Massachusetts Loses Mind: Passes Law Outlawing Employers Asking For Salary History.

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In a prime example of lawmakers not understanding business, the state has outlawed employers from asking interviewees about their salary history. If we get to the end of the process, will that type of offer work for you?”. Massachusetts has lost its mind.

the first state has made it illegal to ask about salary history

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The state’s new pay equity law, which was signed last week and goes into effect next summer, makes Massachusetts the first state in the U.S. to ban asking about salary history. The step is a victory for job seekers, who have long been put at a disadvantage by employers who base salary offers on past earnings, which has meant that people who have been making below-market wages are more likely to continue to be underpaid. salary

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interviewer wants to know my current salary (with an update already included!)

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I’m close to getting an offer. At my first phone interview, they told me the salary range — about 30%-50% above what I’m paid now. I knew my salary at my current company was low, and so I was very excited to talk to a company that wasn’t asking my current salary. They asked for references, and talked about putting together an offer letter. Today, they asked for my “current compensation and bonus payout history.

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I earn more than my peers, and they’re not happy

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During the initial employment offer, the company offered their base salary for a starting amount. Since I did my homework on the average salary of the role in this area, I countered with a number closer to the average. salary

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talking about your period in a male-dominated office, telling candidates we don’t give raises, and more

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I’m hiring a new junior staff person, who will likely be a young woman given our field, and I want to be up-front about growth potential and the importance of salary history and generally supporting equitable pay and fair compensation for all employees. How do I balance equity and transparency with hiring top talent? One of these interviews is a third round interview with my top choice and I am cautiously optimistic that I will receive an offer.

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should I let my friend know his references are terrible, my boss is spreading germs, and more

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On the other hand, knowing that he has some reference problems could allow him to do more thinking and digging and potentially figure out what the issue is and solve it — or at least stop offering up a particular person or persons as references, if nothing else. I gave the wrong answer when I was ambushed with a salary question. Say this: “When we originally talked, I threw out a ballpark salary for a role like this.

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is allowing smoke breaks unfair to non-smokers? — Ask a Manager

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Of course it’s completely different for a salaried professional position. I would like the idea of creating equity and allowing it, but people just don’t need to make phone calls or step out for air nearly as often as these people need cigarettes!

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