Could Working from Home Help your Career?

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Will we be ‘stay-at-home Mums’ who give up a career for domestic bliss, or will we work and deal with the ‘Mummy guilt’ of sending our children to childcare? We either work part-time, or we come to some working arrangement that lets us put in a full week’s hours and spend quality time with our children. But what if there was a way that you could maximise your working hours and have a level playing field when it comes to salary and expectations?

How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Working From Home

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Whether you are hustling from home as a freelancer or working for an employer who is embracing the benefits of allowing workers to telecommute , working from home can be a great way to save time and money. Giving Your Home the Office Treatment.

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The Benefits of Working from Home

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While some people believe that working 40 hours a week in an office space is the best way to be productive and get the business to perform its best, others believe that this is an old-fashioned and outdated form of working. The world of work is adapting, and rapid changes are occurring. In these times, perhaps the most desirable scenario is to work from home and call your own shots, but it doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-while luxury.

My Doctor Says I Should Work from Home. Can My Boss Say No?

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After working from home since late March due to COVID, my employer informed all employees on August 18th that we were expected to return to the office on August 24th. I explained that I have a note from my doctor but that fell on deaf ears.

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The Secret to Working From Home And Staying Productive

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million employees work from home at least half of the time. As a freelancer, I often sing the praises of the home-office life. I do not necessarily work fewer hours than my non-remote colleagues. Self-employment tax– a neat 15.3% I’ve wrestled with my own capacity to work from home productively over the years and have experienced varying success. Most of us are grateful to have homes to retreat to on weekday nights.

Could Working From Home Work For You?

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When it comes to working from home, opinions are rather split about whether it can actually work and how it may affect an employees productivity. Home working and flexible house are a couple of things that a lot of employers are taking on board as a bid to improve their company culture and facilitate for staff’s. Could Working From Home Work For You?

Working from Home as a Productivity Boost


And How to Pitch it to Your Boss Tech giant Yahoo is the major enterprise making headlines regarding its new work-from-home policy, or its new lack of one. However, according to Families and Work Institute’s 2012 National Study of Employers, 63 percent of employers now allow at least some of their employees to work [.]. Productivity Tips Work from Home

Six Reasons Working from Home Isn’t Always Great

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Working remotely is growing in popularity across the nation. million people work at least part-time from home. Since 2005, the number of work-at-home employees has grown by 115 percent. The volume of employers who allow telecommuting has grown 40 percent over the last five years, although it makes up a very small percentage of employers in the U.S. After all, 86 percent of employees say that they work better when they work from home.

Work from Home Jobs – How to Smell a Scam

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But the trouble is that the majority of us are not experienced job searchers so how can you smell a work from home scam? Be aware that there are more work-from-home scams out there than there are legitimate offers. Ask to begin work NOW. When there isn’t enough information online about the company, call them up directly and ask to be connected with people who already work for them. Call the employees and ask for details about the work.

How To Be Productive While Working From Home

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Working from home, like everything else, has it pros and cons. Right now, research is proving that the pros of working from home greatly outweigh the cons -- and it comes down to one word: productivity. You know about the recent remote working trends , but do you know how to be productive while working remotely? More Productive When Working From Home? So, what's it like working from home?

Working From Home Means Online Branding

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When you work from home, most of the impression you make with business contacts is online. If you honestly evaluate your work-from-home plans, they are going to include your online brand. ” People who work from home, particularly if they are freelancers, need to pay attention to their online brand because it affects their business.

Working From Home: Can You Give Me Some More Energy Please?

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We know that post-COVID, more work from home is reality. One provider in this field has the following stats since call center reps went to mostly virtual work during COVID-19: --Average Customer Experience Scores have fallen by 4%. Prompts to call center reps from Emotional Recognition providers to show "more energy" have increased by more than 30% during COVID-19. There’s a difference between surveilling the work and surveilling the human,” he says. “It’s

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Would A Work From Home Job Suit You?

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Deciding to start a work from home job can be a huge step towards improving your lifestyle, whether you are working for an employer, as a contractor, or completely for yourself. But before you make a decision you need to know if it is going to suit you personally and suit others in your home. […]. The post Would A Work From Home Job Suit You? Retirement Income Work from home

How to Come Across More Professional when Working From Home

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The post How to Come Across More Professional when Working From Home appeared first on Ms. Do you know what’s tempting when you work from home? Acting like you’re not working at all, that’s what. No matter where you work, you still owe it to your clients and/or bosses to be professional. When you start to work from home , you develop the desire to be more professional and to put things in order.

10 Steps to Negotiating Working From Home

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Although the press would have us believe that remote working is “the new normal” – and for some employers and employees it is— it’s unlikely that your boss, or anyone else’s, is going to let hitherto office-based workers start working from home at the drop of a hat. Your organisation allowing you to work from home will naturally be conditional on the setting of specific boundaries and guidelines.

Establishing Work-From-Home Rules for The Family


But sometimes things that you hope would work together well don’t always gel as smoothly as you would like. One of those tricky pairings—home and work. Working from home seems like the best of both worlds, where you can make money and achieve professional success without leaving the house or even getting out of your pajamas. But if you have a family, you have probably already discovered that working from home poses special challenges.

The Blessing and Curse of Working from Home

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For the past two out of three workdays, sleet, ice and freezing temperatures have befallen the city of Houston, Texas, forcing us to work from home. It was nearly a year ago that I wrote a blog about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and her decision to end Yahoo’s work-from-home privileges. I listed every standard advantage and disadvantage of working from home – primarily as viewed through the eyes of the average business owner or HR manager.

Tech for Telecommuters: Work from Home without Looking Like It

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Tech for Telecommuters: Work from Home without Looking Like It September 14, 2010 · 0 comments Tech for Telecommuters: Work from Home without Looking Like It by Steve Adams The mobile workforce is expected to grow to 1.2

Do You Need a Resume When Applying for a Work From Home Job?

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One growing trend in business is the work from home job. A few years ago it was unheard of that people would get a job and end up working from home. Not long after that the work from home option started gaining in popularity with employers and employees alike. If you think that you can skirt the resume writing process because you’re applying for a work from home job, think again.

Working from home? I agree with Mayer…

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The issue of working from home is a hot topic at the moment and it all kicked off with the leaked memo from Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer , ordering all home-working employees back to base for easier “communication and collaboration” Since then opinions have been firmly wedged on one side of the fence or another and surprisingly, I find myself agreeing with Mayer. But then, surely productivity isn’t the only thing work is about, is it?

Work From Home Jobs and Careers That Match Your Holland.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Students Choosing a College Major: What Employers.

Can Recruiters Work from Home and STILL Be Successful?

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I work from home, I employ someone to work from home and I am still ( relatively! So, how does it work for me but not for so many? What is the secret of successful working from home as a recruiter? Stick your hand up if you are in your home office reading this at your leisure? Should recruitment businesses advocate home working? but I am in a room that is “work”. It works for them!

what’s reasonable for managers to expect of parents working from home?

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A reader writes: What are reasonable expectations for managers whose employees are now working from home? Her husband is also at home. Is it reasonable to expect an employee to find a way to work her normal schedule even while she is telecommuting?

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5 Tips To Land A Work From Home Job

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Many think that working from home could be a dream come true. Who isn’t interested in being in your pajamas all day and making your own work schedule? There are many perks to finding a job that allows you to work remotely. However, finding that perfect work from home job you love isn’t always so easy; it takes a certain type of person with the right amount of motivation in order to be successful working from home.

14 Tips For Working From Home

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Overall, working from home can be a positive and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your employer, if you follow a few simple tips: 1. Understand your employer’s expectations. Will your job requirements and duties be the same at home as in an office environment? How much support will you receive as a home office worker? Meet and exceed your employer’s expectations. Set up a comfortable, separate space for your work area.

Working from Home? Be Sure to Establish Boundaries

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Working from home is now a reality for more than 26 million people. It can be part-time or full-time, for an employer or as an entrepreneur. Generally, working from home is seen as one of the choice benefits that companies can bestow on employees, or as one of the perks of being self-employed. How do you envision the typical day of working from home? during the day because you are home.

Why New College Grads Shouldn't Work from Home

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Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that about a quarter of employed Americans work from home some hours each week.    In a recent study by the Families and Work Institute, 63 percent of employers said they allowed employees to work remotely in 2012, up from 34 percent in 2005.  CEO who banished telecommuting from company policy last year, can’t stop this train. Telecommuting is the future.    The U.S.

5 Tips to Turn Freelancing Into Full Time Income

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Freelance Self Employed Working From HomeTurning your part-time freelancing into a full time business can be complicated, but it can be the most satisfying job you'll ever have.

my coworker/friend is abusing work-from-home privileges

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A reader writes: My company started everyone on work from home recently due to COVID-19. I have two close work friends and we still chat regularly online. All of us take little breaks for non-work activities (switching laundry over, grabbing a snack) but I have tried to make sure I walk away from my computer no more than I do at the office. Our company has historically denied us work-from-home because they think employees will take advantage of them.

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14 Tips for Working from Home

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Overall, working from home can be a positive and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your employer, if you follow a few simple tips: 1. Understand your employer’s expectations. Will your job requirements and duties be the same at home as in an office environment? Climbing the Ladder advice blog career expert job management telecommuter tips work

my company charges us PTO when we work from home while sick

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A reader writes: I work at a small employer (under 100 employees) that, while dynamic and forward-thinking in its work, can be quite behind-the-times when it comes to administrative policies. What the law generally cares about is that you’re paid for the work you perform.

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my fiancee forged my doctor’s note, food perks when working from home, and more

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Since my fiancee told me it was from my cardiologist, I did not question it. How can I get my company to continue its food perks now that we’re working from home? Folks literally could eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and bring leftovers home to their kids/family.

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we’re supposed to forfeit all our vacation days if we’ve worked from home

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A reader writes: As an HR person for a small employer, I take to heart a lot of your advice and work hard to push the management here to do better. We are essential so our plant and warehouse have been operating, but we’ve sent our office staff to work from home, per the direction from public health officials. Their rationale is that working from home is like being on vacation. After all, WE sent our office staff home!

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Beware Of Work From Home Scams

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I’m now working a part-time job that does not pay enough to maintain my expenses. I’d like to do clerical work from my own house to earn extra money. With all the work from home scams today, could you point me to some sites that could help? It posts jobs for part-time and work-from-home positions. The post Beware Of Work From Home Scams appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Dear J.T. &

what is your company providing if you’re working from home?

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This got me thinking about what kinds of things one should be asking and negotiating for when it comes to remote work, especially when you’re not yet sure of company policies and culture like you would be if you had already worked there prior to going remote. In my situation, I’ll be setting up a home office for the first time. Maybe also from the commenters some unexpected things that either they wish they would have asked for and/or are very glad to have.

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14 Tips For Working From Home

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Overall, working from home can be a positive and rewarding experience for you, your family, and your employer, if you follow a few simple tips: 1. Understand Your Employer’s Expectations Will your job requirements and duties be the same at home as in an office environment? How much support will you receive as a home office worker? How will you communicate your efforts and results to your employer? Do you work best according to your moods?

Yes! You Really Can Find Work From Home Jobs!

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Did you know that you can actually find work from home jobs from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, or businesses with a national footprint? There once was a time when going to work meant that you had to get up early in the morning, get dressed, make breakfast, rush out the door, drive in hours of traffic, and arrive at a remote location to perform your job. Your employment circumstances look exactly like your parents’ way of life.

Working Online: Self-Employed Contractor

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Working online is a growing phenomenon, and Peter Drucker’s comment explains why. With little cost for companies and clients to communicate, it is becoming ever easier for people to find work online or to start an online business.The trend is growing, and is across a diversity of industries, from management to teaching, customer service, and […].

if you have a disability, do employers have to let you keep working from home after they re-open?

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A reader writes: My friend’s office is reopening and bringing everyone back to work. She’s asking to be allowed to continue working from home (which everyone in her organization has been doing for the last two months), and HR has chided her for not being a “team player” and coming into the physical building like everyone else. So anyone in this situation can ask to continue working from home as a reasonable accommodation.

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Beware of ‘Work from Home’ Scams

JT & Dale Talk Jobs

I’m now working a part-time job that does not pay enough to maintain my expenses. I’d like to do clerical work from home to earn extra money. It posts jobs for part-time and work-from-home positions. Dale: Backing up, you need to remember employers don’t really want to post a job, especially a highly desirable one like you’re describing. Dear J.T. & & Dale: I recently lost my job.

Employee Engagement: 15 Advantages of Working From Home

David Zinger

David Zinger, founder and host of the 3000 member Employee Engagement Network , has worked from his home for over 30 years. David recently completed his first book, ZENGAGE: How to Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work. Employee Engagement Homework.

I’m scared I’ll be fired for needing to care for my kid while we work from home

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A reader writes: I work as a healthcare professional for a large national company where we have strict turnaround times to review our cases. Right now due to Covid-19, the state has suspended our work and we are just doing clerical work for the most part. We all work from home normally, not just now. I explained that right now, I’m homeschooling my young children and am trying to balance work and homeschooling that all of us were forced into.

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does working from home look less dedicated, boss wants me to offer a ridiculously low salary, and more

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My dad says continuing to work at home makes me look less dedicated. My office has been working remotely since March, but a new plan was recently introduced to optionally allow people back in office on a careful schedule. But even if you work somewhere that would penalize you for this, you should still ignore him because we’re talking about people’s lives. I am the assistant for a very sweet older man, who works in a field that requires graduate degrees.

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