4 Ways Recruiters Use Social Networking to Find You


26th on how to use social media and personal branding by clicking here. While social media seems to be infiltrating nearly every bit of your lives, what about work? You might be surprised at how savvy recruiters and human resources professionals are when it comes to using social media for recruiting, sourcing, and workplace branding at your organization. A transformation is happening in the way senior leaders and HR professionals view social media. Social Sourcing.

5 Tips for Leveraging you Social Network in Your Job Search

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Social media is just a buzzword until you come up with a plan. ” – Zach Dunn. Your network of friends, family and acquaintances is by far your single largest asset. While many people worry that “leveraging your network&# means you will need to “cold call&# your friends and relatives and ask them to help you get a new job, this is not the case. The Internet combined with your Network makes for a very powerful tool in your job search.

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How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Executive Job Search

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Search engines strive to deliver the most relevant, helpful search results, when you enter words and phrases in a browser. Search engines frown on this practice and may penalize web pages that go overboard with keyword density. Keep in mind that search engines typically pay more attention to the content that sits towards the top of any web page. Social Proof: Where Online Presence Meets Personal Branding.

Five Strategies for Leveraging Your Online Social Networks

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million participate in online social networks , compared to just 27 percent a year ago.&# networks. While online social networks are useful in terms of helping you make connections, developing a great “brand&# identity and maintaining a good online reputation is of critical importance. This article will provide five strategies for creating online social networking that will help you build your reputation and leverage your contacts.

Building Actionable Relationships from Social Networking

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I was asked to keynote at our Social Media Club. The topic, “social media in the boardroom.” I presented on “Building Actionable Relationships from Social Networking,&# a subject I have a lot of experience with the past three years.

5 Tips For Engineering Resumes

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Engineering is a very broad career industry, and it’s important to consider these key concepts for your resume to be considered. A VA can help with blogging, social networking, website updates, newsletter administration, and more!

Search Engine Optimization Can Boost Your Job Search

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful and important tool that blogs and e-businesses utilize to drive traffic to their websites for purposes of enhancing exposure and expanding monetization opportunities. LinkedIn, a professional social networking website, is an excellent tool for job-seekers to use to connect with other professionals and capture the attention of employers. This is far more search engine friendly.

6 Ways Search Engine Optimize Your Recruiting Efforts


SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a common practice in the internet and online marketing space. With more than 88 billion google search engine searches each month , a company’s recruiting and HR teams can use SEO tactics to elevate their career page, job posting, and to increase their employment brand online. For bloggers, credible websites that link to your blog or page can increase your placement within a search engine. Going Social.

15 Savvy Tips To Boost LinkedIn Profile Views

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And you need to keep yourself and your personal brand top-of-mind with your ever-expanding network. By building content that is ever-mindful of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your profile sits there working PASSIVELY for you – making you more visible and finadable. Strategically placed, the right keywords elevate your search rankings in LinkedIn’s search engine, increasing your profile’s SEO and significantly boosting your profile views.

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How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Professional Headline SEO-Friendly

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Any relevant keywords you place there will be more readily found by search engines than the content below it. The second block of fields is the “Headline” Fill in your juicy new, keyword-rich headline and hit “Save Changes” Your new LinkedIn professional headline will immediately be indexed in LinkedIn’s search engine, waiting for people to search those keywords. To maximize your LinkedIn professional headline, make it SEO-friendly.

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Do Grammar and Spelling Errors Really Matter in Executive Job Search?

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Personal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about the relevant keywords and phrases (or “hard” skills) you possess that recruiters and hiring managers most search online to source and assess candidates like you. If these keywords are misspelled, search engines may not recognize them, making you invisible to the very people who can help you reach your career goals. This helps search engines find your profile, even when people misspell your name in a search for you.

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3 Neglected, But Simple, Personal (Social) Branding Strategies

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Optimizing” means improving your personal SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Social media – include links to each of your accounts, if you’re active there. LinkedIn – your LI URLTwitter – your Twitter URLFacebook – your Facebook URL[list other applicable social media]. How to Network Into the Goldmine of Hidden Executive Jobs. Some personal branding strategies for job search take a lot of time to accomplish.

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How To Exploit the New LinkedIn for Best SEO

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Let’s talk a little about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and job search. The content needs to appeal to them and search engines, and it needs to differentiate the value you offer the employers you’re targeting, over your job-seeking competitors. More in my post, How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Executive Job Search. Take Advantage of the New LinkedIn User Interface To Draw More People To Your Profile.

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Get Social Regarding Your Career

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Socially speaking, a job in social networking is quickly becoming a viable career option for digitally savvy job-seekers the world over. From its marketing and customer service benefits to its undeniable popularity, social media is a must for businesses nowadays, which means its career potential is sky-high. Here are just a few reasons why a career in social media provides job stability for the foreseeable future: . Social Statistics.

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LinkedIn FAQs for Executive Job Search

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LinkedIn is undeniably the executive job-seeker’s most important and powerful tool for online personal branding, networking and career management. Networking is the best way to land your next great gig. LinkedIn offers the best social networking experience. Expand and engage your LinkedIn network. The more people you’re connected with, the wider your network, and the more likely good-fit opportunities will come your way.

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Essential Checklist to Optimize LinkedIn For Executive Job Search

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Be ever-mindful of Personal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keyword density in your profile content. Build and Engage Your LinkedIn Network. Develop a strategy and scripts to connect with people you don’t know, who will be important to network with. Reach out to your network regularly to see how they’re doing, offer support, and pass along something of interest to them.

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3 Juicy Insider LinkedIn Personal Branding Tips

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In both cases, you need to: Determine who your target audience is – for job search, that means target employers, Define your personal brand – what makes you unique, valuable and a good-fit for your target audience, or employers, Communicate and market those good-fit qualities across various channels, Connect and network with your target audience, or people at your target companies. More content = More relevant keywords = Better personal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or visibility.

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10 Best Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online

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Like it or not, getting involved with social media and building your personal brand online have become essential components of today’s job search. But always remember – If you’re in a confidential job search, be very careful of your activity on social media, and any content you post anywhere online. Establish a home base for all your career and job search marketing materials, and social media activity. Get Busy on Social Networks.

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How to Make Your Executive LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

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Any recruiter, hiring manager or even a colleague will look at your LinkedIn profile as well as any other social media outlets, blogs or websites to get an idea of your brand. If you aren’t sure what your online brand currently is, now is a good time to search for your name in a search engine and look at the results. Utilizing LinkedIn to its fullest extent is important for professionals at any level.

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Look, I Found My Personal Brand Doppelganger!

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Poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reduces impact and authority. LinkedIn, Google, and other search engines will view your profile as “duplicate content” and may place it further down in search results, below the “earlier” version created by the originator. Search engines penalize duplicate content! How Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Impacts Executive Job Search.

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Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: I don’t need an online presence

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You’ve heard that social networking and online presence are important, but they’re just not for you. I don’t have time for social networks and I don’t like the idea of putting myself ‘out there’ online. Ignoring online presence and social networks when you’re job-hunting is a big mistake. They’re looking for social proof supporting the claims made in candidate’s career documents (resume, biography, etc.) and when networking.

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Employer Social Media Could Save US Companies $370 Billion in 2012


I’ve long been a fan of social media for the purposes of research, information sharing, and relationship building. The social intranet or employee social network is defined as an internal platform where all employees can author content and connect easily. Corporate Social Networking & the US Economy. Yes, Aberdeen’s data and research is a little old and yes, corporate social media networks are not the end all be all solutions.

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Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Those candidates are providing better “ social proof ” of their value, and they present as more up to date with the digital age and the new world of work. Your online brand communications plan should be built around posting relevant content that will demonstrate your subject matter expertise, and include things like: Posting articles on LinkedIn’s Puls e network. Posting LinkedIn network updates. Getting busy on other social networks – Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How to Write a Dazzling LinkedIn Summary

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Your goal here is to strike a balance between personal branding and personal SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or hard vs. soft skills. Executive Career Management Executive Job Search Executive Personal & Career Branding LinkedIn Online Presence & Online Reputation Management Social Media & Social Networking LinkedIn strategy online reputation personal branding social media

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Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: Neglecting SEO and Keywords

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It may be the best place online to reconnect with your neglected network, expand your network to include new people (including recruiters), and demonstrate your subject matter expertise and thought leadership. I don’t recommend this, but even if you passively sit back and don’t take advantage of the many networking activities and features LinkedIn offers, a fully fleshed out, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile will help you land a great-fit gig.

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The 3 Most Important LinkedIn Profile SEO Places for Relevant Keywords

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They go to the LinkedIn search engine and type in various relevant keywords and phrases that match the qualifications they’re seeking. Strategically placed, the right keywords elevate your search rankings in LinkedIn’s search engine, increasing your profile’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the likelihood you’ll be found and considered by them. This is not the place to put phrases like “Open to Network” or “Seeking Opportunities in XYZ”.

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Help! My LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements Are a Mess

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There is debate about how much weight the Skills and Endorsement section carries with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), compared with the more critical spots for SEO , like the professional headline, name field, summary section, and job titles. Want a quick and easy way to connect with your network and stay top-of-mind with them? A client of mine – a Chief Marketing Officer in global healthcare – had a great LinkedIn question for me recently.

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Updating: A Social Media Strategy For Job Search

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Here is the original (and still relevant) use of the word in social media for job search: “Updating&# is the act of refreshing or providing a reminder of your presence online. The act of adding new content or information about yourself within your profile or content stream in each social platform. Updating your social media presence is important. It allows you to (potentially) build social credibility. You are there to network with a purpose.

Top Do’s and Don’ts on How Jobseekers Should Conduct Themselves on Facebook

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Opinions differ dramatically when it comes to the way you should conduct yourself on social networking sites such as Facebook. Author, Emilie Legrand, is an account executive at integrated search, PR and social media agency Punch Communications. Related posts: Professional Social Networking. Utilizing all Social Networking Outlets for Your Job Search. Careers Advice Career advice Career Advisor Guest Posts Social Networks

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Is Your Online Presence Strong Enough to Compete?

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They’re looking for plenty of information about each candidate, and they want “ social proof ”, to validate the claims these candidates have made in their resumes and other personal marketing materials. Do your search results contain plenty of your relevant keywords and phrases, so that those web pages are optimized for search engines (or SEO-friendly)? It takes time for the content you post to gain traction in search engines.

5 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes

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Marks you as out of date with social media. The more of the right keywords your profile contains, the more likely your profile will rank higher with LinkedIn’s search engine, which boosts the likelihood you’ll be found and considered by these key people. Bring new people into your network, to open yourself to more opportunities.

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Best Kept Secret to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

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Your LinkedIn profile offers several choice locations to insert the right keywords to help elevate your search rankings – or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – and the likelihood you’ll be found and considered by them. This not only distinguishes you from others with your name, but also helps boost your keyword recognition in LinkedIn searches – as well as on Google, Bing and other search engines. Your social networking sites.

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LinkedIn Hashtags: A New Personal Brand-Building Tactic

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LinkedIn is one of the last of the big social media platforms to join the hashtag party, although they briefly toyed with them in 2013. They are a way to label themes or topics in social media messages, to categorize them and make messages with these keywords easier to find and follow online.

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Personal SEO in Executive Job Search: What’s in a Name?

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If you stand out, it’s easier for executive recruiters and hiring decision makers to find the information they need about you – to determine your good-fit qualities – and for social proof , to verify the claims you’ve made in your resume and other career documents. Search engines will “see” the various spellings of your name and call up your LinkedIn profile, even if someone has Googled one of these misspellings or alternate spellings of your name.

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5 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile Isn’t Working

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But, when you’re in networking and job search mode, you need to make use of the LinkedIn “active” features that help you connect and stay top-of-mind with people, and demonstrate your thought leadership and subject matter expertise. Strategically placed, the right keywords elevate your search rankings in LinkedIn’s search engine, increasing your profile’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and significantly boosting the likelihood you’ll be found and considered by them.

2015 190

3 BIG Mistakes That Screw Up Your LinkedIn Professional Headline

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your headline and photo accompany your update when your network is notified. And most especially, your headline is the most important SEO (search engine optimization) spot on your profile. LinkedIn and other search engines may not recognize phrases that vary from the exact words in any way. It’s better to sacrifice one of the keywords, so that the rest of them will be parsed correctly by search engines.

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The Top Reason You Should Be On LinkedIn

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To quote the Society For Human Resource Management : Organizations (77%) are increasingly using social networking sites for recruiting, primarily as a way to attract passive job candidates. Fewer organizations (20%) use social networking websites or online search engines to screen job candidates. You don’t have to stay on the site all the time because your input keeps your profile current and the search engines will bring you up in the first few pages.

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How to Use the New LinkedIn for Executive Personal Branding – Part 1

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Expanding Your Network with Quality Connections. Updating Your LinkedIn Network. Whether or not you’re willing to accept and embrace them, the digital age and social media will impact your job search. Your time is much better spent on LinkedIn, taking advantage of the value it offers for passive job search, when you’re actively networking for jobs and for overall career management. Social Recruiting and Your Executive Job Search.

2013 210

7 Reasons NOT to Copy Someone Else’s LinkedIn Profile

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Known across social media as duplicating or “scraping” content, violating copyrights can lead you into all kinds of moral and legal issues. Bad SEO (search engine optimization) reduces impact and authority. LinkedIn, Google, and other search engines will view your profile as “duplicate content” and may place it further down in search results, below the “earlier” version done by the originator. Search engines penalize duplicate content!

2014 212

The Online Safety and Privacy Dilemma in Executive Job Search

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Understandably, many job seekers struggle with putting themselves “out there” when they’re building their online footprint by using social media. On one hand, they need to have a strong, diverse online presence to be “find-able”, to promote their personal brand , and to provide social proof of the claims they’ve made in their personal marketing materials (LinkedIn profile, resume, biography, etc.). Networking is still the best method.

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10 Best Ways to Get More Executive Job Interviews

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The other day I was speaking with a CIO in healthcare who had been working with a few recruiters and networking a little over the past few months, but had only landed one or two interviews. These “keywords” will help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for any content about you that you put online. In other words, be prepared to communicate your unique value proposition and best-fit qualities for your target companies when you network.

2015 191

Why Is My Executive Job Search Taking So Long?

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before you even begin the proactive process of networking your way into your next great-fit gig. as you network your way into the “hidden” job market, where most jobs reside. Researching helps you uncover the all-important relevant keywords and phrases you’ll use in your job search content to boost your personal SEO (Search Engine Optimization), making you more findable online. They come through networking. I won’t sugarcoat it.

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10 Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn has become one of the most effective social networking sites for business professionals. Use your most important keywords in both for search engine optimization purposes, but speak directly to the person you’d most like to connect with. Keywords help to ensure that your LinkedIn profile can be found in the search engines. Job Search Networking Social Marketing/Online Branding career change linkedin LinkedIn profiles online profiles social networking