Unstable Employees at Work

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I didn't know, so I asked my favorite labor and employment lawer, Jon Hyman of the Ohio Employer's Law Blog. I've been reading about the Arizona shootings and was especially interested with the emails from one of the shooter's classmates--about how he was sure the guy was dangerous. And I thought, what could a company do in a situation where an employee was showing signs of instability?

The Basics of Labor Relations #hrbasics


There are articles about labor law, the NLRB, the current alt labor situations, working in a unionized environment and a lot of information for those working in organizations without a labor unions. They provide excellent coverage and analysis on developments in traditional labor law.

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Discrimination, Contracts, & Compliance, Oh My! #ELBC is Here!


This week Blogging4Jobs has the pleasure of hosting the Employment Law Blog Carnival. Discrimination in the workplace, contract law, and keeping compliant are the choice topics for legal bloggers during this time of year. Thanks to Eric B Meyer at The Employer Handbook for this descriptive piece on two men, one purple nurple. Judy and Kate give a few ways to avoid this type of discrimination over on the Employment Law Navigator blog.

PODCAST: What Questions Should HR Leaders Expect From the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision?

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and blogger at The Ohio Employer’s Law Blog on the Hobby Lobby Ruling. Jon''s one of the best people to listen to about anything related to employment law. Stuff we talk about: --How the Hobby Lobby decision is related to the Affordable Care Act and how it’s affected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which allows the opting out of laws that substantially burden the exercise of a person’s religion. --Are

12 Great Free HR & Recruiting Webinars with #HRCI Credits


Employment Law Update Webinar Series. This webinar series is hosted by the Miller Law Group out of Ohio but is open to anyone. They offer a professional employer series. Register for our Triple Threat webinar getting you up to speed on FMLA, Disability and Worker’s Comp on 2/26 at 1 PM EST. Eligible for 1.0 HRCI revert credits. Click here to register. . HR & Recruiting Webinars.

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Unemployment Discrimination: Monster.com Has It Right, People (Job Boards are PLATFORMS).

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National Employment Law Project on Wednesday lobbed its latest attack on CareerBuilder.com, which NELP says won't stop posting ads that stipulate applicants must be "currently employed.". Repeat after me: Job Boards are PLATFORMS, not arbitrators of quality, fairness or morality.