6 Top Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

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Discover Career Opportunities EntrepreneursWhile it may seem impossible to keep on top of absolutely everything, there are lots of tips and tricks you can follow in order to live a happy life in the world of business.

Five Points for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs to Consider

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LLC’s present entrepreneurs with the dual benefit of acting like a partnership and a corporation at the same time. A lot of entrepreneurs dream of taking their business overseas and penetrating global markets. As a female entrepreneur (read: girl boss!),

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10 Books Every New Entrepreneur Should Read

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Did you know that some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time are avid readers? Who it’s geared towards : Entrepreneurs, founders, business professionals. Who it’s geared towards : Founders, entrepreneurs and anyone on the hustle.

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Excelling as an Entrepreneur (While Helping Others)

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Entrepreneurs who are focused on underrepresented audiences have been finding success by filling in the gaps that big businesses often overlook. It’s also worth noting that you’ll likely have little to no competition, which can help in your overall success as a entrepreneur.

5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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To be successful, there are certain skills that every entrepreneur must master. From accepting change to being unique, here are some tips that you can use to become a successful entrepreneur. This is a simple concept for which every entrepreneur has to be aware.

Entrepreneurship: 3 Key Strategic Moments for Entrepreneurs

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Starting up your own business can be one of the most exciting things you can do as an entrepreneur. The pivot doesn’t have to be something that you, as an entrepreneur, need to fear. The post Entrepreneurship: 3 Key Strategic Moments for Entrepreneurs appeared first on Ms.

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5 Essential Things All Female Entrepreneurs Need to Know

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We’ll get this out of the way: It’s not as easy to be a female entrepreneur. There’s a lot that female entrepreneurs should know, but these essentials are unique to women. But finding a support network of other female entrepreneurs, and other women specifically in your field, is huge.

Every Female Entrepreneur Should Be Doing These 3 Things

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As a female entrepreneur, you don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, but now you’re the boss who has to make it all happen. Yes You, Too Can Be a Successful Female Entrepreneur! The post Every Female Entrepreneur Should Be Doing These 3 Things appeared first on Ms.

From Solo Entrepreneur To Starting A Team

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Hiring your first employee - Although it might feel like you’re ready, you really need to think about how ready your finances are going to be. Career Advice Team Building teamwork

Entrepreneurs: Looking to Hire? Avoid These 3 Hiring Mistakes

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New entrepreneurs typically take on all business roles themselves during their first year of operations, by necessity not choice, according to new research published by SCORE , mentors to America’s small businesses. The post Entrepreneurs: Looking to Hire?

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4 Things Every Female Entrepreneur Should Do This Year

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For female entrepreneurs especially, networking is paramount to success. Look for a local female entrepreneur meetup. If you’re unsure of where to start, the SBA offers a number of internal organizations aimed at helping women entrepreneurs. New year, same to-do list.

From Surveyor to Entrepreneur

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“I wanted to do something that allowed me to excel at being 'me'.”. Barry Freeder had always felt like he was in the wrong profession. A timely redundancy gave him the push he needed to start up on his own and make his design ambitions a reality. Here's how he did it

When To Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur

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If so, it’s time to release your inner entrepreneur and embrace the inevitable. This could mean that maybe you aren’t ready to start your entrepreneur’s journey, but the hardest part of any change is embracing it. The post When To Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur appeared first on Ms.

From Teacher to Entrepreneur

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“I was never going to be happy working for someone else.”. Fed up of bureaucracy and an ever-increasing mountain of paperwork, Richard Swan decided set out on his own.

Entrepreneurs Who Have Proved Working Later In Life Yields The Greatest Success

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Working in later life has proved successful for a number of well-known entrepreneurs. Discover Career Opportunities Entrepreneurs EntrepreneurshipWith perseverance and dedication, true success is achieved when you age.

What Being a Diverse, Female Entrepreneur Has Taught Me About Challenges and Uncertainty 

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This will not be an easy time for any entrepreneur, but as women, we know how to get through this. Female entrepreneurs often find themselves in rooms of mostly men that underestimate them, which means we have to appear taller, faster, stronger.

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Seven Things Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Know

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is experiencing right now, this time is crucial for women to take a step forward and be entrepreneurs, if that’s something they desire. This is especially important because entrepreneurs are the backbone of the U.S. What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

Three Entrepreneurs Who Balance Family AND Success

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We found three entrepreneurs who are doing it, and might just be the inspiration you need. The post Three Entrepreneurs Who Balance Family AND Success appeared first on Ms. Ever wonder what it takes to achieve that seemingly precarious balance of family and success?

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Three Tips to Unleash the Creative Entrepreneurs in Your Community

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If you are wondering how to take on the challenges of a shifting global economy, investing in creative industries entrepreneurs tackles economic, civic, and social challenges and is found in every community in every corner of the globe. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us.

Why Moms Make The Best Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that many of the qualities which make someone a successful entrepreneur are found, quite naturally in a mom? Expect the unexpected as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneur and mother of 2-year-old twins, Lauren Marie, runs Joy of Business classes for moms.

Lisa Williamson : Being an Entrepreneur and a Mom

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An Entrepreneur and a Mom. UpSpring was founded by three female entrepreneurs in 2005 and based in Austin, Texas. The post Lisa Williamson : Being an Entrepreneur and a Mom appeared first on Ms. Real Career Girls being an entrepreneur an a mom

5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Waste Time On

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The post 5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Don’t Waste Time On appeared first on Ms. Who do you look at and want to model to become a successful entrepreneur? Yes, of course, to successful entrepreneurs. Featured Productivity Work Successful Entrepreneurs

The 4 Most Important Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur in today’s world is probably more complex and challenging than ever before. People are a crucial element of any business, and building a team of highly-dedicated and motivated experts is one of the most challenging tasks each entrepreneur faces.

The 10% Entrepreneur Patrick McGinnis

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The post The 10% Entrepreneur Patrick McGinnis appeared first on Ms. The 10% Entrepreneur, by Patrick McGinnis, is one of those books. The one-line take away that we can all post on our wall: "Find your own path." Here are some more of my favorite responses: The 10% Entrepreneur.

Don’t Call Them An ” Entrepreneur “

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The post Don’t Call Them An ” Entrepreneur “ appeared first on Ms. One of the things I learned when we set out to create an entrepreneurial venture for young women is that this is a generation that doesn’t necessarily like the word “entrepreneur.”

From Employee to Entrepreneur

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“I was spending a lot of time in pointless meetings and tied up in bureaucracy.”. Stifled and far removed from the positive impact she wanted to make, Laura Rimmer decided to launch out on her own.

9. Finance for Recruitment Entrepreneurs

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Many new entrepreneurs who are not basically finance professionals, struggle with the jargons used in finance and accounts. The objective of this piece is to acquaint recruitment entrepreneurs with the basic structure of finance and accounts required for a small business to start with.

From Management Consultant to Childcare Entrepreneur

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“I couldn't miss the chance to fix something I could see wasn't working.”. Ever come across an opportunity too enticing to turn down? Zarja Cibej loved her job, but the lure of a problem in a crucial market, and the solution she could create to solve it, was simply too appealing to pass by.

Top Leadership Trends All Entrepreneurs Should Be Aware Of

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As an entrepreneur running and/or owning a business, it is important for you to stay on top of leadership trends so that you know how to get the best out of people and find the right fits for different positions. Whether you lead a team yourself, or need to employ people who will supervise, you […]. Business Advice Leadership

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Tips for Beating the Odds as a Woman Entrepreneur

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The post Tips for Beating the Odds as a Woman Entrepreneur appeared first on Ms. More and more organizations are recognizing women for their business acumen and skills as entrepreneurs, viewing them beyond the gender roles of way back when. SideHustle Work Woman Entrepreneur

31 Success Tips for Serious Entrepreneurs

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The post 31 Success Tips for Serious Entrepreneurs appeared first on Ms. They are doing many things ranging from various exercises, training, regimes, supplementation nutrition, massage, psychological coaching, etc…it’s the same for a serious entrepreneur.

Day 2 as an Entrepreneur

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Today is Day 2 of my life as a new Entrepreneur! Nicole's "Life as an Entrepreneur "Journal Videos Good Morning! As promised, I’ve shared my thoughts on the last few days via the below video.

From Banking to Helping Entrepreneurs

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“The corporate environment was stifling.”. Ever feel that you're simply not cut out for the work you're in? Natalie Robinson had always wanted to run her own business, but didn't know where to start. Then, a week-long company retreat woke her up and propelled her into action. Here's her story

The 11 Best Spring Reads For Female Entrepreneurs

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But as a female entrepreneur, how do you know what to read? We’ve curated a selection of the best books for female entrepreneurs to read in 2019 picked directly from the bookshelves of a diverse group of impactful leaders around the globe.

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Entrepreneurs: Find and Reach Customers With The Right Social Media Strategy

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So, how should entrepreneurs go about creating an effective social media marketing campaign? Prevailing research, including our recent Megaphone of Main Street report have found that entrepreneurs benefit from the support of a business mentor.

Secrets to How Women Entrepreneurs Manage Their Travel

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Secrets to How Women Entrepreneurs Manage Their Travel Undercover Recruiter -. Timebound Alex North entrepreneurs travel women in leadership

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Becoming An Entrepreneur: An Interview With Ted Rollins

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The post Becoming An Entrepreneur: An Interview With Ted Rollins appeared first on Ms. Ted is a successful entrepreneur recognized by the Inc. He’s also a regular nominee and finalist for Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year. I’m a serial entrepreneur.

Three Lessons I Learned From An Accidental Entrepreneur

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Others never consider being an entrepreneur an option and happily build successful careers working for others. As an “accidental inventor,” I quickly and passionately became and accidental entrepreneur.

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What it Takes to Go from War-Torn Iran to Successful Entrepreneur in America

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Successful serial entrepreneur is shining example of an immigrant living the American Dream. Add to that being an immigrant from a war-torn country in the Middle East, and it may seem like “successful American entrepreneur” is a far-fetched dream.

Marne Platt – A Real Ms Career Girl, Author, and Entrepreneur

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The post Marne Platt – A Real Ms Career Girl, Author, and Entrepreneur appeared first on Ms. Here at Ms Career Girl, we’ve been honored to have Marne Platt be one of our columnists. Marne has been sharing her wisdom twice each month since the Summer of 2016.

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10 Steps of Hiring for Entrepreneurs

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As an entrepreneur you may be unsure about where to start when it comes to expanding your team and welcoming another person into your business. 10 Steps of Hiring for Entrepreneurs. Employer Hiring entrepreneur Recruiting

The Path to Success as an Entrepreneur


Many of the new entrepreneurs include those who have decided to give up well paying jobs to push their own dreams, or those who lose out to the young brigade or are victims of downsizing, people with handicaps, stay-at-home mothers or work-from-home parents.

Entrepreneurs Who Changed the Market

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Some entrepreneurs want to do something that’s never been done before, while others want to build upon existing business niches or ideas and become a strong competitor. Here are nine unlikely entrepreneurs who changed the market: (Photo source: Wikipedia Commons).