20 Compelling Job Interview Questions to Ask Employers

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To snag any job, at the end of your job interview, you will have the opportunity to ask potential employers your prepared questions. Explore this list of 20 compelling job interview questions to ask employers. Related posts: Job Interview?

5 Ways to Show Job Interview Mastery to Employers

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More than ever, job seekers must be proficient at interviewing. It may be the interaction to decide your next step, so you want to be interview ready. The interview process is no longer a one and done meeting. Employers want to see you add value.

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Tips for Acing Your Phone Interview

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Though preparing for a phone interview may not be as involved as preparing for an in-person meeting, you should still do what you can to ensure that the interview goes smoothly. Before you can ace the phone interview, you need to understand why it exists.

Top 11 Behavioral Interview Questions

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Behavioral interviewing remains popular because the answers, if articulated well, will convince the employer that the job seeker is a fit – or not – for an open opportunity. The post Top 11 Behavioral Interview Questions appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

Nothing Sells Better than Enthusiasm in the Job Interview

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Job seekers are often surprised when they don’t receive a job offer after an interview. But imagine this scenario: I want to work in your company, but in my interview with you, I sit in a cowering posture and with downcast eyes.

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Top 11 Behavioral Interviewing Questions

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Behavioral interviewing remains popular because the answers, if articulated well, will convince the employer that the job seeker is a fit – or not – for an open opportunity. The post Top 11 Behavioral Interviewing Questions appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

Addressing Employment Gaps

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Here’s how you can ease and explain the gap to prospective employers. Considering the current state of the employment world, it’s commonplace for people to have employment gaps. Has it been a while since you last worked?

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33 Employer Interview Questions


With the current economic climate and changing job market, employers have now started to alter the types of questions they ask in interviews. With hundreds of Internet pages dedicated to types of interview questions and all listing the same “general” type questions (what are your strengths, where do you see yourself in 10 years, etc.), employers are now steering away from these types of questions and introducing a new set of questions that test your creativity and flair.

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Transferable Skills That Every Employer Looks For

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While individual roles each require their own specific skill set, there are certain skills that are attractive to employers across the board. Good problem-solving ability is a big plus for employers. The post Transferable Skills That Every Employer Looks For appeared first on Ms.

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Turn the Tables During a Job Interview: Ask Clever Questions

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How do you turn the tables during a job interview? Do what’s expected of you at a job interview and explore these clever questions to ask potential employers. As a job seeker, what can you do to get noticed during a job interview? The post Turn the Tables During a Job Interview: Ask Clever Questions appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Related posts: How to Answer Common Job Interview Questions. Ace Your Job Interview!

Marketing Hacks To Make Employers Notice You

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The post Marketing Hacks To Make Employers Notice You appeared first on Ms. Here is our list of top marketing hacks guaranteed to make a lasting impression on prospective employers. The best way to make employers notice you is to become an expert in your respective domain.

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Five Tips to Ace your Skype Interview

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Then you may be asked to complete a Skype interview for your new position. If you are not used to Skype, sitting in front of a webcam for an interview can be an intimidating experience. Follow the steps below to prepare yourself for your interview and make the most of the opportunity.

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Avoid These Common Phone Interview Mistakes

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Landing a phone interview is often the first step in getting your foot in the door for a formal interview. However, if you don’t take the interview seriously, you may never be invited to the office for the next step. The same is true for a phone interview.

The Challenges of Seeking Employment with a Substance Abuse History

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Many of us in early recovery wonder just how much to disclose to potential employers. Which means we have to face the challenges of seeking employment with a substance abuse history. Then you will have a clear explanation ready for your interview.

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Employer’s Interview Advice for College Students


Are you gearing up for interviews this spring? Employers are the best source of credible advice. Not all employers and industries are created equal, so you want to determine how to impress your employer of choice. Consider this advice direct from several top employers: 6 pieces of advice for college students. How you dress for an interview will depend on the company and industry. This applies to interview attire and language.

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Become Irresistible to Employers to Land Interviews

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Although artistically appealing, none of these approaches is effective in getting an interview. The most effective way to land an interview is to use your resume to tell your story – your work history – in such a way that you become irresistible to hiring managers.

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What to Do When an Employer Slings an Oddball Interview Question

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You conduct a final run-through of common interview questions. You are confident and cool as you enter the job interview. That is, until your prospective boss slings a question like those listed on Glassdoor’s annual Top 25 Oddball Interview Questions list. If […] The post What to Do When an Employer Slings an Oddball Interview Question appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Your hair and clothes are pristine.

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5 Things Every Employer Wants To Hear In An Interview

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5 Things Every Employer Wants To Hear In An Interview. Ever wonder what a potential boss wants to hear in an interview? Here are five things to communicate during an interview that will convince the employer you’re a great hire.

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How To Prepare For Different Types Of Interviews

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Getting an interview is a success in itself: you've caught their eye! But before celebrating, it's important to understand that while landing an interview seems like the hard part, it's only the very beginning of the process. How can I connect with them to make this interview memorable?

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The Top Three Things Employers Look for in an Interview

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With the competition for jobs so high, it is more important than ever for a job seeker to make an impression during their job interview. When a company starts an executive search, they are looking for certain attributes from the person they are interviewing.

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The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

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Imagine landing a job interview. Then, the interviewer begins by asking for the username and password of all your social media accounts. Recent employment practices show your interview starts long before you arrive; it starts online with your social media accounts.

The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview

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With low supply and high demand, employers are taking unprecedented steps to attract, lure and retain talent. So how do you increase the chances that you’ll get the interview? The post The Latest Resume Tools To Help You Get The Interview appeared first on Ms.

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How to Interview Your Prospective Employer

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Suddenly I had an epiphany via a friend in human resources who stated, “Remember, they may interview her, but she’s also interviewing them.&#. Instead, the interviewer is opening the door for you to conduct an interview of your own and learn more about the work environment.

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The Ultimate Ways to Relax Before An Executive Interview

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One of the first steps to getting the job you’ve always desired is finding a way to land an interview. But once you finally get the interview, it’s only natural to experience some nerves and anxiety before and during it. Your presentation during an interview is critical as well.

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Preparing for Your First Interview in Years


Whether it’s been five years, ten or more since your last interview, things have likely changed. Here are some of the things to be mindful of if you’re going into your first interview in years. During an interview, there are a lot of questions you expect to hear.

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Employers Eye: Why Should They Choose You?

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Nail the Interview InterviewingThey are looking over your CV and they ask you questions that try to boil down what and who you are. So it feels like you have to impress them with every sentence you speak.

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Preparing for a Successful C-Level Executive Interview

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Landing a c-level executive interview is difficult enough, but the challenges aren’t over. No matter how many times you’ve been a part of one of these interviews, they are never easy. Here are some of our best tips for preparing for a successful c-level interview.

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A+ Internship Interviews

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The most dreaded part of the process for most candidates is the interview. Interviewing causes anxiety for almost everyone. However, with some practice, interviewing becomes easier. Here are five simple suggestions to help you ace the interview for your dream internship.

Interview Questions - Interview Tips

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I was wondering what I can do to improve my performance during interviews. I have been on nearly 30 interviews and even a few second and third interviews, but I never get the offer. There are many things you can do to improve your performance on interviews. Dear Deb, Q.

Recording a Job Interview?

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Dear Deb: Is it a good idea to record my job interview with my smart phone? I want to listen to it later so I can improve my interviewing skills. Would an employer appreciate my commitment to improving myself or be annoyed? You are in the interview for two reasons.

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How to Show Your Soft Skills During an Interview

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Here are some tips for demonstrating these soft skills in an interview, even when you aren’t specifically asked about them. Some of these skills may not fit naturally into your resume, but you can include them in your LinkedIn profile and you definitely need to mention them in your interview.

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What To Wear During Interviews? Here’s Our Essential Checklist

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You’ve done your research, applied for the job and now you have an interview. You’ve scored your dream employer, now it is time to come face to face with potential colleagues who want to take you seriously. Interviewing is different now than it has been in the past.

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Why Your Interview Skills Suck

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One of the obstacles for many of them is presenting well in an interview. Jeff Altman has 40 years experience advising job seekers with interviews and helping them with their challenges. What are your interview challenges? What are your interview challenges?

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How to Make the Best First Impression In Your Executive Interview

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When you get invited to interview for an executive position, you have one chance to make a great first impression. Some people think using a big vocabulary will demonstrate their intelligence, but sometimes this won’t impress interviewers.

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Job Matching + Employment Video = MyNextGig.com


Video interviews and hiring with video is a trend that’s growing in popularity as companies look to cut travel and recruitment costs while still maintaining candidate quality and keeping employee turnover low. Employment Videos Lend Qualified Candidates.

Finding Disabled Adults Employment Through An Employment Agency


What happens when an employment agency or nonprofit calls your company inquiring about your disability hiring practices? If you work with an employment agency or nonprofit organization to hire people with disabilities, you have the added benefit of flexibility.

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How To Deal With Interviews When You’re Employed

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How To Deal With Interviews When You’re Employed. Related: How To Job Search While You’re Employed. If it will be impossible to schedule calls or in-person interviews during certain days of the week or particular times of the day, be sure to share this with a prospective hiring manager or a recruiter. If your request for a before- or after-hours interview gets denied, consider taking a full or half personal or vacation day.

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Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather Delays on Your Interview Day

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The weather can cause havoc on any occasion, and a job interview isn’t immune to being affected. Instead of letting the weather event derail your interview, take it as an opportunity to showcase your soft skills and make the most of an unexpected and unfortunate situation.

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The Most Challenging Job Interview Question

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There are many articles you can find about answer the job interview question, “What is your greatest weakness?” Answering this question could make a difference in how you’re perceived, and whether an employer likes you enough to hire you. Career Interview Career Advice Job Interview

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How to Answer the Interview Questions Surrounding Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

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One of the questions every interviewer will ask their interviewee revolves around their short-term and long-term goals, even if you state this information in your executive resume biography. Tell The Interviewer Your Current Situation.

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It’s a Two Way Street: 3 Questions to Ask Your Potential Employer During an Interview

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As most of us know, interviewing can be an extremely stressful endeavor. There are dozens upon dozens of tips and tricks articles out there aimed towards helping individuals nail common interview questions and get [.]. InterviewingFor most of us, sitting for thirty plus minutes just talking about ourselves is not only challenging, but also rather uncomfortable.

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Have a Job Interview But Afraid to Give a Presentation?

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You’ve just secured a job interview. Now as you further read your letter of interview, you have just realised that you must prove yourself by giving a presentation to the interview panel on the day. The post Have a Job Interview But Afraid to Give a Presentation?

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Résumé Help: Gaps in Employment

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That can be an interview-blocker. Employment Gaps Resume HelpWe hope you enjoy the blog! Please help us out by nominating our blog for About.com's Reader's Choice for " best career blog !". Today’s candidate has gaps between each of her four jobs spanning six years.

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