6 Hot Careers in Engineering

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Engineering continues to be a hot career for college grads. Engineering careers tend to pay quite well, although much depends on the specialty and demand for that specialty. If you are thinking of a career in Engineering or if you are already an Engineer, then it makes sense to know the some of the engineering career choices, including salary expectations and leads on where to find a job. Salary survey here ==>> Petroleum Engineer.

Engineering the Right Career Move

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Young college graduates with newly minted engineering degrees face a much brighter future than most of their peers, according to “ U.S. ” In an article that appears in its “ Best Graduate Schools 2014 ” guidebook, the magazine said engineering has become the “it” degree. Arlene Weintraub, the article’s author, noted that the unemployment rate for engineers as of late 2012 was 2 percent, roughly half of the 3.9 Civil Engineers.


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Five Advantages of an Engineering Management Master’s


Applying management practices in the engineering sphere, an engineering management degree confers many benefits to its students. Finding a Like-Minded Network . Engineering Design Management . Industrial Engineering Systems Engineering .

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Engineering Careers You Might Not Know About

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Engineering is a very wide field. Many people only know of a few engineering fields and careers, namely electrical, civil, and mechanical engineering. Software engineers can get jobs as certified ethical hackers. Ethical hackers are usually employed by organizations to try and penetrate computer systems and networks, the same way a typical hacker would. Software engineers can also become game programmers. Agricultural engineer. Petroleum engineer.

What Does it Take to Become a Civil Engineer?

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Civil engineering is about constructing, adapting and maintaining infrastructures that people depend on every day—railways, roads, bridges, flood defences, waste networks and water supply. Civil engineers have to ensure that these infrastructures are functioning efficiently to meet the challenges in climate change, population growth and natural disasters. A civil engineer designs, constructs and supervises construction […].

Résumé Help - Senior Network Engineer

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A résumé is a reflection of you. It represents your personal brand. For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure your résumé is aesthetically pleasing, well organized for ease of readability, and most of all, accurate. You can’t afford to make errors on your résumé If you do, hiring managers will think you are unable to produce quality work. Today’s résumé is in need of an overhaul.

12 Best Job Search Engines and Aggregators


I think it is pretty safe to assume that we all know what a job search engine is. Job aggregators “are true “job search engines” that collect job postings from other sites across the web (including employer career sites and paid job boards) and store them in a very large database where they are searchable by job seekers.” These types of search engines have quickly become one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the talent to your job postings.

From Engineering to E-commerce

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I worked for a huge engineering firm within the oil and gas industry for more than ten years. I managed the Rest of World sales team (consisting of nine men – mainly surveyors, engineers and tech guys). I didn't network enough at the beginning. There are huge networks of people to help and support people wishing to change career or start their own business. Join networking groups to find opportunities, and do your research. "I enjoyed the work.

5 Tips For Engineering Resumes

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Engineering is a very broad career industry, and it’s important to consider these key concepts for your resume to be considered. Share Email Print Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Digg Reddit About Jennifer Anthony Learn more: [link] View all posts by Jennifer Anthony → This entry was posted in resume creation , resume tips , resume writing and tagged creating a resume , engineering resume , resume tips , resume writing.

Search Engine Optimization Can Boost Your Job Search

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful and important tool that blogs and e-businesses utilize to drive traffic to their websites for purposes of enhancing exposure and expanding monetization opportunities. LinkedIn, a professional social networking website, is an excellent tool for job-seekers to use to connect with other professionals and capture the attention of employers. This is far more search engine friendly.

Why Engineers Hate All Tech Recruiters


If you are a technical candidate, a programmer, engineer or data scientist who has a disdain for recruiters, I will challenge you that you don’t have a clue. Aside from your CEO and a good engineering team, your recruiter is the third most important hire you make at your company. Engineers and programmers we know that you are important, but we, recruiters are too. Good recruiters network. They don’t spam or blind email 357 engineers.

Networking Tips For The Introvert

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Did you know that introverts can be great networkers? They just go about networking in a different mode than the extrovert, and since a lot of the advice you see on networking for your career seems to be geared toward those extroverts, the combination of introvert/networking has to be redefined. Search Engine Journal usually is a site visited by marketers and webmasters, those interested in tech-savvy networking of the internet kind.

New Facebook Search Engine Lets Employers Find You

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Identified.com , a new Facebook search engine, gives employers and others access to your work and education history. If you join Identified, you can also use their search engine. Identified will give you results for your first and second level Facebook networks. I talked with Brendan Wallace, Identified’s CEO, to learn more. The company started by indexing U.S. Facebook profiles that make work history, school history, and friends lists public.

What are the Alternatives to LinkedIn for Sourcing and Networking?

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Boasting over 300 million members, LinkedIn has cornered the market as the social network of choice for professionals around the world. However in the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of niche professional networking sites […]. What are the Alternatives to LinkedIn for Sourcing and Networking? There’s no doubt that when it comes to sourcing online, LinkedIn is a paradise for recruiters.

5 Job Search Tips For Engineers

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If you have just graduated from college with engineering as your major and are looking for a job, don’t get desperate. Competition in the engineering field is expected to be tough in the next decade. 5 Job Search Tips For Engineers. The following job search tips will help you land an engineering job quickly after graduating from college: 1. You most likely did not study general engineering. All fields of engineering do not deal with the same thing.

5 Best Computer Networking Courses

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5 Best Computer Networking Courses. We’ve asked over 50 computer networking experts to rank the 5 best computer networking courses and certifications online. Computer networking is a growing field, with high demand for certified, experienced professionals.

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6 Ways Search Engine Optimize Your Recruiting Efforts


SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a common practice in the internet and online marketing space. With more than 88 billion google search engine searches each month , a company’s recruiting and HR teams can use SEO tactics to elevate their career page, job posting, and to increase their employment brand online. For bloggers, credible websites that link to your blog or page can increase your placement within a search engine.

Job Search Trap: I Can Network Only By Computer

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I gave a talk at a networking group recently about Manage Your Job Search. They got 15 points for going on an informational interview, and 15 points for networking at an event. Loose connections will say, “Oh, I heard about that developer job (or tester job or project manager job or engineering job or whatever job) in that company last week. I have many tips about networking for shy people in Manage Your Job Search.

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Five Things You Must Do Before a Networking Event

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Here are five things that you must do before a networking event. Many networking events will include a list of attendees either in advance of the event or upon arrival. Some networking events, such as conferences or association mixers, will be sponsored by corporations. A great way to find new is to type the company name, the current year, and the words, “press release” in your search engine search bar. Don’t let it happen at a networking event.

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Threshold Consulting: It's Your Life, Own It!: Engine for Job.

Threshold Consulting

Main | Twitter: It’s Not Just About Lunch » Engine for Job Growth: YOU! You’re probably familiar with the idea that small business is the engine of job growth. Increasingly, it now looks like the engine of job growth needs to be the individual. Cross-posted at The Personal Branding Blog Posted by Walter Akana in Personal Branding | Permalink TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Engine for Job Growth: YOU!

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Taking Networking to the Next Level: Getting Your Name Out There


When was the last time you entered your name in the Google search engine? You might be wondering what this has to do with career networking. Many executives and recruiters use Google to look up your name, try to find out about you and […] The post Taking Networking to the Next Level: Getting Your Name Out There appeared first on WorkAlpha. Networking Networking Tips What results did you see? Does your name appear numerous times?

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5 Tips for Leveraging you Social Network in Your Job Search

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Your network of friends, family and acquaintances is by far your single largest asset. While many people worry that “leveraging your network&# means you will need to “cold call&# your friends and relatives and ask them to help you get a new job, this is not the case. The Internet combined with your Network makes for a very powerful tool in your job search. And then, of course, there is your extended network.

Job Search Trap: I Can Network Only By Computer

Hiring Technical People

I gave a talk at a networking group recently about Manage Your Job Search. They got 15 points for going on an informational interview, and 15 points for networking at an event. Loose connections will say, “Oh, I heard about that developer job (or tester job or project manager job or engineering job or whatever job) in that company last week. I have many tips about networking for shy people in Manage Your Job Search.

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It's a Small World – Networking

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» It’s a Small World – Networking “ Through the too many miles and the too little smiles I still remember you. &# – Harry Chapin I ran into some former coworkers the other day both of whom I worked with a few years back at a large financial institution. Depending on your industry and the city you work in, your network and extended network can span a very large number of people and companies.

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Helping Your Network to Help You (Find A Job)

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « The Best Places to Work – Period The Best Places to Work in IT – 1 » Helping Your Network to Help You (Find A Job) “ It’s all about people. If you’re looking to transition your career into a different field or different type of company, you need to be particularly proactive about letting your network know what you’re looking for.

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A New Job Search Engine Just for Green Jobs | CareerSolvers

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 A New Job Search Engine Just for Green Jobs I recently caught up with online job search expert and entrepreneur, Chris Russell , to learn more about a new site he has launched called Green Job Spider. Green Job Spider is a job search engine, not a job board. Our job search engine is one of the first of its kind to focus exclusively on a specific niche.

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4 Ways Recruiters Use Social Networking to Find You


Using Social Networking in Your Job Search. LinkedIn, the Professional Job Search Network. Companies are using job-posting feeds to automate job postings from their ATS or applicant tracking system to social networks. Recruiters source social networks and profiles either using individual using keyword search or tools like Remarkable Hire , which allows for recruiters to search multiple social networks and online communities in a single search.

How To Use Facebook for Professional Networking #TechTuesday

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Why use Facebook for professional networking? As you get friend requests from colleagues, customers and managers it's no longer strictly that social network. So let's cut to the chase, how do you use Facebook for professional networking? Just to confuse you further, Facebook has a decent third part application called BranchOut which is all about professional networking on the Facebook platform. What is your best networking tip on Facebook?

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How Predictive Analytics Help Troubleshoot Network Issues?

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Ten years ago, if a person had suggested a predictive model to prevent a network failure occurring due to a planned breach, people would have not believed him. In simple words, a predictive system looks for irregularities or patterns in data and identifies issues in a network or a server before they transform into bigger problems. Analysis of Network Behavior. This not only helps in the security but also in network management and policy setting.

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4 Must-Have Networking Tools

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But I am here to tell you that networking makes a difference. If you are a shy or introverted individual, networking can, over time, make you a better communicator. 4 Must-Have Networking Tools. Here are four great networking tools to help you get started: 1. Whenever I attend a networking event, I make a point to ask for a person’s business card so I can go back and connect with them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is more than just a business network.

5 Steps For Establishing Credibility While Networking

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The engine that keeps all of this on track is you being cognizant of your relevance to what they are talking about. How To Find A New Job authentic credibility dialogue Job Search networking steps value This is a guest blog post by Randy Block. It’s all in the set up. You are at this luncheon, which features a speaker. There is a round table with 7 other people.

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Career Networking Is Not Magic

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [09.13.10] View Comments Career Networking Is Not Magic Over the coming months, I’ll be featuring some of the fantastic career experts I’ve approved for the career expert directory. Thom is a career networking and personal branding expert living in Austin, Texas. Thom’s guest post today highlights the hard work and, to use Thom’s words, “tenacity&# required for successful career networking.

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Online Networking Tips for Job Search

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Online networking has revolutionized the way people build and maintain relationships and search for jobs. That is the power of online networking. Create profiles on business and social networking and online identity sites to make it easier to be found by hiring managers. With traditional networking you can only be in one place at a time; with online networking you can interact with multiple communities simultaneously.

How to REALLY Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

Resume Bear

For some, it makes more sense to have a smaller, more targeted network. But as a recruiter, it is imperative that I have a large and diverse network. For me, it’s all about quality *and* quantity… As such, I decided to be an open networker and set my sights on growing my network by following the steps below. I eventually grew my network to 30,000 first-level connections (back in June 2009), at which point LinkedIn capped my network.

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The Top Reason To Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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But even if you have invested in professional services , without networking activity you can end up with a perfectly constructed profile that sits in the background like a treasure box in the back of the closet; there’s really good stuff in it, but nobody has opened it up to find out. The LinkedIn search engine uses complicated algorithms that are unique to the site. Your networking activity on the site keeps your profile active and gets more traffic to your page.

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How To Network On Twitter (Part 2)

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I typically hear this a lot when it comes to dating and marriage, but I think it applies to networking as well. Whether or not the number of qualified people (and “qualified” differs with each search) are a large enough sample to give wise information, it is certainly large enough to give you a significant number of pre-qualified leads to people you may want to network with. site:twitter.com/*/lists/ iphone developer | engineer.

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Career Networking: Welcome To Humanity

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [10.01.10] View Comments Career Networking: Welcome To Humanity There really is no way around it. But if you decide that career networking is either right or necessary for you right now. The career networking crowd is an interesting bunch. And so if you do venture out to the great networking halls of the world. Tell me about your career networking experiences.

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Networking Without A Purpose Is Just Socializing

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [08.31.10] View Comments Networking Without A Purpose Is Just Socializing Last night I shared one of my favorite presentations. With one of the best career networking resource groups in Orange County and likely one of the best in the world. We talked a lot about career networking. And networking is no exception. To connect with your friends and networking community.

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Five Strategies for Leveraging Your Online Social Networks

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million participate in online social networks , compared to just 27 percent a year ago.&# networks. While online social networks are useful in terms of helping you make connections, developing a great “brand&# identity and maintaining a good online reputation is of critical importance. This article will provide five strategies for creating online social networking that will help you build your reputation and leverage your contacts.

How to Power Up Your Networking Skills [10 Top Tips]

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Love it or loath it, networking is a powerful way of learning, giving and relating to others. So here are ten top tips on ways that you can power up your networking skills: Know who you know – professionals would call this a database but that sounds very formal. Join a virtual network – spend a couple of hours a month playing. Know – know who you want to network with, know what you need to know about them and how you can help them. Networking relationship

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Networking

The Undercover Recruiter

The ability to network is not an innate, God-given quality. Networking is a marketing tool; crucial to the success of you and your business that can take a variety of different forms. From face-to-face business conferences, to less formal coffee or after-work drinks meetings, there are also a wide variety of online and social networking methods including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs. Here’s a list of best and worst ways of doing networking: DO’S.

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Networking Advice: 5 Ways to Make Networking Work for YOU!

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9 Advantages to Subscribing to Our Site Career-Rx Interview Prep Tool 10 Steps to a Job Search Career Personality Test Attitude Adjustment Twitter 101 Am I Money Quiz Job Search Engine CAREEREALISM Toolkit Contact Us 9 Reasons to Subscribe FREE Webinars Premium Career Tools C3 = Career Coaching Clinic 144-Page e-Book Full-Service Career HMO ABOUT ABOUT US FAQ NEWS & MENTIONS OUR TEAM PRIVACY POLICY WHY WE EXIST AM I MONEY? 5 Ways to Make Networking Work for YOU!

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Successful Career Networking: Being Good With Names

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [09.02.10] View Comments Successful Career Networking: Being Good With Names Sometimes things come full circle. As I constantly am looking for ways to bring you successful ways to become better at career networking. So for a lot of people career networking is really hard. Similar to my rant about the need to personalize those generic Linkedin invitations , so it is true for in-person career networking.

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