Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech

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If you’ve been job hunting for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the “Elevator Speech” It is your short marketing speech (your job search objectives) and can be used in a variety of situations such as cold calls, job fairs, meeting someone at a networking event, yes – even an elevator! Why You Need an Elevator Speech: Provides a concise answer to “what do you do” when it really counts.

The Elevator Speech Marketing Tool


For some of us, that doesn’t come as easily as others but creating an “ Elevator Speech ” concisely stating who you are and your most valuable assets can get you on the right track. For those of you who haven’t heard of an Elevator Speech, it’s a speech designed to sell an organization or individual’s brand to someone in the amount of time it takes to ride in an elevator with a stranger from the top of the building to the bottom floor.


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Other Uses for Your Elevator Speech | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

Repurposing your elevator speech and extending your personal brand is a great idea. Here are some great uses for your Elevator Speech: Email signature. Take advantage of your signature capabilities and include your name, phone number and elevator speech. If you are concerned that it will get old and shop-worn, then simply change your elevator speech on some type of schedule, like every 8 weeks. Resume.

6 Issues to Avoid with Your Elevator Speech

Career Rocketeer

These days we all know we need an elevator speech, especially if you’re a job seeker or a business owner. An elevator speech can be a great and memorable way to introduce ourselves, if done right. When elevator speeches go wrong, they are memorable for the wrong reasons – mostly they’re boring or cringe-worthy. I have heard elevator speeches that were longer than commercials. Make your elevator speech 1 or 2 sentences as a maximum length.

10 Great Interview Tips for 2015

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Maybe you’ve had a number of interviews but just can’t figure out how to nail it. So what is the secret is to getting an edge on your interview? The best place to look when seeking out interview tips are the experts who spend most of their time interviewing candidates. If you can’t make it past them you certainly won’t get to interview with the hiring manager. It only matters what the interviewer thinks. Interviews).

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5 Reasons Why You Need More Than a Good Resume to Stand Out from the Crowd

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You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that your resume is the most important document in your job search, and, that is so. But if you want to stand out from the competition, I say you need more than a great resume. In the end, only technically qualified candidates will get to interview for any open job. And, while your resume may (or may not) help you get in the door, you will need more than your resume to get the job.

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How to Never Have to “Network” Again | Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer

About having an elevator speech, about never going to lunch by yourself, about how to act at conferences, and about how to be likable, memorable and just an all around superman or superwoman. After a few too many drinks (this I would not recommended), I sat down at my computer and then emailed the poor guy about my massive man crush on him and how much it would mean to me if I could interview him on my interview site, IdeaMensch.

10 Tips for Acing an Embedded Engineer Interview

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Time for that interview, and if you’re an Embedded Engineer you know how tough those interviews can be. There are, of course, tips and tricks to help you ace that interview. Just like all of the work leading up to becoming an Embedded Engineer, doing great on an interview is all about studying the right things before the interview. and the specific questions (take a look at Top 6 Questions Asked for Embedded Engineers During an Interview ).

Do You Have an Elevator Pitch for Your Resume?

Professional Resume Services

Make sure your elevator pitch is always ready to go. You never know when you’ll need to spout your elevator pitch. You need to have an elevator pitch for your resume, and you need to be ready to tell someone what you do in an instant. What Is an Elevator Pitch? Your executive bio, executive resume biography or your elevator pitch is a brief 30-second bit about what you do, how you do it and who you are.

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Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Overview

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Building Your Resume – If you could only have one job search document it would, of course, be your resume. Whether you are brushing up an old resume or starting from a blank piece of paper, you need to spend the time to get it right. There are tools that can help you quickly build the framework for what will become a great resume. Your resume is a living document that will change as your job search progresses. Be prepared for your job interview.

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Plan & Prepare for Your Interview

Career Alley

CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Jobs from the Best Companies to Work for Vol 10 Achieving Effective Career Transitions » Plan & Prepare for Your Interview “ By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ” – Benjamin Franklin Author Byline: Matthew Warzel Author Website: [link] Know your resume inside and out, line item by line item.

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12 Resources for College Grad Job Search- Majoring in Employment

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You should start building your resume, cover letters, interview skills and elevator speech now (see the next topic for Networking). Entry level jobs College Job Search Internships Interviews Job Search Jobs LinkedIn Networking Resumes “ By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.

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9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You

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They have to wade through a mountain of resumes, pick the top candidates, decide on their final choice and then hope they didn’t make a mistake. Of course, you need to make it to the interview and then make it through the interview to be considered for the role. If you’ve been lucky enough to make it to an interview, make sure you are prepared and don’t make common fatal mistakes. That being said, most of us are not experts on resume writing.

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5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get a Job Offer

Career Alley

Updating resumes, leveraging your networks, going on interviews, etc. Reading the job description does not qualify as preparing for a job interview. You need to do your research on the company, the interviewers and the position. You should also be familiar with common interview questions and ensure you have the right answers. Leverage LinkedIn to review the profiles of the interviewer(s). You decide to go on the interview anyway.

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5 Steps to a Great Internship – Overview

Career Alley

Things you will need (like a resume and cover letter). Start Your Search – If your research, lists and tools (resume, cover letter, etc.) Start sending your resumes (must have a cover letter), making your calls and sending emails to contacts in your network. Your Interviews – Once you’ve landed an interview (which is a huge achievement), it’s time to focus on what you need to do to ace the interview and you will need to be at the top of your game.

Top 10 To Do List for College Grad Job Search

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Create or Update Your Resume : If you already have a resume, great, just update it. If you don’t have a resume yet, you will (obviously) need to create one. Experience is important, but your first resume should focus on your college career as well. Writing a Resume Fresh Out of College. Entry Level Resume Examples. But interview questions are not the only thing you should research. College Job Interview Questions and Answers.

Majoring in Employment – College Job Search

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You should start building your resume, cover letters, interview skills and elevator speech now (see the next topic for Networking). Critical steps for building a resume in college and landing a job after graduation. Building Your Resume for Life After College. “ By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day. ” – Robert Frost.

7 Tips for a Job Fair

Resume Bear

Your Elevator Speech. This is also referred to as the “me” speech. The elevator speech is about 30 seconds long and is intended to tell the potential employer a little about you. The Strengths of Your Resume. It is important that you attend the career fair with a resume, and it should be printed on actual resume paper. You need to know your resume backwards and forwards. First impressions are everything at a Job Fair.

5 Steps to Making a Fresh Start for Job Search

Career Alley

Obviously you will need a crackerjack resume as well as a few different cover letters. What about your interview questions, elevator speech and a list of your references? Resume Examples, Samples, and Templates. Job Interview Questions and Answers. Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Your Elevator Speech.

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The Best New Features of LinkedIn for Job Seekers

Competitive Resumes

He has robust information on LinkedIn, interviewing, and introverts. He works for the Career Center of Lowell as a Career Strategist, LinkedIn Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, and a LinkedIn Profile and Resume Consultant. If they have practiced their 30-second commercial (or elevator speech) the value the person offers could shine through. He has robust information on LinkedIn, interviewing, and introverts.

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How to Advance to a Management Position in 2019


Use your jobseeker skills (like tying your background and qualifications to the specifics of a job ad when you wrote your resume) to map your background and experience to the needs of the management position you want, and always conclude by demonstrating your value. You will definitely want to create a new elevator speech. Every conversation about why you want to become a manager will likely begin with your new elevator speech.

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4 Ways to Show Off Your Awesome Resume

Career Realism

And many people believe the only way to job search these days is to go online, post their resume to a job board, and spend time searching through the job boards looking for openings. That makes your job search a numbers game, and you would have to spend 40 hours a week on every job board you could find applying for every position you are even remotely qualified for—literally applying for hundreds of jobs a week to get a few call-backs and maybe one or two interviews.

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Take a Ride in the Elevator Before You Interview | CareerSolvers

Career Solvers

Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Thursday, May 13th, 2010 Take a Ride in the Elevator Before You Interview Everyone needs an elevator pitch which is a quick overview of who you are and the value you can bring to an organization. The elevator pitch is also the perfect response to many interview questions including: Tell me about yourself. A strategically crafted elevator pitch will help you answer any of these questions.

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Video Resumes – Are Recruiters Maximizing Their Value Added.

Boomers Next Step

Contact Podcast Release Submit Article Resources Site Map Home Careers Cover Letters Interviewing Resume Help Age Bias Lifestyle Networking Entrepreneurs Franchising Retirement Start Ups Videos Related Posts Similar Posts No Related Post Finding Work Today Boomer Fitness Walk, Then Run Beginning Triathlete – Important Triathlon Training Tips Why Do You Need a Heart Rate Monitor? Many recruiters save themselves extra effort by saying that video resumes are not mainstream yet.

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It's Time to Increase Your Chances of Executive-Level Employment

Jennifer Anthony

Of course, as an executive, you have your resume to impress potential employers with. Write a Career Biography A career biography is a bit of a cross between a resume and cover letter. Consider a Networking Resume Another option to consider, in addition to your standard executive resume, is the networking resume. This is the type of resume that works as a summary to the full-length resume. Be sure your resume is the best it can be.

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Developing Your Personal Brand to Enhance Your Own Candidate Experience #thecandidate


You’ve been on more “exploratory interviews” than actual interviews. You begin to tweak your resume to be match key words in job descriptions so that you’ll squeak past their screening system. BE memorable: A recruiter will take 60 seconds to glance through your resume. A recent interview started with the question, “tell me about being a warrior.” Rehearse your “2-minute elevator speech”: This should outline your ideal job, strengths and talents.

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Job Search – From the Beginning – Recruiters Part 1

Career Alley

This is a good place to practice your elevator speech (see “Do you have your 30 second Elevator Speech?“). While you don’t want to waste their time (like applying for jobs that are paying far less than you will accept), you do want to be flexible in your approach when considering potential opportunities and interviews. You can also upload your resume to their site. INTERVIEW, the prep, the questions you may get and the postscript!

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Top 7 Career Fair DO’s for Recruiters


Spend an extra moment with a candidate to coach them on their resume, elevator speech or send them to another employer’s booth that could be a better fit for them. How many resumes did you collected? Was anyone interviewed and hired as a result of this event? It’s career fair season! While most of the Midwest’s career fairs have come to a close, there are a few still left to attend. Far too often we focus on the “don’ts” in life.

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life@work: How to Take the Intimidation Out of Networking


A Few Career Blogs Worth Your Time Bailey Work Play Career Hub CareerDiva Dan Erwin Blog Escape from Cubicle Nation Pongo Resume Susan Strayer The M.A.P. First off, the word networking is loaded with cringe-worthy connotations, as in networking event , which makes many of us start sweating just imagining the elevator speeches and small talk. Ultimately, you want opportunities to interview, followed by fabulous job offers.

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4 Critical Foundations For A Successful Job Search

Tim's Strategy

Polish up your resume and start applying to every job that is remotely similar to anything you’ve ever done… Call up everyone you know and ask them if they know of any jobs…OR. The focus is on recording everything you do – applications sent, interviews/networking events attended, follow-ups, everything! When did you last update your resume? Do you have an “elevator speech” written out, practiced, and ready to go?

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There is No Such Thing As LUCK in Landing a New Job

Resume Boutique

Founder, Resume Boutique LLC. One of those contacts referred him to Resume Boutique for a resume, cover letter, and job pursuit/interview/post-interview strategy. We drafted the resume and several cover letters immediately. So, we drafted and revised all communications during the two-month interview process. We also worked Dave to refine his "elevator speech." Dave prepared for every interview and every communication.

It's a Small World – Networking

Career Alley

Posted on , there are some great tips like don’t be a time hog and creating a script (a much longer version of your elevator speech). INTERVIEW, the prep, the questions you may get and the postscript! CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « What You Should Know About Working After Retirement Where Have all of the Jobs Gone?

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Top Ten (Actually Helpful) Lessons from Fairytales

Ms. Career Girl

Never Lie on a Resume–Mulan. For those who Mulan’s troubles are a little absurd–you can avoid them with one simple piece of advice: never lie on a resume. Practice Your ‘Elevator Speech’–Cinderella. While the Fairy Godmother (aka the sparkling reference or contact person) can get you to the ball, she can’t do the interview for you. This is where the ‘Elevator Speech’ comes in. Tweet Tweet!

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Job Fair Tip: Consider It An Interview

Resume Boutique

Resume Boutique Blog Look your best on paper. ™ This blog contains resume and interview tips for professionals and students by the founder of Resume Boutique, Randi Lewis, a recruitment professional and former practicing lawyer who knows what your resume needs and how you should present by telephone and in person to land that job. Yet, everyone I met acted very professionally even though they were asking me for help on resumes and more.

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Building A Great Elevator Pitch | Tim's Strategy

Tim's Strategy

Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [04.23.10] View Comments 6 Easy Steps To A Great Elevator Pitch Many months back I wrote a post to help you deliver a great elevator pitch to your local networking group. Because when your elevator pitch has a pitch problem , you won’t have the impact. And I think that one of the most important results of a good elevator pitch is that people want to come find you. Do not barf your elevator pitch on unsuspecting people!!!

2010 82

9 Job Search Tools Every Job Hunter Must Use


Something small that briefly states who you are and your specialty comes in handy when meeting new people, when a business card seems more appropriate than handing out resumes to everyone you meet. 4) Elevator speech. An elevator speech is your brief three-minute speech introducing yourself and describing your professional career and target position. Save the full description for the interview. Bring this with you to every interview.

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How To Keep A Casual Eye On The Job Market

Career Realism

Related: The Secret To Getting Interviews: Tap The Hidden Job Market. Keep Your Resume Current And Up To Date. It is critical that your resume be ready to roll in the event a recruiter or a promising connection reach out to you. Practice Your Elevator Speech. Have versions of this speech prepared for a face-to-face talk, phone conversation and email. Should I Remove My Volunteer Work From My Resume? How To Keep A Casual Eye On The Job Market.

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College Grad – Will Work for Food

Career Alley

This is one of the CareerAlley resources, with links to Building Your Resume, Cover Letters, References, Thank You Letters, Interviews, Your Elevator Speech and Networking. You will need all of the tools at some point in your search (and when you are interviewing). There are resume builders, “Best Places to Work&# as well as featured employers. “ You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.

Should You Attend A Job Fair To Find A Job?

Career Realism

On the positive side, job fairs are in fact filled with employers looking for people to hire, and you do get a chance to put a personal touch on submitting your resume. Instead of emailing it or submitting it online, you actually get to meet the person you’re giving it to, and get valuable practice delivering your elevator pitch. Job seekers do get calls for interviews from job fairs. Dress as if you were going to an interview: be conservative and wear a suit.

Bringing Your “A” Game: 5 Tips For Acing A Job Fair

Career Realism

Brush Up Your Elevator Speech. Bring Extra Copies Of Your Resume. This may seem obvious, but there are always job fair attendees who are without copies of their resumes. Make sure you have ample copies and consider having various versions of your resume if you are interested in more than one career field or area of expertise. Job fairs are a great opportunity to interact with representatives from multiple companies in a short period of time.

Should You Attend A Job Fair To Find A Job?

Career Realism

On the positive side, job fairs are in fact filled with employers looking for people to hire, and you do get a chance to put a personal touch on submitting your resume. Instead of emailing it or submitting it online, you actually get to meet the person you’re giving it to, and get valuable practice delivering your elevator pitch. Job seekers do get calls for interviews from job fairs. Dress as if you were going to an interview: be conservative and wear a suit.

10 Real World Tips to Find a Job Close To Home


Give everyone you know your 30-second elevator speech, including other parents, neighbors and folks you may mix with as tennis partners/country club friends/farmer’s market enthusiasts. Identify nearby companies and contact them for an information interview. Medical practices that employ nurses and office support personnel are often contacted by candidates who send a resume and never reach out. 7 Company Research Tips Before The Job Interview.

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5 Job Search Tasks to Do TODAY!

Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer Career Search and Personal Branding Blog Home About Career Rocketeer Meet the Team Guest Experts Partners LinkedIn 360° Resources Job Search Websites Career Books Job Search Tracker Launchpad Blogroll Events Career Studios Advertise Contact Personal Branding Job Search Resumes Interviews Social Media Networking Career Management Everything Else You are here: Home / Job Search / 5 Job Search Tasks to Do TODAY!

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