2010 Top 10 Executive Personal Branding and Job Search Trends

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In a nutshell, what you need to do along with real-life networking, is embrace and leverage personal branding, social networking at sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, and social media, while building a strong, brand-evident online presence. Build a strong e-brand and brand equity. Create a key word-rich profile on Facebook and other social networking sites. ? Step away from your email, voicemail, social networks, or any communications devices.

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should I ask my employer to take down a Blue Lives Matter flag?

Ask a Manager

Recently, we started a social media campaign to show all the amazing things our coworkers do outside of the office — side businesses, hobbies, etc. This was also promoted on social media. I don’t want to offend people with family members who are on the police force or active military, of which there are a few in the office. When you’ve brought up racial equity in the past, you’ve been told it’s more important to make white clients comfortable.

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is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

It also happens across industries, not just in restaurants, and they go in groups and chat so the non-smokers end up feeling like they’re left out of important office socializing if a higher-up is involved (there’s an episode of Friends about this where Rachel takes up smoking to be able to gain more sway). Is it just more socially acceptable? About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers?

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