our employee runs an adult website on the side, manager is pushing me to use public transportation, and more

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My manager is pushing me to use public transportation. Public transport during weekends and early mornings is not an option. When I announced to my employer that I got the transport sorted, he for some reason asked me if I could try to commute anyway?! Regardless, though, you don’t need to loop your manager into your transportation plans at all. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Our employee runs an adult website on the side.

Feng Shui Your Job Search Luck – How to use Feng Shui to find a Career that Harmonizes with your Personal Energies

Career Alley

A good example is a seven kua person. Hotels, hospitality, fishing, tourism, driving, transportation, gift shops, marketing, consumer goods and services, all water-related jobs, health spa, tour guide, blogger on trends, boats, yachts, sea shipping.

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Unemployment Extension Update

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Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe Unemployment Extension Update by Rich DeMatteo on October 29, 2009 Legislation Update On October 27th Senate agreed on an 87-13 procedural vote to extend unemployment insurance. A final vote will take place sometime this week, but all signs point to unemployment insurance being extended further. This is a perfect example of certain politicians personal agendas.

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How Much Money Would you Need to Retire Comfortably?


This depends on which country you live in, but take for example Australia, where the cost of living is among the world’s highest and is slightly more expensive than the US. Also check out this tool we found from Aussie insurer Suncorp’s Retirement Simulator.

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How Can Business Benefit From Blockchain Tech?

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Bitcoin is the best example of blockchains succeeding and the beginning of the use of blockchains in all technologies to improve efficiency, accountability, transparency, and productivity at reduced costs for a wide variety of businesses.

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What is The Role Of Capital Market in Economic Development?

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Such intermediaries could take the form of banks, insurance companies, investment funds, NBFCs, pension funds and such. The privatization of banks, insurance companies, real-estate sector, etc is a good example of this strategy.

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10 Tax-Free Fringe Benefits (i.e., “Perks”)

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LESSON TO LEARN : Pretty much everyone knows that employers can pay for employees’ health insurance and life insurance as a tax-free benefits, but beyond those two, and a few others, most people don’t know of the many tax-free perks employers can provide employees under US. These include costs of packing, crating, transportation, insurance, shipping, storage, mileage and temporary lodging, among others.

MEMO TO: New College Grads

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We spend “left-over money” on technology gadgets, killer apps, insurance, transportation and recreation. For example, there is the Food industry with Kroger being a company within; in fact Kroger is the largest company in the Food Industry. SUBJECT: Work responsibly.

Job Change? Ten Tax Tips – Things to discuss with your tax advisor

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Deductible moving expenses include the cost of moving household and personal effects, as well as transportation and hotels – not including meals – incurred in getting to your new home. For those relocating for job changes the IRS rules permit a partial exclusion of this profit; for example, if you lived in the residence for one year – not two – then you can exclude one half of the $250,000 profit (or one half of the $500,000 profit.).

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Global Productivity Drought: When Will It End?

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This category includes entertainment, publishing, telecom, search, social media, finance and insurance, professional and technical services, and administrative and support services, many of which are IT-based. This category includes construction, mining, healthcare, most of manufacturing, retailing, food services, education, transportation, and hotels.

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Military? – Special Civilian Job Rights are Yours

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Following Military Service of 1 to 30 consecutive days: The employee must report back to work on the first calendar day following (i) the period of service, (ii) plus the time of transportation, and (iii) 8-hour period of rest. (If Yes, USERRA gives an employee the right to elect continued health insurance for him/herself and his/her dependents, during periods of military service. “ For those who have fought for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know.”.

5 Career Paths in Disaster Management

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Among the many duties they perform, they provide security and transport during evacuations and have engineers to address dangerous situations and trouble spots. It also requires inspection of areas to ensure they adhere to National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations.

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7 Things You MUST Consider Before Accepting A Job

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For example, if you don’t work well under pressure, you probably don’t want to work in an environment that’s face-paced and stressful. rent/mortgage, transportation, food, etc). Do you need health/dental insurance? 7 Things You MUST Consider Before Accepting A Job. CAREEREALISM.

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4-Day Weeks

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Prime example: My Kids. Leave a Comment Previous post: FlexJobs Next post: Telecommuters Get Lower Insurance Rates? Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal 4-Day Weeks June 9, 2008 · 4 comments I actually have 7 day work weeks, but it doesn’t matter how many times I sit down at my desk to work in any given day or week – it doesn’t cost me any gas money to get here. Nor does it require firing up the office cubicle of course.

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did this recruiter lie to me? and why can’t I get hired by this company?

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I cannot pay my rent, car insurance, phone bill, and my medical debts with a poor-paying retail job. And the recruiter’s mention that they hired someone who was already doing the work as a contractor could be an example of that — if that person was already doing well in the role, it’s hard to compete with that.) A reader writes: For the past six months, I have been searching for a job after a long-term contract job ended.

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terse answer Thursday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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My employer emailed the entire company with updated information about our health insurance plan. Declining an interview because I don’t have transportation. I can’t drive, so I have to take public transportation. Just say that you weren’t able to arrange transportation so need to decline their offer to meet, but that you’d love to follow up with them in the future if your transportation situation changes.

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How to Launch Your Own Business

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Regardless of whether you own a new or existing business, your retail operation should have a location that is relatively secure and accessible by public transportation

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Reality and the City

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There are many more examples of car vadalism, but you get the idea. If/when I find an entry-level job in a big city, I plan on cancelling my car insurance and signing up for Zip Car right away. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us!

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how to answer “what do you do?” when you’re unemployed, employer restricts how I can spend my salary, and more

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For example, if my host site approves a living allowance of $2000/month and I only spend $1200/month on living costs (as very narrowly defined by the org) then I only get $1200/month. This part of our pay is not to be used on transportation costs, car payments, car insurance, home internet, cell phone bills, etc. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. How to answer “what do you do?” ” when you’re unemployed.

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Workplace news you cannot use | Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist

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It's a real life example of the unintended consequences of systems manipulation. link] Posted by Michelle on January 26, 2010 at 8:44 am | permalink | Reply I would argue that item #1 isn't an example of law firms becoming more flexible, but moreso an example of law firms realizing that with the GLUT of graduating lawyers they can afford to offer jobs that pay far less despite only requiring marginally fewer hours. Is this your first time here?

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