Working Wisdom

On This First Day of the Chinese New Year – A Message for all our Friends, Regardless of Ancestry: Legend has it that in ancient times, Buddha asked all of the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve came, and Buddha named a year after each one.

2020 182

Our New Life on the Island: 10 Inspirational Takeaways From a Coastal Viewpoint

Career Trend

While Rob’s and my life change didn’t hinge on one reason–there were a number of motivators as often is the case for transformative changes in one’s life–the idea of a more simple, centered life prevailed throughout our decision-making process. Our move to N.

2020 180

Don’t Fire Someone for Their Spouse’s Social Media Posts

Evil HR Lady

Racism is bad. All my readers (I hope) agree. There are racists. We also all agree. If you are a horrible person, even off the job or on social media, you may lose your job. With a few exceptions, there is no right to free speech at work in the private sector.

2020 278

Here's to the Real Innovators: R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen.

The HR Capitalist

If you celebrate innovators, flags at half mast this week for Eddie Van Halen. You can’t celebrate Jobs and Musk without pouring one out for this brilliant artist who changed everything for a generation of GenX minions.

2020 151

From Corporate Finance to Menswear Brand

Career Shifters

“I always felt that the people on the other side of the table (my clients) were having more fun.”. Pascal Keane had a challenging and enjoyable job, but it was never something he was passionate about.

2020 205

Is there videoconferencing etiquette I should know?


Needless to say, videoconferencing has become a primary way of communicating with colleagues, suppliers and clients. Here are some best practices for videoconferencing etiquette.

2020 130

Tips for Finding a New Job While You Are Currently Employed

Career Alley

The current job market is not ideal and there is uncertainty; that said there are career opportunities out there. If you are currently employed it is more difficult to conduct a job search, but it can be done smartly and respectfully.

2020 353

What I Didn’t Know About Symbols and Should Have

Ms. Career Girl

This past week, I received a text from my husband who was working downstairs. Please bring me another t-shirt ASAP!” Confused, I ran to the closet, pulled out one of his many grey t-shirts and headed down stairs – baffled by his request and assuming that he had spilled coffee.

2020 251

How To Use Video For Job Search and Personal Branding

Executive Career Brand

When I began collaborating on a new kind of customized video system for job search and career late last year, I did a Google search on “how to use video for job search“ Google loaded more than 5 billion results, but only a few results within the first 10 pages or so were actually about […].

2020 225

How to Become a KYC Analyst 


If you are looking for an exciting career that involves analytical work, then a KYC Analyst is a great option, but what is a KYC analyst, and how do you enter this career? . What is a KYC Analyst?

2020 219

Is There Really Ageism in the Workplace?

Professional Resume Services

If you are a 50+-year-old worker, you have probably experienced some ageism at work. Whether you have been passed over for a promotion, perceived as someone who isn’t current on the latest trends, or not included in the water cooler discussions, negative perceptions about seniors are common.

2020 197