Designing a Beautiful and Functional Home Office

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The post Designing a Beautiful and Functional Home Office appeared first on Ms. No, today is the age of working from home and telecommuting. And even if you aren’t blessed with a career that allows you to work from home full-time, chances are you still have a home office to get your after-hours work done. Whatever the case may be, having a home office you want to go to work in is key to having a successful career.

5 Ways to Redo Your Home Office Without Hassle

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Is your office lackluster or affecting your workflow? Designing a new-for-you office space doesn’t have to be expensive or cause you a hassle. But dwelling on details makes the whole process of redoing your home office more difficult. So, save time, money and materials by taking the easy road to redoing your home office with these five tips. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars redoing your office from top to bottom.


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How to Have a Super Productive Home Office

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The post How to Have a Super Productive Home Office appeared first on Ms. Have you finally achieved your dream of working for a corporate office from home, starting your own business or freelancing? Productivity is more important than ever before when you’re self-employed, and if you’re still working for a company, any show of decreased productivity will have your boss calling you back in to the office – permanently.

Creating the Perfect Home Office

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My decision to switch to working at home from the corporate life brought on many challenges as much as it brought on advantages. Even as simple as the right chair and table is important in making work easy and organized, so creating the ideal perfect home office is a big priority. Working from home is often designated as telecommuting, and it has many advantages for one’s working life. Creating new office space. . Do you have tips on working from home?

Working Virtually Amidst Covid-19

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Many of us have been working from home for years. Work/Family Balance Career/Family Balance covid-19 Family home office remote work virtual job work from home

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4 Tips to Create An Organized & Productive Home Office


Thanks to the internet, email, and online meeting software, more people are working from home than ever before. However, working in the same space where you and your family live isn’t always as easy. Career Experienced Life life hacks productivity remote work Working from homeWorkology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

Life of an Entrepreneur: Home Office vs. Coworking


For the last two years I have officed out of my home. I work from the living room, kitchen table, my bed, or home office answering calls, helping clients, and running my business. I work with clients mostly over the phone and internet, but there are times I miss the office banter and conversations one has in the office spaces. Because my office is my home I have a tendency to work like a crazy fool. No Formal Office.

Tips to #ConnectIRL While Working from Home

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The post Tips to #ConnectIRL While Working from Home appeared first on Ms. Most of my week is spent working from home. If I don’t make it outside, I can go days without connecting with someone face-to-face (besides my husband when he gets home from his 9-5). If you know other people who work from home, have brainstorming lunches where you can give a new set of eyes to the details of each other’s projects.

Establishing Work-From-Home Rules for The Family


One of those tricky pairings—home and work. Working from home seems like the best of both worlds, where you can make money and achieve professional success without leaving the house or even getting out of your pajamas. Whether you are hoping to avoid the stress of a long commute or are trying to balance being a new mom with continuing in your chosen profession, working from home can be a great way to keep all the parts of your life in balance.

Conflict Between Work Events and Family Events

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All of the management team will be there, including many from home office and our top clients from the pharm side of business (my clients). If the subject of work-home balance is recurring, perhaps it’s time to talk with your wife and commit to some positive changes. Find ways to spend more time with your wife and provide more support at home. It’s great to be successful at work, but there is nothing more fulfilling than a loving partner and family.

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Creating a Home Office On a Shoestring Budget

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If you’ve ever priced office furniture, you know just how expensive some of those uber-cool desks, bookshelves, file cabinets, and chairs can be. If you’re thinking about telecommuting, defining your work-at-home space is essential. Creating a home office space, or upgrading your current work space, can cost a pretty penny. So remember, your home office workspace is all about your own productivity and comfort. Define your office space.

Work Life Balance Tips to Help You Define the Line Between Work and Home

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Traditional ideas of 9-5 office workers heading home and putting all thoughts of work aside until the following day no longer apply for many of today’s employees. According to Randstad, a leader for staffing, recruitment and HR Services, in order to achieve work life balance, it’s important for workers to set boundaries between their work and personal lives as the line between work and home continues to blur. Share your work at home success stories with us!

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Goals – Your Roadmap to the Future

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Family. Daily Life Home Officeby Jill Black. “If you can imagine it, You can achieve it, If you can dream it, You can become it.” ” -William Arthur Ward. Setting goals gives a target to aim for and provides focus for where you going and how you intend to get there. When it comes to building a life the average person spends more time planning their annual vacation than they do in planning their life. When was the last time you reviewed your current goal list?

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Crazy Guy On A Bike Worked His Way Across America

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Crazy Guy On A Bike Worked His Way Across America April 27, 2010 · 4 comments The key word to note here in the title is “WORKED.&# I’ve worked from home for about 5 yrs and said I could work from anywhere so I set out to prove it. Keith writes software for a living and normally works out of his home office.

What You Should Know About Working Remotely

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Working remotely, telecommuting, working from home--whatever you call it, it might feel like it's becoming more common. employers are forecasting that they will allow their employees to work from home more, only 9% have indicated that they will offer less remote working. In fact, 49% of organizations said they allow remote working to reduce office costs. The study also found that 40% believe working three days in-office and two days remote is the optimal combination.

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update: I need to fire an employee but I’m afraid her family will become violent

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The write-ups that we will be doing will be for errors that affect the home office, which is out of state, so they will be coming from the owner instead of the people in this office. We hope that will minimize the threat of any potential violence to the people here in the local office. Remember the post from the reader who needed to fire an employee but was afraid that her grown sons would become violent ?

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Organization Is The Key to Happiness: Working from Home Zen

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As the Covid-19 restrictions continue, many of us career girls still find ourselves working form home. While working in loungewear can be fun, there is something rewarding about the structure and organization of a physical office. Achieving Your Working From Home Zen.

Building Healthy Boundaries When Everyone Works at Home

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Cubicles and classrooms have been replaced with home offices and studies. If your family is cramming all of your regular activities onto the homefront, here are a few tips to help you build healthy boundaries as you all work, learn, rest, and play at home together.

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for People Who Work From Home


Chances are, many of your friends and family members are now working from home. However, as LEDs have helped drive the cost down, these portable and rechargeable lights are a cinch to add to your home-office setup.

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Vacations, Staycations, and Daycations

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Vacations, Staycations, and Daycations June 4, 2008 · 2 comments It’s nearly summertime, this is the last week of school, and we’re getting ready for a quick vacation next week. We tend to take off right after school lets out to celebrate some much needed family time after the hustle of spring sports and end-of-the-school-year testings and events finally winds down.

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Vacations, Staycations, and Daycations

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Vacations, Staycations, and Daycations June 4, 2008 · 2 comments It’s nearly summertime, this is the last week of school, and we’re getting ready for a quick vacation next week. We tend to take off right after school lets out to celebrate some much needed family time after the hustle of spring sports and end-of-the-school-year testings and events finally winds down.

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The Best Careers For Single Parents

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Related: 10 Tips For Balancing Career And Family. Luckily, there are several varieties of stable employment that single parents can find an ideal home-work balance within. However, the VA telecommutes and does all of this from the comfort of their home office. Any legitimate work that can done from home is good work when it comes to juggling the responsibilities of home life. Work-Life Balance Career Path family

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Five Ways To Make Being A Work-From-Home Mom Less Stressful

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The post Five Ways To Make Being A Work-From-Home Mom Less Stressful appeared first on Ms. When you work from home, no matter how much of a success your career is, it can be stressful. Not all women that work from home are moms, but those that do have more things to stress them out, and more things to concern themselves with when it comes to focusing on work. When it comes to working from home you need to make sure that you can stay focused.

Tips for Reopening Your Office After COVID-19

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Many companies had to transition to a work-from-home business model, and employees were left scrambling to set up a home office, find child care, and look out for their family members. To plan an effective office reopening after COVID-19, see some of the tips below.

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Vacations, Staycations, and Daycations

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Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal IGN is Looking. November 11, 2008 · 1 comment for a Freelance News Poster. If I wasn’t already too busy, I would SO apply for this job. Though they warn you right up front that working for IGN is hardly a cakewalk, the duties sound right up my alley. And, it’s a total telecommuting job – no need to relocate but you do have to be really self-motivated.

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Your Growing Side Business Needs These 16 Things to Thrive in 2021

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A Comfortable Home Office Free From Distractions. Let’s move onto something everyone can enjoy: home office decor. You don’t need to be told that you’ve been spending a lot of time in your home office this year. Hear that?

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Daring Greatly: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Creativity and Ideas Count at Work

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If you work from home, like many of us, you can display quotes from inspiring women in a collage above your desk for that lightning strike of inspiration. The teacher side of her family led Becca to become a women’s studies scholar who writes The Blog of Awesome Women.

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Five Steps to Create a Transitional Retirement Option For Your Employees

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Since late January, Americans have been shifting from their traditional roles and workplaces toward their home offices. We won’t have to shelter in place anymore and hopefully we can hug family members who don’t live in our home once again.

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Why You Should Consider a Flexible Job as a New College Grad

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You’ve walked the aisle, received your diploma, and taken photos with your excited family and friends. Even if you’ve never considered anything different than a traditional, in-office job, many of your peers are diving into the flexible work world. workers now work from home at least part time—back in 2005, only 1.8 This is a big advantage for those who don’t perform their best during typical office hours.

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How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of Working From Home

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Whether you are hustling from home as a freelancer or working for an employer who is embracing the benefits of allowing workers to telecommute , working from home can be a great way to save time and money. No commuting costs or hassles, more flexibility in your schedule, and all the comforts of home including the ability to throw in a load of a laundry between meetings. And digital communication technology means it’s easier than ever to work from home.

your reminder that there is much good in the world

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update: I manage someone who was terribly harmed by my family … what do I do? animals taking over home offices. In case you need these posts today: update: my boss wants to give me his kidney. original post here , and second update here ). update: my company wants to sponsor me for a service dog, but I’m not sure I should accept. original post here and later update here ).

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How Did You Grow Up? I See My Parents In Things I Do at Work Every Day (The Best Hire Ever Podcast)

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At my desk in my home office, I have two things to remind me where I came from: --A weathered work thermos that was used by my dad in his career as a Telecom Lineman, and . --A

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When You Live Where You Work: 4 Tips For Freelancers

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How, then, can we apply this logic to working from home? Simply put, working from home is more affordable - after all, you can make your own cold brew! Even if you don’t have a whole room to turn into an office, it’s worth buying a small desk and creating a workspace for yourself. With a dedicated space, you won’t find yourself distracted by the cell phone bill or your kid’s report card and you won’t feel rushed to clear up your work to eat dinner with your family.

The Secret Lives of Work at Home Moms


It’s been seven years since I first began working at home. Back in 2006, I did not have children and working from home was much simpler. Today, I am a work-at-home mom (WAHM) of two beautiful, energetic daughters (ages five and one), who is also fortunate to be employed, full-time, by a major U.S. Every day is a constant juggling act of work and family, personal and professional, kids and colleagues. Sometimes I’m jealous of my husband for going to an office.

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How to Add Personality to Your Office

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The post How to Add Personality to Your Office appeared first on Ms. Give your office a real personality, and let people feel welcomed by the vibe of your environment before they set foot inside. You’ll also see a major boost in your mood and productivity because your office shows off the true you. Let your office shine with your vibe! Relationship Building: Frame Your Family and Friends. Comfort: Office Furniture, Pillows and Blankets.

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Your Wardrobe Matters as a Freelancer and Here’s Why

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Most people assume that remote work of any kind counts as “pajama” or “café” work: provided you engage with your computer rather than clients in the unbounded space of your home, there is no reason to dress to impress anyone save yourself. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that your freelancer wardrobe matters even more than it matters in a traditional, brick-and-mortar, nine-to-five office space.

“Virtual Phone Home”


Phoning Home. One of the greatest movie moments of all times is when young Elliot begins to understand that ET wants to phone home in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 classic, ET the Extra Terrestrial. With music swelling, the audience is brought along for the comprehensive and emotional ride of how important it is for ET to be reunited with his family, his friends – his kind. . But the necessity to phone home , to go home every once in while is very real.

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another person got their dog

Ask a Manager

Friends and family told me not to be ableist and to ask for help. It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past.

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Driving Too Far to Satisfy Your Career?

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My commute now consists of walking into my home office. Things to consider are your method of transportation (car or public), whether or not you’ll be in traffic, what time you’ll need to leave for work and what time you’ll get home. Ask yourself if it’s worth spending additional time away from your home and family in order to get to work each day. I’ve always been extremely lucky when it comes to my commute to work.

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Make Vacation Communication a Day at the Beach

Telecommuting Journal

Home Archives About Contact Subscribe Telecommuting Journal Make Vacation Communication a Day at the Beach August 4, 2010 · 3 comments by Steve Adams The peak summer vacation season is still in full swing. There are technologies available that can help you stay in contact with the office and/or your customers while still allowing you to get away from – well, if not all, at least most. It’ll make getting away from the office a literal day on the beach.

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7 Habits You’ll Need to Establish When Working Remotely

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If you’re planning to start a new career, or if you’re preparing for a change in your current job, there’s a strong chance you could end up in a work-from-home position. Today, more than 43 percent of workers do at least some of their work from home, and those that do are spending more time working from home than they did back in 2012. These are some of the best remote working habits to start your work-from-home career on the right foot: Dress for success.

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Meet Sara Sutton Fell, Founder of

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I was pregnant with my first child in 2007, and realized I wanted to find a job that would allow me more work flexibility so that I could be more present for my family. I have to be very aware of creating a balance for my family and my personal life as well, and not just get caught up in all that I want to do with the business. I started FlexJobs as a virtual company, meaning that our entire team work from home offices all over the country, and even one team member in Europe.

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Thinking of Telecommuting? 3 Points to Consider

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Working from home, or telecommuting, is increasingly common – in a 2015 survey 37% of employees telecommuted, and 80% wanted to. When I worked in an office, I used time at home strategically for a critical bit of work, or when I needed to be home for something. As a consultant, I work from home almost all the time, and I love it. I’ve found that in these situations one hour spent working at home can be worth 3 in the office.