Yes, Virginia Unemployment Discrimination Exists


Still you think to yourself that you don’t know if you want to waste the time or effort trying to convince your boss that this candidate’s employment gap doesn’t matter.

No Virginia, the First Amendment Doesn’t Protect Workplace Speech


The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Private Employers. In other words, a private employer is not required to respect an employee’s freedom of speech. As a result, if you’re a private employer and in an at-will employment state (and most of you are), you can fire an employee for their speech. Even though private employers are not required to respect free speech, the National Labor Relations Act does provide employees some protections for speech.

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50 Best Workplaces & Employers for Boomer & Traditional Generations


They may not have the exact skills or number of years experience you are looking for, but they have a proven track record, reliable employment history and know how to get the job done. Best Employers for Workers Over 50.

Disability Employment Statistics: How Is Your State Doing?


Are you curious where your home state lands in the disability employment conversation? In the study they compare all things disability-related, such as employment, wages, housing, poverty and more. The Disability Employment Gap. employed.

3 Ways To Conduct Critical Company Research

Career Realism

Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW is the founder of Virginia Franco Resumes which offers customized executive resume and LinkedIn profile writing services for the 21st century job seeker. Be Employable Job Search3 Ways To Conduct Critical Company Research. Work It Daily.

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Looking for Inspiration? Let it find you.

Ms. Career Girl

Stone described her early experience working in the fields in rural Virginia and hearing a poem coming at her across the landscape like a “thunderous train of air.”. Employ as many constraints as possible. The post Looking for Inspiration? Let it find you. appeared first on Ms.

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“Can my employer lower my pay starting two weeks ago, without telling me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Harrisville, West Virginia. I think your employer is having a difficult time, and perhaps not thinking too well. . An employer – or an employee, for that matter – can tell the other that, effective immediately, there will be a change in the terms of their relation if, that is, the relation is going to continue. Without an employment contract, either the employee or the employer is free to say to the other “I want a change and I want it now.”

If This Branding Post Were an App, It’d Be MapMyBrand


Over the past year or so, I’ve had many conversations with HR professionals about employment branding. Recently, I spent some time with Susan Strayer LaMotte of Exaqueo — a culture and talent strategy consulting firm in Alexandria, Virginia — talking about employer branding and the important role it plays in today’s world. From that data, you’ll glean insights that can serve as the basis for your employment value proposition (EVP).

Should You Fire the Charlottesville Protesters?

Evil HR Lady

Over the weekend, a group of white nationalists held a march to protest the removal of a Civil War hero statue in Charlottesville, Virginia. The goal is to notify employers and schools so that the protesters face consequences at work and at school. Protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up in a counter protest and violence broke out, resulting in one death, when a driver rammed his car into the crowd of counter-protesters.

Online Hiring Expected To Double In 2012

Resume Bear

The rise of the Internet has brought a lot of revolutionary changes to the workforce — social media, Google, and now online employment.

2012 149

Poll: Did Your Education Prepare You For Employment?

Career Realism

As quoted in the article, Laura Fornash – Virginia Secretary of Education – urged Congress to “ensure those who enter our higher education institutions exit with employable credentials.”. The post Poll: Did Your Education Prepare You For Employment?

“My former employer has literally destroyed me. What can I do?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

After 11 months of my case against my former employer in the Virginia Employment Commission, a decision was made in my favor: my former employer can tell people that they terminated me, but they can’t say they terminated me for misconduct. Problem is: for 11 months, that is what they told prospective employers and recruiters. You cannot – if just for the sake of your wife and other loved ones – permit your former employer to “destroy” you, as you wrote.

How to Compete with a Robot

Water Cooler Wisdom

Edward Hess, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business and the author of the new book  Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading-Edge Learning Organization , says that artificial intelligence is the most significant human invention since fire. Current Affairs Emotional Intelligence Employment Trends Life in the 21st Century Personal Development Personal Marketing Productivity Technology Troubleshooting

Social Recruiting: Advice From A COO

Resume Bear

Employers are realizing a significant advantage by using social recruiting to actively find the best employees. What this means for you : Employers aren’t just looking at your skills, but also your personality; this is where interaction online and in-person skills come into play.

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In the Workplace, Appearance Still Counts for A Lot

Water Cooler Wisdom

In June of 2012, the University of Virginia. Best Practices Employment Trends Interviewing Life in the 21st Century Management Office Politics Personal Marketing Professionalismannounced the resignation of its president, Teresa Sullivan.    Faculty. members received an e-mail indicating that the dismissal was due to a. philosophical difference of opinion” with the institution’s governing. board. 

8 Reasons to Have an Office Dog

Ms. Career Girl

A 2012 study at Virginia Commonwealth University indicates that workers are calmer and more satisfied with dogs around. Employment interviews are memorable. The post 8 Reasons to Have an Office Dog appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Companies Do Hire Unemployed People

Resume Bear

of Fairfax, Virginia. Conclusion: Hiring managers discriminate for and against employment candidates for a host of reasons. Don’t believe that employers won’t hire you because you’re unemployed.

Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


Workers compensation is defined as a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the tort of negligence.

when should I follow up after a job interview?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m in education and transferring to a new state, Pennsylvania to Virginia. Employers know that you’re interested because you took the time to interview and you sent a thank-you note afterward reiterating your interest. Hiring nearly always takes longer than anyone expects it will, including employers. But if they’re like a lot of employers, they won’t get back to you.

How to Source, Hire, & Recruit Candidates on Instagram


This tool is a great one for those looking at engaging a different audience through employer branding specifically photos, but it can also be used as a fantastic candidate sourcing tool. The platform has been an important piece of their overall employer branding efforts. Instragram.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


120 will staff Medical Facilities’ rehab center in Virginia Beach, Virginia : The 120-bed complex will provide transitional services for senior citizens after hospitalization. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of

Take Charge of Your Career as a Freshman


Look for internship workshops, online networks, alumni events and employer information sessions at your school. Check the calendar of your Career Services office so you can attend workshops or employer events. Welcome to college!

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A Simple Tool To Compare Salaries by State

Professional Resume Services

West Virginia: $96,280 becomes $108,668 when adjusted for cost of living. It’s important to include any benefits offered by a potential employer in your calculations, too. When you are looking at a job change there are lots of variables complicating your task.

5 Resources for Job Interview Thank You Letters

Career Alley

Interview follow-up / thank you letters – One more site with examples, this one from Virginia Tech. The site lists the purpose of the thank you letter, talks about snail mail versus email, what to do if you don’t hear from an employer and provides examples as well.

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question 1: Can my employer reduce my compensation because I am too successful? In West Virginia, can an at-will employer fire an employee for refusing to sign any document, be it a quality assessment, performance assessment, etc.? Beckley, West Virginia.

HR Plays a Role in Suicide Prevention


According to Clare Miller, director of the Partnership for Workplace Mental Health, which is part of the American Psychiatric Foundation in Alexandria, Virginia, “HR professionals are in a position to really make a difference. Employers are starting to pay attention.

Wanted: 8,400+ Job Seekers For Positions Across The United States

Resume Bear

“At Adecco, we pride ourselves in helping Americans get back to work, and with over 8,400 positions available across the United States, thousands of job seekers will be able to find employment,” said Lauren Griffin, senior vice president with Adecco Staffing US.

Hidden Gems to Propel Your Internship Search


These are typically available with Massachusetts employers in January. Several colleges around the country offer programs for students to connect and work with employers and alumni during the winter holiday break.

13 Things to Hold Onto For Next Year’s Taxes

Ms. Career Girl

This document typically arrives in late January from your employer, although they may allow you access to it online earlier. You should keep all W-2s earned throughout the year from various employers with your tax return in the event of an audit.

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Jobs in the USA - Coal Miner/Trump Edition.

HR Capitalist

Consider this coal/solar/wind energy jobs rundown from Fortune : "According to a recent report from the Energy Department, the coal electric generation sector employed just 86,035 people—57,325 of them miners—in 2016.

This Week’s GOOD News in the #Workplace


Aisin Sieki opens headquarters in Northville, Michigan : Auto supplier will employ more than 350 at new facility. Virginia’s Cvent to hire 500 in 2014: McLean company provides cloud-based enterprise event management platform. Indiana’s Fishers hooks Jarden Home Brands HQ : The facility will employ almost 300 people. Uline builds in Kenosha, Wisconsin : Office building and distribution center will employ 475.

The Ultimate Healthy Work Lunch Guide


Any kind of exercise will keep blood flowing to your brain, and there is evidence it may help new brain cells grow,” according to Gino Colombara, who directs the Southeastern Virginia chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

2017 72

boss wants me to work for someone who was imprisoned for fraud, online degrees, and more

Ask A Manager

I am currently employed in Baltimore, but my dream job at my dream nonprofit organization in northern Virginia has just opened up. I suggested an alternative for the first several months of employment, should I be the candidate they choose. Baltimore to northern Virginia isn’t an impossible drive during non-rush-hour times, so I suggested a schedule that would allow me a few hours to work from home in the evening and/or morning, and avoid rush hour traffic.



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How to Raise Awareness About Mental Health in Your Workplace


Following the horrific shooting of a TV journalist and cameraman on-air in Virginia last month, many employers and employees have started to think about mental health in the workplace.

“How do I resign and still get unemployment benefits?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Oakton, Virginia. First, ask that your employer agree not to contest your unemployment application. If your employer contests your application for unemployment benefits, your resignation letter will be one piece of evidence that you will be able to produce to unemployment officials who review your case, and it will be a strong piece of evidence in your favor. Third, it seems to me you were “forced” into resigning in order to get six weeks more of employment.

4 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Working

Career Rocketeer

While the resume does serve as your introduction to any employer, it’s not meant to be solely about you. The potential employer wants to know how they fit into your story. It’s hard to grab an employer’s attention and even harder to keep it.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Custom Aircraft Cabinets opens plant in Sherwood, Arkansas, adds 150 employees: With this facility expansion located in Sherwood, the company will employ more than 290 people. We had so much good business to share, here’s more good news brought to you by

Seven Short Q & A’s on Saturday

Sklover Working Wisdom

Question 1: What are an employee’s options if the employee borrowed money from the employer to purchase a computer, and the employee was fired before the computer loan was paid off? I was the only Assistant Buyer laid off; two other Assistant Buyers remain employed. Reston, Virginia.

I fear workplace violence, but also getting fired if I complain. Suggestions?

Sklover Working Wisdom

Spotsylvania, Virginia. Second – employers are now almost everywhere legally required to provide safe workplaces for their employees, under federal – and many state – workplace safety laws. government in placing workplace safety obligations upon the shoulders of employers.