8 Steps To Find The Right Federal Job

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One place people find they may want a job for, is a Federal job. Applying for Federal jobs is different in some ways than applying for non-Federal jobs. Below is a roadmap on how to find the right Federal job to apply for. This is a guest blog post by Robin Schlinger.

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s10 Suggestions for New Grads”

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ACTUAL “CASE HISTORIES ”: In June, 2013, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave a commencement address to Princeton University graduates. Please Note : This Email Newsletter is not legal advice, but only an effort to provide generalized information about important topics related to employment and the law. Chairman Reveals His Top Life Tips. “You don’t establish your manhood or womanhood by turning 18. You do so with actions.” . - Orlando McGuire .

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“Can employers require medical information from job applicants?”

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If so, how do these applicants protect their medical information? . With very few exceptions, employers can legally require employees to disclose prior medical histories and other medical information. Employers’ efforts to obtain more and more information about job applicants has given rise to more and more questions being asked in interviews about medical histories. Federal and state laws do protect most employee medical history from dissemination.

Great Jobs in Medical, Information Technology, Engineering or Legal Professions

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The list shows the potential for those looking to pursue a career in the medical, information technology, engineering or legal professions. They require Federal Air Transport certification and rating for the specific aircraft type used.

3 Creative Approaches to Gathering Career Option Information

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With such poor or varying quality career information found online, it’s important to adopt a creative approach online. Here are 3 approaches to getting more useful, reliable & locally relevant information about the career options that interest you.

How Well Do You Know Your (Facebook) Friends?

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Whatever the scenario, if the information on your Facebook account is available for the public to see, it is out of your hands as to how it ends up being used. Career Job Search Social Media/Personal Branding Facebook Federal Trade Commission Friends FTC Privacy

Do Employees Read Break Room Signage Anyway?


When it comes to posting information and signs in the break room, companies are bound to different requirements depending on state. Back in 2009, I was the HR Director at OfficeMax and had to update my break room posters after the Federal minimum wage rate changed.

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Informational Interviews

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I work at an organization where our managers do informational interviewers without talking with HR. Is there any harm in doing an informational interview if we have no interest in hiring them in the end? For those of you who have never had the pleasure, an AAP is an Affirmative Action Plan and is required by the good old Federal Government for some companies. I'm going to now state something: Informational interviews are, by definition, not job interviews.

Informational Interviews

Evil HR Lady

I work at an organization where our managers do informational interviewers without talking with HR. Is there any harm in doing an informational interview if we have no interest in hiring them in the end? For those of you who have never had the pleasure, an AAP is an Affirmative Action Plan and is required by the good old Federal Government for some companies. I'm going to now state something: Informational interviews are, by definition, not job interviews.

Keeping Unimportant Information Out of Your Resume

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Working on Your Executive Resume While Still Working → Keeping Unimportant Information Out of Your Resume Posted on March 13, 2010 by Jennifer Anthony By Heather Eagar It sometimes seems like the more info a resume has, the better it is.

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility: Protect Data on Your HRIS #BigDataHR


Under state and federal laws, the employer has an absolute and non-delegable duty to prevent disclosure and misuse of that data, to notify employees of any potential security breach, and to use the data only for the purpose for which it was ostensibly collected.

Green Careers: How to Choose One in this Economy

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Even though the Green Economy has gotten a fair amount of negative press recently, with the solar panel manufacturer Solyndra's bankruptcy and the use of Federal green job training dollars topping the news, I don't think it means green jobs are not promising.

“Does what happened to me sound like a Disability Discrimination and Retaliation claim under federal law?”

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I filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) about violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), which is currently being investigated. It is extremely rare to have the EEOC take up your case as your advocate; much more likely, they will simply issue to you a “Right to Sue” letter, which permits you to sue in Federal Court. To purchase our Model Letter Job Issues 10: “Model Memo Asking for FMLA Information” [ click here ].

Making Sense of Diversity Recruiting Changes & the OFCCP


Subscribe to our RSS feed to be informed the next time a diversity resource goes live. HR compliance diversity recruiting federal contractor HR compliance OFCCP ofccp complianceThis article is part of an ongoing series on diversity recruitment. Diversity recruiting is changing. Actually, it has already changed and since 2014, OFCCP compliance has changed in some dramatic ways. There was a time when good faith efforts, […] Source.

Fact Sheet - Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA


This fact sheet provides general information on the break time requirement for nursing mothers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”), which took effect when the PPACA was signed into law on March 23, 2010 (P.L. Where to Obtain Additional Information. For additional information, visit our Wage and Hour Division Website: [link] and/or call our toll-free information and helpline, available 8 a.m. Be our Friend.

4 Keys to Creating an Interview-Winning Information Technology Resume

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Information technology employees sometimes assume that they can load up their resumes with technological terms and industry jargon-not realizing that the first one or two people who read that resume probably won’t understand anything it says.

The 5 Pieces of Critical Information Missing From Your Resume

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Here is where you can carefully assess your role during changes in the company’s size, looking at your work to see which successes you facilitated, suggested, or led, and then adding this information to your executive resume. It’s best to fill in the missing information.

Privacy is Going to be a Major Employee Concern for the Future


There is no federal law that really deals with the privacy of employees in the private sector, with perhaps the exception of HIPAA. They can be used to provide quick information and be used as a recording device.

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Think Salaries Are Confidential? Google Found Out They Aren’t

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American culture says that salary information is confidential; 43 percent of married couples couldn’t correctly name their spouse’s salary. Federal law protects your right (and the right of your employees) to discuss their working conditions–including salary. Some were off by as much as $25,000. We don’t talk about salaries with our friends and family, and we certainly don’t talk about them with our co-workers.

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18 Job Boards Perfect for Diversity Recruiting Compliance Efforts


This is especially important if you are a federal contractor and required to focus on good faith efforts for nine protected classes that include: 1) Age (over 40), 2) Disability, 3) Genetic Information, 4) National Origin, 5) Pregnancy, 6) Race/Color, 7) Religion, 8) Sex and 9) Veterans. Job boards remain an excellent way to engage talent, especially diverse candidates.

Have You Looked At Your Credit Report?

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Here’s why it should be done before that job interview: The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the federal law covering the whole issue. Employment Background Checks are a fact of life in the US, so the Federal Trade Commission monitors them.

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How Poor Credit History Can Damage Your Career

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act authorizes employers to obtain information from consumer reporting agencies with written permission. Click here to gain more information from the Federal Trade Commission. Also, investigate the firm with the Federal Trade Commission.


I.R.S. Pays Employee $4.5 Million for Reporting Employer’s Tax Cheating Eight Elements You Need to Know

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The award was paid to an accountant of a financial services firm in the Philadelphia area, whose information netted the government approximately $20 million in collected taxes, interest and penalties. with information about tax cheats. This followed Congress’s enactment of federal law to provide for such awards. program, called the “Informant Award” program, provides for payment to the informant of 15% to 30% of the amount collected by the I.R.S.,

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Create a Handbill if You Want to Stand Out at Networking Events and Job Fairs

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With all the candidate information floating around, it seems many recruiters appreciate a quick,… Click To Tweet. When I wrote federal resumes that were an actual thing but there was a standard. Some of you are wondering what a handbill and how is it useful.

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5 Things to Fix Before Your Resume Leaves Your Desk

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If your resume has one of these five errors, you are reducing your chances of being called in for an interview: (a) The name, contact information or job title at the company where you’re applying is wrong. Check and triple check that all the contact information is correct. (b)

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The Social Media Interview, what Employers and Employees should know

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According to the same MSNBC article, federal laws to prohibit social media password requests by perspective employers have even been suggested. alcohol consumption); information on protected classes (race, gender, etc.); By Pedram Tabibi. Imagine landing a job interview.

Career News: Dreadlocks, The Racial Pay Gap, and Why Would Your Job Search Self-Destruct?

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The Federal U.S. Federal Courts signing off on discrimination of candidates with dreadlocks. It only shows your sleep and keen to irrelevant information. First things first, I always find things that shouldn’t obstruct the job search.

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“How can I get some needed relief from FMLA-retaliation?”

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I am presently out on an approved federal Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) leave of absence for the permitted 12 weeks. When it comes to such things it is better to give more information and detail than less. Blog » “How can I get some needed relief from FMLA-retaliation?” “How

“What can I do if I was put on a Performance Improvement Plan in.

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I used the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”) and stayed at home with my daughter for 12 weeks. When I returned I was assigned to a very different position, and because of that I filed a Complaint with the federal Department of Labor (“DOL”), which handles FMLA violations.

Don’t Believe “The Big ‘At Will’ Lie”: 117 Reasons an “At Will” Employee Cannot Be Fired, and There’s Plenty More

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If the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (“WARN”) is applicable, as it requires 60 days of notice before termination can be effective. Because the employee has objected to the accounting, bookkeeping or accounting practices of a publicly traded company, under the federal Sarbanes Oxley law. . Because the employee has objected to an employer’s violation of the federal Health Information Protection and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”).

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5 Tips for Landing a Government Job

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Types of Jobs : Administrative : According to OPM, nearly 40 percent of federal workers are in administrative occupations. Examples include information clerks, secretaries, and office clerks. Click on the job for more information and you can apply online as well.

Fired Compliance Officer Strikes Back – Is Awarded $51 Million for Doing So

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Slowik then sued Olympus based on allegations that the company had violated a federal law known as the “False Claims Act,” and a second federal law known as the “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”. To resolve Slowik’s lawsuit against Olympus, which even resulted in federal criminal charges against the company, Olympus agreed to pay fines and penalties to the U.S. In addition to “internal efforts,” the many state and federal so-called “whistleblower” laws stand ready to assist.

“How do I pick a good employment attorney to represent me?”

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Published on July 8th, 2010 by Alan Sklover Question: I have filed a claim of discrimination with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”). Blog » “How do I pick a good employment attorney to represent me?” “How

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Professional Headline SEO-Friendly

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If you haven’t changed the default headline LinkedIn automatically populated for that spot, based on the information you’ve completed for your most recent job, here’s what your headline looks like: CEO – [Current Company]. To maximize your LinkedIn professional headline, make it SEO-friendly. That is, include the most important relevant keywords recruiters and your target employers will be searching for, when they’re sourcing top talent.

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5 Steps to a Great Resume – Versions – Lesson 5

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Federal Resume Guidebook: Strategies for Writing a Winning Federal Resume. 5 Steps to a Great Resume: Gathering Your Information – Lesson 1. If you’ve gone through the first 4 lessons in this series, you now have your general resume.

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5 Hot Careers for Criminal Justice Majors

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After graduation, it is a must for lawyers to stay informed about legal developments that have an impact on their practices. These associations can provide you with several resources such as employment information, continuing training, and networking. Federal Marshals.

Do You Need a Designer Resume?

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As an example, when applying for jobs with the Federal Government, you will almost always need a special resume. They don’t want to be distracted from the information that’s on your resume.

Scams Targeting the Unemployed

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Below are examples of common scams identified by federal agencies. Don’t provide any confidential information by phone or any other means. Employers do not need this information with your application. Look out for firms selling general information about getting a job.

8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch

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Which is why companies need to begin moving their job ads and information to mobile devices. The Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) released new overtime rules in the United States that take effect late in 2016. The post 8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch appeared first on Ms.

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I’m a Single Parent Who Can’t Find an Overnight Babysitter. Help!

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I was recently informed, with three weeks notice, that I was required to attend out of town, overnight, mandatory training. After exhausting many resources for availability for childcare, I informed my manager I would not be able to attend this training. It’s not technically illegal (federally) to discriminate against someone because he or she has children. I was wondering if you could provide guidance.

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